1. According to the searched, there are 4 name same as me in English spelling with 3 name same as me in Chinese characters inside Hong Kong. One only difference in last Chinese character. According to the space insider news, every time I got a headache, someone will paid a cheque with payee to "蔡昭儷" or “Monita Choi”, and the cheque can be cashed by someone in the same name with me. As the withdrawer said that she has left 10%, and return the cash to the payer after the cheque withdrawal. I believe this is a conspiracy, and is a prove to explain why I got headache in a long-time.
  2. 2. Hong Kong is at the peak of the flu. More than 300 kindergartens and child care centers have been reported closed classes. However, the metamorphosis chip controller still keeping within chips with a lots of victims for remote control electronic weapons 24 hours a day, causing the fake-flu and microwave diseases to spread. I try to stop them but the reply from the perp said that they need making money for live, so they have to do something illegal such as killing people. Damn!
  3. 3. Someone asked me, why you only accusation their big brothers in entertainment industry? Because they have width social influence, they have a lot of fans still unknown what their done in mind control space, still worship and trust them. Therefore, they will easy be being exploited and hoodwinked. I deem that Hong Kong citizens have the right to know about brain control and believe that the fans want to know who their worship idol are. So I wrote what I hear and listen in space. The reader can use my disclosure as a reference for self-judgment.


  1. Family problems caused by brain control. When family members are being mind control, if within the chips with some perps which they are in good relationship, that the family members will keep closely. But if within the chips with some perps in compete for their own interests not your family interests, between the family members will feel strange and got alienated feeling, even the loved couple, their intimacy will suddenly disappear. This kind of thing often happens in the husband and wife and parent-child relationship. Therefore, as an outsider, keep reminded to the victims who involved inside. You have to believe that the party not only controlled your brain, also your emotions and behaviors, special in your family member whom closest to you, used your family member to guide you for making wrong decisions.
  2. 5. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with elders, I done a test, which made my brain responded slow down 4 times than normal. So it is nightmare when you within the chip with elders.
  3. 6. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller with my chip with difference people with turn, so when I taking photo, I got different shapes of double eyebrows, and all the fake eyebrows are above my own eyebrows, I believe that the people within my chip are all in short forehead, such chip control seriously damaged my appearance and social life;



  1. 據調查, 在香港同我同名同姓的英文拼音一樣的共有4, 中英文名完全相同的有3, 都是後期改名. 另有一位中文名蔡昭儷和蔡昭麗有異. 據空間知情人士所講, 每次我頭痛後就有人開出一張以蔡昭儷抬頭的支票, 而支票又有人兌現, 兌現人坦承自留10%, 其它上繳回交支票給她人. 我相信此事是一個陰謀, 肯定同我長期被頭痛有很大的關係.




  1. 香港正處流感高峰期, 據報導有超過300間幼稚園和幼兒中心停課. 但腦殘賤人族却每日24小時不停遙控電子武器併芯片攻擊, 令假性流感, 微波疾病不斷擴散, 而腦殘賤人族的大佬視若無睹, 當我喝止時, 賤人的答覆竟是他們要賺錢, 要食飯, 所以就要草菅人命. 實在令人齒冷. 可惡!




  1. 有人問我, 為何我指責的全是香港娛樂圈的大哥大姐們? 因為他們有很大的社會影響力, 他們有很多影迷,仍不知道他們以腦控為生,仍然崇拜和信任他們, 故此很容易被利用和蒙蔽. 我認為香港市民對腦控有知情權, 更加相信影迷想知道他們心目崇拜的對象是偶像或是嘔吐的對象.所以我將我在空間的所聽所聞在此披露, 讀者可作為參考,自行判斷.




  1. 被腦控所引起的家庭問題. 當家庭多位成員被腦控人併芯片時, 如各腦控人的關係密切, 家庭成員的關係自己和睦. 但如果各腦控人各為旗主, 為爭奪某些家庭利益而各出其謀時, 家庭成員自然而然產生陌生和疏離感, 親人之間的亲切感也隨之突然消失. 此種事情經常不自覺地發生在夫妻, 親子關係上. 所以作為傍觀者清的角度, 對身邊被腦控的受害者多互相提醒, 相信當事人被腦控即是換成賤人的腦, 很多時情緒,思維已被控制, 很容易會做錯決定.




  1. 本週變態控芯片賤人將長者同我併芯片,令我測試結果, 腦部反應遲鈍4, 好彩分開芯片後, 反應速度回復正常.




  1. 本週變態控芯片賤人將我與不同人併芯片,令我有不同型狀的雙重眉,而所有雙重眉都在我自身眉毛之上, 相信同我併芯片者是額頭奇低者.此嚴重影響我儀容和社交生活;



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