“I used wireless remote means to switch her water distiller on and off while it was empty to the extent that it could have caused a house fire and now she gets her drinking water from another source which is outside our control”. “You should have left it alone. I am no longer getting the necessary procurements that come in tap water. Owing to the distillation process I was still getting a fair amount of the procurements necessary to carry out my work in bio-robotizing a human being. Now, however, it is not as easy to have this process carried out. The patterns are osculating without the necessary procurements.”
“There is a vast quantity of light coming in through the eyelids, distorting the images I am trying to sustain inside the brain of Gretta Fahey who is the occupant of the human body I am attempting to contain inside a fusion of energy.”
“There is nothing here that would allow me to claim dominance over this woman.”
“This information guidance system has not been allowed to prosper in Ireland. Why is this?”
“A housing licence is a licence which allows you to live where you are living. A housing licence is something which is due to be brought in over the next few years. If you are not granted a housing licence you will be asked to vacate whatever property you live in regardless of whether you own and control it or not.”
“She has been monitored inside her own home for many years. They get paid not in cash but in higher end merchandise.” (I then heard the following response from another neuro operative as follows) “The merchandise I get is not higher end. I collect it in Athlone in my own time after receiving the necessary paperwork which is sent to my home by currier.”
“We will demote her to a place of sanctuary inside her own body and we will use the body then.”
“Is it bio-robotization or auto-robotization?”
“We are attributing some things to Gretta that she didn’t say at all.”
“How dare you suspend my work without providing me with a reason. If you do that again I will inflict extreme pain on you”. (That was said because of the fact that I had just switched off my computer suddenly)
“There is an ongoing investigation into IBS policies. It is unoperational owing to the volume of information Gretta has put out about the procedure which is extremely cruel and which amounts to sixteen years of psychological torture.”
“A destruction mechanism is what we have in mind. We don’t want this woman Gretta to be in the world.”
“I am miterforming and it is not going well.”
“We haven’t been able to establish a platform in order to program Gretta into our way of thinking.”
“While we have wireless reach of somebody we can compromise them.”
“You will not get this out because I will block it.”
“It is not in our interest to leave her asleep because we lose money.”
“You haven’t eaten a banana in a while. Why don’t you eat a banana now.”
“Place her in a laughing frenzy”.
“We were there, eves dropping on the conversation through implants in the woman.” (this was spoken by one of the inner voices to one of their colleagues)
“The more despised this woman is the better I like it.”
“Nothing in her pocket only the basics.” ” She is not one of us so.” “Hasten her death then.”
“I am going writing you up as abusive to staff.”
“Spinal column should have been calcified by now.”
“Not alive yet (referring to my arms) and when they are alive we can create havoc.”
“Nothing requires us to wake her up at night. We just do it as part of our harassment protocol.”
“The main team reside in Britian and work out of a system of departmentalization. We almost never see the other main team members or clients or antagonists or controllers. The main team were trained for this work from infancy. They have no knowledge other than this.” (I presume that when they said the word “work” they meant the work of transhumanising a real live deeply unwilling and frightened human being).
“We can control the email of the subject. Her emails don’t have to get out if we dont wish them to get out.”
“Field a system that will generate evidence against her.”
“What will we do with her when she is ours?”
“We can’t have you sending out information like this.”
“Is there anyone in Dublin to put a stop to this woman’s nonsense.”
“Keep a civil tongue in your head.”
“I’m out. I am letting go of my investment in this woman.”
“We haven’t anything on her but I could make up something pretty quick.”
“What evidence have you against this individual.” “None whatsoever. She never committed a crime in her life.” You better manufacture some evidence then.”
“Recently we’ve had a lot of activity in this area and we’re very keen to get a system in place.”
“There is pressure on the side of her jaws at the moment. ” “Do we care.” “No”.
“She drinks.” “She doesn’t drink alcohol.” “I didn’t say she drinks alcohol.”
“I own you and everything about you.”
“Put a muzzle on her.”
“We wish to bring people who have irritable bowel syndrome under government control.”
“Ask Dunnes Stores to cease selling yellow and white garments as well as red and white garments because it is confusing my system of knowing the status of the human being which I see on my screen.”
“Open the bowel is not the case.” This was said while I was sitting on the toilet in the privacy of my own home where I was entirely alone and the outer doors were locked.
“Showing your arse to the men.” (I was alone in my yard and I bent down in order to free out a water channel that had become blocked.)
“We will take you down with that action, you stupid cunt.” ( I was alone in my yard and I held my hand behind my back in order to stop the perpetrators from place swirling energy around my nether regions which they often do because they wish to establish if I have any bladder or bowel problems which I am claiming disability allowance for.)
“My staff need to get readings of bowel anomalies so that we can verify that you have irritable bowel syndrome.”
“Put a marker on this system.”
“She shouldn’t be living alone for one thing. Should she?”
“Put an end to her life. That’s all I’m saying.”
“Well done. We have now got a system in place where we can now monitor her from inside for the rest of her life.”
“The bowel system is not what we are interested in. We are interested in bio-robotizing the woman.”
“This woman is going to cop it and I’ll make sure she does.” ” She has criticized the system to an extreme degree and she won’t get away with it.” “I have nothing on her” “Find something.”
“She is entitled to peace of mind, the same as everybody else. You’re the culprit, not her.”
“You’ll be placed under a hold if you don’t watch yourself, you stupid woman.”
“Gretta. We are not going to have a problem with you in the future because you are not going to be able to deal at all.”
“Is there any way we can deal that would ruin this woman.”
“Whose house is she in today. ” “Her own. She has the right of residence to live there until she does but she does not actually own it.”
“Gretta. We haven’t shut down the study. We just claim to do so when other people are listening in order to impress them.”
“You are living an unsustainable lifestyle” “We will force you to accept our help.” (This was said to me because I don’t work and I claim disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome.)
“Is someone attempting to sabotage these programs? This program failed. Are we having a problem? We are endeavouring to report a criminal offence.”
“No we are not. We can validate that this woman never has committed a crime in her life.”
“Incinerate the bitch.”
“We will maintain her in a controlled demeanour throughout.”

“We can move her body against her will. We could make her create havoc in a workplace. She would have no control over it.” (Forced muscle movement can easily be achieved by wireless means by the use of a frequency modulator against anyone who has been implanted in a certain way.)
“We gave classified ourselves as slave masters and we have classified Gretta Fahey as a slave because she has been deemed to have no legal rights.”
” We will hurt you very badly if you eat food that we don’t sanction.”
“We are no longer in the installation process. We are in the information process. You will be obedient to my command.”
“These individuals are not allowed personalities. They are only allowed prototypes.”
“While we have wireless reach of somebody we can compromise them.”
“I hate these modern conveniences. Break a few of them.” (That was said in response to a remark I made that I had switched on the dishwasher and the tumble dryer.)
“Tell her she is not allowed to use her computer at certain hours.”
“She doesn’t need online access because she is not working full time.”
“I am not a moderator. I am a slave master and she will do what she is told.”
“Rope her.”
“We can afford to lose her. She hasn’t done anything for us.”
“If you don’t co-operate with me I’ll make you blind and deaf.”
“Where are you off to?. I’ll hurt you if you don’t answer me.”
“Enforced muscle movement in order to hybridize into the system in order to bio-robotize the human being.”
“I don’t care if she is non-consensual. If I ask her a question she will answer it. Otherwise, she will experience extreme pain.”
“Are the cameras off?” “There are no cameras.” “She is too heavy to lift” “She will electrocute herself so we wont be able to recover her body.”
“What is she doing now?” “She is cleaning her own kitchen.” ” That is my kitchen now.” “No. It isn’t. It is still her own kitchen because we haven’t got a foot hold into the Republic of Ireland at all and it is still a sovereign state.”
“We are controlling your country from inside through wirelessly enslaving some of your people.”
“Where is the fulcrum?” “We haven’t done it yet.”
” You think we are here for your benefit. No. We are here to take down your country and rule it.”
“We can turn you into a mannequin by remote means.”
“You just now gave Gretta Fahey a tremor. This is where she is fed the information from this technology here and if you stand too close to the technology and then shout the recipient of the information will get a tremor.”
“A political stance is now needed.”
“We have most of this woman under our control. Prioritise what you want because we can deliver anything.”
“Section this woman.” “Under what grounds will I section her?” “Consider your options” ” She is all but bio-robotized. We will utilize her for some endeavour.” ” If she is sectioned she will not be utilized.”
“The readout has been imprinted.”
“Gretta doesn’t like you.” “We know nothing like that at all. We like to create division.”
“We are now going to systematically destroy the woman.”
(With regard to a product I ordered off Amazon the following was heard by me) “She is not working. She shouldn’t have those lamps. I am going to block that order.”
“We plan to trap Gretta Fahey inside the force field of her human body and permanently enslave her while she is still conscious.”

On October 1st 2002 Agilent Technologies Engineer Richard C Walker filed a patent application number 10 260 525 which was later called US patent number 6965816 and titled PFN/TRAC system FAA and this patent would subsume all other patents in order to control everybody and everything on planet earth and this patent is euphemistically known as “the internet of things” patent. However, it is now believed that Richard C Walker is a front man and that the patent is in reality owned and controlled by Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the Pilgrim Society as well as of the British Privy Council which works within the City of London Financial District. A number of “American Intelligence Media” youtube videos give details about the Walker patent which many believe to be owned by Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the British Privy Council and which is being used in an attempt to technologically enslave the whole human race other than the would be enslavers who are thought to be members of the Pilgrim Society. This PFN TRAC patent capability has been put in place already at many levels and is being used to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle, a human being or an animal. Human beings are being called wetware and control mechanisms, devices and various types of chips are being put into our bodies and brains at different places which can control our muscles against our wills. However, the above mentioned American Intelligence Media are providing antidotes to the PFN TRAC patent capabilities on their youtube videos and their websites. I am a long time victim of remote wireless experimentation by unknown operatives who use the technological capabilities outlined in this patent to wirelessly force the muscles of my face and body to move against my will in an attempt to eventually totally bio-robotize me. I list the antidotes offered by the American Intelligence Media and other sources here below
1. Keep a piece of carbonized ionized iron (steel) on your skin such as a a necklace. Any type of steel which doesn’t rust will do such as stainless steel. It will absorb the digital signals and keep you safe.
2. Take a product called carbon 60 or C60 mixed with olive oil. Toxins are neutralised within minutes of taking it because the toxins in the human body pull electrons off the carbon 60.
3. Use shungite which is a stone found in Russia and if you keep it near you of if you hold a peice of it in each hand it will cause coherence from electric bombardment. It neutralises radiation and it makes the bio-electric energy of our bodies more coherent.
4. Take a product called ormus which puts your brain waves into gamma waves. Your brain waves go into harmony when ormus is in your mouth.
5. Use an antenna sink hole in your home.
6. Take bentonite clay in order to detoxify your body from neural dust.
7. Peat moss can be turned into a fibrous material and worn as clothing and will act as a faraday cage.
8. Make printed sigils, free copies of which can be obtained from and place them around your home.
9. Purchase a qube which transduces erratic electromagnetic energy into coherent energy among other capabilities according to the owner of
10. The American Intelligence Media youtube presenter Douglas Gabriel said that there is a way that negative energy waves can be cohered into positive energy waves so that the more we are bombarded by 5G the more positive energy will be in our homes. Please check the following youtube link for information

When Barack Obama was president of the United States he had hundreds of journalists and whistleblowers locked up. However, President Donald Trump has never had any journalists or whistleblowers locked up.
It is my own personal belief based on my independent research that the President of the United States, Donald Trump is being deliberately demonized on the main stream media by the CIA in order to unjustly impeach him and I believe that unbeknownst by many of their own staff the CIA actually work for the British Crown and not for their own United States citizenry.
. This view point is endorsed by an online source called the American Intelligence Media who report the findings of hundreds of independent researchers who laborously examine legal and financal documents in order to establish who is really behind the attempt to wirelessly and technologically enslave the human race by wirelessly connecting our brains and central nervous systems to a central human control and enslavement system from dust sized implants which we have already been made to inhale and ingest. This viewpoint is also endorsed by high profile online journalist, Alex Jones of Texas Liberty Radio.
“The future does not belong to globalists. It belongs to sovereign independent nations.” Recent Quote by U.S. President Donald Trump.
If circumstances were normal which they are not, psychiatrists would receive prison sentences for attempting to dissuade the police from investigating wireless directed energy weapons enabled crimes against members of the general public throughout the world on the false reasoning that such individuals were mentally ill.
However, in view of the fact that microwave mind control is being used on almost a worldwide scale and in view of the fact that psychiatrists are not able to mentally over ride the mass microwave mind control because microwave transmitters are deliberately being erected very close to hospitals and nursing homes where the majority of psychiatrists work they are not to blame. They have a public duty to now reconsider all past diagnoses of mental illness of totally sane and well behaved human beings and to cancel such false diagnoses.
Psychiatrists have recently admitted that they have been forbidden from conducting any independent research into psychiatry whatsoever so they are legally obliged to take all of what is now known to be their false psychiatric based belief system from a few men at the top of a psychiatric hierarchical based chain of command. These unknown men are now known to have a private hidden agenda of their own which is not known to many but which is known to myself because of the fact that I am non-consensually wirelessly linked by a bi-directional wireless link to unknown individuals who communicate with me by this wireless link and they have been doing so for many years.
In the past, I have informed the Irish police who are known as the Gardaí as well as my general practitioner and also many psychiatrists as well as psychiatric nurses about the fact that I was hearing voices and experiencing many other unwanted wirelessly generated directed energy assaults. I was not believed by any of them at any time. The Gardaí did not allow me to finish speaking before they assessed me as needing to see a psychiatrist so I was unable to inform them of the full extent of my experiences and I was also unable to give them a statement of the fact that I was experiencing the full force of directed energy weapons assaults. So, in order to protect myself from being illegally incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital and mandated to ingest toxic substances I was then forced to tell the police psychiatrist that I was no longer hearing voices, even though that was not true and is still not true.
Even though I am still hearing voices on a continual basis and I am still being psychologically tortured to an extreme degree I no longer report that I am hearing voices and experiencing many other unwanted wirelessly generated directed energy assaults to my current general practitioner because he failed to take me seriously when I first informed him of this fact. I am unable to inform any government employees that I am being violently assaulted by directed energy weapons without illegally losing my freedom. Government employees are unable to speak freely without fear of losing their positions because of extreme legal constraints. Therefore communication between government employees and the men and women who they work with is severely undermined because of harmful man made laws.
How can we now improve honest and truthful communication between government employees and the individuals who they work with? I suggest that we communicate online using skype or zoom while simultaneously having our conversations broadcast live to the rest of the world. In that way, the secrecy which is now allowing evil to flourish would be totally eliminated for ever. Please consider this strategy when communicating with targeted individuals.
If you fail to take this matter seriously, your children will be wirelessly and technologically enslaved before long and you will experience the same fate yourself.
PATENT NUMBER US6470214 B1 |: US Airforce patent from 1996 that can send “Voice to Skull” microwaves which makes you hear voices coming from inside your head
Below is a list of some of the technologies and various patent numbers, which have been published to support the existence of directed energy based technologies.
U.S. patent no 6506148, granted to Hendricus G Loos, in 2003, enables nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic frequencies, emitted from television screens and other monitors.
Microwave Hearing The Stocklin Patent # 4858612, and The Brunkan Patent # 4877027
Microwave hearing is a scientific fact. Existing radar units can be modified to transmit a beam of pulsed microwave energy into a person’s skull which causes sounds such as ticks, buzzes, hisses, knocks, chirps, and words. The sounds, which originate from within, above, or behind the head, are transmitted to the inner ear via bone conduction. This has been a capability since at least 1960.
Ultrasound transmission of Voice/Silent Sound The Lowery Patent #6052336, Monroe Patent #5356368, and Norris Patent #5889870.
Synthetic Telepathy Patent #6587729 and #3951134
Thought Reading Capacity Kiyuna Et Al Patent #5785653
Target Tracking Technology – Hablou Patent #5448501
and Fullerton Patent #6400307 and Rowan Patent #4893815.
Every time you think a thought, feel an emotion, move a body part, speak or act, then the neurons in your brain fire up and they generate an electromagnetic frequency which would then show up as a unique pattern on an electroencephalogram machine which is more commonly known as an EEG machine.
Each of these electromagnetic frequencies which you are generating all day long have totally unique patterns similar to words in a book. These unique patterns have all been identified and categorised and placed in a type of computerized dictionary. Software has been created that uses that computerized dictionary to translate all of the electromagnetic frequencies that a human brain and body generates at the same speed which the brain generates the frequencies into the thoughts, words, feelings, actions and movements of that human being on a continual basis.
Therefore if you were continually attached to an EEG machine as you went about your daily life and if some body else had access to the software that automatically translates the unique electromagnetic frequencies that your brain and body were generating they could know from looking at their computer screen every word that you say each day in combination with every emotion that you feel, every thought that you think, every time you move a body part, how long you sleep for and how often you eat, among other deeply personal details of your life that you thought were private.
In the past few decades people have been illegally and non-consensually implanted with either nano technology or micro technology or both to the extent that these illegal brain and body implantations allow unknown criminals to wirelessly steal and store all of the electromagentic frequencies which the brain and body of the victim generate and this is being done against the will and without the permission of the victim.
These unknown criminals can now know everything that you think, do, say and feel as well as how long you sleep for and how often you eat, among other things. They can analyse the data which your brain and body generates and they often sell it to foreign powers so that other unknown criminals can also know your most private thoughts, words and actions.
The story is much worse than simply losing all of your privacy.
These unknown criminals can also broadcast electromagnetic frequencies back into your brain and body without your permission if they have illegally obtained your unique brain signature. They can broadcast electromagnetic frequencies which contain words, images, pictures, pain, forced muscle movement as well as emotions and feelings. They can broadcast pornographic images into the mind of a child. They can broadcast voice commands to you and if you disobey them they can then broadcast a pain signal into your brain and body. They can broadcast frequencies into you that cause your brain or body to malfunction and you might never know who they are or why they are doing it. They can broadcast frequencies to any organ of your body which cause it to malfunction. In more advanced cases of human body takeover they can control your vocal cords and they can cause you to speak against your will, even in a voice that does not sound like your own. They can now wirelessly kill you. They can do all of this from a remote location without you ever knowing who is doing it to you.
If senior politicians from any country wished to reveal the existence and abuse of this technology to the police or to the military of their country they would not be able to do so without whoever is monitoring the data being generated by their brains and bodies finding out that they attempted to reveal this information and their country would then receive no more foreign funding.
We need to urgently disassemble and ban whatever technology is enabling the wireless capabilities which allows human beings to be tortured on a continual basis while inside their own homes.
There could be devices on the electricity poles adjacent to peoples homes which is allowing them to be wirelessly tortured on a continuous basis for years at a time. What do we need to have disassembled and banned in order to free ourselves from being constantly tortured by this evil technology? We can not depend on senior politicians or senior police officers any longer because they may have already been wirelessly tethered to the human control system and can not speak about anything without being externally monitored. They could possibly be under mass electronic mind control too and in order to free humanity from mass mind control we should take down and ban all microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia.
When targeted individuals of these wireless brain weapons report their experiences to the police, the police then wrongly recommend that in all instances they undergo psychiatric evaluation. Psychiatrists are misled to believe that people who report being targeted by thought reading technology and other wireless weapons are mentally unwell and said psychiatrists are also instructed to legally force the victim to ingest harmful substances which have extremely distressing side effects. Because of this, targeted individuals are now afraid to inform government officials of their ongoing experiences of being wirelessly tortured which allows this extreme crime to remain hidden from the public.
The individuals who wish to enslave us have been traced to agents of the British Crown. Many hundreds of individual researchers have examined legal documents and have followed a worldwide financial trail which leads to the London Financial District, the Vatican and Washington DC which are three privately owned countries within other public countries and the individuals who work inside them do so without any public oversight. They are collectively known as the Pilgrim Society.
They have gone to enormous lenghts to mislead the public by attempting to misdirect the blame for the attempt at world control on to non-existent fictional enemies such as sentient artificial intelligence, the supernatural and extraterresterial visitors, none of which exist in reality.
Many individuals throughout Ireland are already wirelessly connected to this control system where all of the electrical activity being generated by their brains and bodies is being uploaded to a super computer. I am one such individual and I have the contact details of sixteen other Irish people. My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My website is called I also wish to recommend the website of a Dublin based targeted individual which is called

Please accept this online post on www. as well as on my own website which is called and also on many other public online social media sites,  as an official statement to the Irish gardai because they failed to understand the seriousness of my predicament when I visited them in the past and instead of accepting a statement from me they wrongly sent me for psychiatric evaluation.

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