Strange street theater (planned Organized Stalking)

Well, yesterday I experienced one of those strange occasions where perps directly do weird shit.
This is usually uncommon these days, but the few times that happened makes me remember why some TIs might believe that perps are expectant of a TI action and try to "communicate something", as in expecting not just a violent response or retaliation, but in the sense of following certain actions that the TI might or might not be guided to interpret situations or actions accordingly to per-shared rules that the TI "need to understand".

Some TIs label this Alice In Wonderland MKULTRA programming, as you might be "guided" to interpret things like colors/numbers/signs or hand signs and others behaviors (of course when the TI isn't over interpreting, and the perps aren't ambiguous). I see this like a plain attempt to take the TI out from a comfort zone to be guided into taking risks and follow what some call "the perp game", like finding things in your home that aren't yours and being guided into take it and give it to someone/somewhere, following V2K commands to approach someone, say something, do something. This is the worst situation a TI can do, as you might be tricked into thinking that "following commands" the perps might leave you alone, when you really ignore if the purpose of the harassment was exactly to take you to that point of following those commands, and the punishment is never-ending harassment and "inability to enjoy your privileges" (as someone told me).

Of course this isn't the kind of thing you'd like to tell a non TI as it's easily linked to simple "reference delusions" and "voices commands" that are common in schizophrenics. It's not that a TI would follow an expected behavior from a perceived hostile situation anyway, at least not most of the time, other times just wondering why perps won't communicate "what to do" or why don't seem to respond directly to TI requirements/inquiries (they don't), other times the TI might do and the harassment really didn't stop. I base these conclusions based on my own experiences and after reading other experiences, although I really never thought to follow "a plan" or guiding regardless of my own assumptions of the possible source.

I'll try to describe what I call street theater from last night:

-Was coming home after walking my dog, a man in front of the street looking directly at me
-A car that seemed to pick him arrived
-He still looking at me
-Someone from a different building starts whistling at the same street and no one else is around, this man looks at him (the man at the building), then look back at me
-Other guy keep whistling, I of fucking course, won't turn my head as I ignore everything harassment related
-I get into the building, the security guard from the block gives me the correspondence from a different apartment, yet knowing where I live (maybe a coincidence, yet first time this happens)

Recent days:

-Walking the dog with my grandmother
-Hear someone laughing when we are at the corned of the block, it's a taxi driver in a cab
-Starts rolling up the window while staring at me, maybe implying I could retaliate
-Some cabs get around here with no passengers, one time when I was walking the dog one dumbfuck partially got off the road making a strong noise.

From years ago:

-Found what it looked like a little electronic component in my bed
-Felt the urge to take it for some reason (I didn't)
-After I got into a bus, felt the urge to give it to someone in the bus that start staring at me (i didn't have it but i wouldn't do it anyway)

So, in the end same as always, remember to never ever follow anything that perps seems to coerce you to do. "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"

Edit 1:

BTW to clarify, the electronic part (just some kind of industrial shaped led) I found over my bed wasn't even mine and never saw it before. It disappeared from my room the same day when I came back. This happened  a long time some months after the harassment started.

Edit 2:

To update on this, that security guard I talked about is actually the nicest person there and it was just a coincidence.
Another security guard is actually strangely saying thing under his breath but loud enough for me to hear like "you don't understand" and yesterday, an actual insult after I came back from a store. This doesn't have any explanation beyond the harassment as I don't even know him.
BTW, interesting enough he's loud enough for me to understand, as I have certain degree of hearing loss or difficult listening on the outside/places with background noise, so if a perp say something with a soft voice or in another conversation there's 99% possibility I wouldn't notice.

Next time I'll just keep the phone recording whenever i pass over there (Although those encounters should be recorded by the security cam...), because I'm not going to fall for the perp suggested "alternatives" like a supposed event "I'm not understanding".
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