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I am a subject of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  The neuro staff who reproduce their voices inside my head by wireless means have been of late attempting to present me in a false positive light.  I wish to present myself in an authentic, honest manner and I am uncomfortable with what I believe they are attempting to do.  Why are they attempting to present me in a false positive light?   I believe that I am equal to everyone in the world.  I would never look up to anyone and I would never look down on anyone.    I am an introvert and have no wish to ever be in the public arena.  I wonder what is going on?

Further to that I believe that the electronic harassment that most targeted individuals undergo is about leading us to a stage when we will no longer react no matter how much they continue to harass us.  If or when targeted individuals reached a stage when they became passive and indifferent to all kinds of electronic harassment and gang stalking, the neuro operatives would then take a reading of the brain wave frequencies in our brains and then they would transmit those frequencies  of passivity and indifference via transmitters and smart street lighting  into the brains of the rest of humanity.  I believe that they are already doing that because targeted individuals are finding it difficult to wake up some other members of the human race to the reality of human technological enslavement.

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Neuro operatives reproduce their voices inside my head by wireless means on a constant basis, every waking moment. I am being monitored on an around the clock basis via remote neural monitoring. Here is an example of some of what those neuro operatives have said to me in the past few days.

"Our people do their best to procure street drugs in order to make them available for the masses of humanity. If the masses are not addicted to something we find them difficult to control."

"We obtain information from targeted individuals in order to ascertain if they would make suitable merchandise".

"Behavioural psychologists order celebrities to be murdered in order to ascertain if the minds of people who are in a state of shock are easier to access for the purposes of electronic mind control".

" We (meaning the neuro operatives themselves) have the capability to inject energy into the human energy field in order to induce temporary paralysis, but only in individuals who have previously been prepared for this, meaning targeted individuals only.

My name is Gretta Fahey, from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.
My website is My facebook page is My landline home phone number is 0949360901

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Many  human beings have secretly been wirelessly tethered to a computer network by both their brains and spinal cords in the last ten years.  This has come about through spraying the environment with copious amounts of nano technology which we later inhale and ingest and which then lodges inside us.  This nano technology links us by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic waves to computer technology which is being both monitored and manipulated by a selection of  personnel  within some government departments, at a high level,  namely the secret police, and  the military..   These criminal military and intelligence  personnel are now able to remotely monitor and measure all of the electromagnetic activity in both the brains and bodies of all human beings and all other living things on a continuous basis throughout each day.     These high level personnel  fuse their data  with personnel  in similar positions throughout the world.  The offices where worldwide data is fused  are sometimes known as fusion centres.

All high lever criminal personnel who have access to mass remote human and animal  manipulation technology can now   kill anybody they wish on a whim, provided that person uses a digital media screen on a regular basis and provided these high level criminals have obtained a record of the targeted individuals unique brain signature.  They can also force sounds, visions, voices, pain signals, as well as  neuro manipulation inside the heads and bodies of any targeted individual.   Whole groups of individuals can also be manipulated on a whim by these criminal neuro weapon operatives, simply by changing the vibrational frequency which is used in technology near each targeted individual.  This technology includes smart street lighting which has the capability of transmitting various vibrational frequencies to a whole town to render half of the towns people sleepy while the other half could be rendered aggressive or agitated, depending on the vibrational frequency being transmitted from all of the televisions, smart phones, advanced computers and street lighting in that part of the town.

Remote Manipulation weapons have been developed to mind control the minds of the general population into a state of happy apathy and into a state of  total and absolute trust in any information that comes through a government department.   Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the majority of civilians,  a selection of individuals have been selected for in-home psychological torture experimentation.  The majority of civilians refuse to believe their stories, and choose instead to believe that these targeted individuals  are mentally ill because their government tells them that this must be the case.

I myself am a targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring and Manipulation. On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice of a woman coming from inside my cranium nagged and insulted me to a point where I reached a level of deep despair. When I asked why she was provoking me she informed me that she was being paid per insult so that a team of neuroscientists in the next room to where she worked could gauge and measure the reaction inside my brain every time she provoked me to react strongly to her insults. She further informed... me that she gets paid directly by cash so that she has no way of knowing who is paying her salary. Further to that conversation a voice who I believed to be a neuroscientist spoke to me from inside my head. He informed me that the neuroscientists and other technical experts were asked to accurately gauge the strength of my emotional feedback each time I was emotionally provoked by said technician. He informed me that the stronger each reading of my emotional reaction was the more unstable I was deemed to be. In such a case I would then be targeted and harassed even more until such a time as I learn to stabilise my emotions which means that I must eventually make my emotions totally quiet. This protocol is being enacted on all targeted individuals throughout the world in order to gain knowledge as to how to create a docile society in the far distant future. If we refuse to dismantled all mobile phone masts as previously discussed in the future artificial intelligence will be made to harass and taunt all children until such a time as they learn to dampen down their emotions and become mindless drones for the rest of their lives. In my case they were having no success whatsoever. We learn very valuable lessons from our ability to feel emotions.

In recent years, many young healthy celebrities have died suddenly in mysterious circumstances.  They normally die on a Saturday night so that their deaths can be announced on the Sunday morning newspapers.  Whenver this happens, neuro weapons research teams would be on duty to monitor the brains of the population in order to measure the emotional reaction of the population of each country concerned with the death.  It is in the interest of the would-be enslavers of the human race if we failed to exhibit any emotional reaction to shocking news.  In that way we would be much easier to control.

We aught to urgently ask our political representatives to outlaw all microwave transmitters, 5G millimetre wave transmitters, telephone towers and all related paraphernalia that is currently enabling this wireless mind control combined with wireless in-home physical torture before we are all permanently enslaved.  Please do so urgently.




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Advice every TI to buy a bodycam

I was checking some TI videos and I found a very interesting one, as it's the usual "shoplifting" street theater or "robber" street theater many TIs experience. The security guards or store employees gets "warned" by the sub-human perps and the harassment gets shifted into a legitimate authority, while the real criminals roam around or actually leave the store.Considering many stores promote the idea of reporting unusual behavior, this is useful tool for harassment. I'm actually impressed by this video and the idea of recording every perp hired by these sub-humans to roam around the store, contact security guards or report unusual behavior to the store employees. My only opinion is that this TI is very smart to gather harassment evidence.General advice should be, buy a bodycam ASAP.
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Strange street theater (planned Organized Stalking)

Well, yesterday I experienced one of those strange occasions where perps directly do weird shit.
This is usually uncommon these days, but the few times that happened makes me remember why some TIs might believe that perps are expectant of a TI action and try to "communicate something", as in expecting not just a violent response or retaliation, but in the sense of following certain actions that the TI might or might not be guided to interpret situations or actions accordingly to per-shared rules that the TI "need to understand".

Some TIs label this Alice In Wonderland MKULTRA programming, as you might be "guided" to interpret things like colors/numbers/signs or hand signs and others behaviors (of course when the TI isn't over interpreting, and the perps aren't ambiguous). I see this like a plain attempt to take the TI out from a comfort zone to be guided into taking risks and follow what some call "the perp game", like finding things in your home that aren't yours and being guided into take it and give it to someone/somewhere, following V2K commands to approach someone, say something, do something. This is the worst situation a TI can do, as you might be tricked into thinking that "following commands" the perps might leave you alone, when you really ignore if the purpose of the harassment was exactly to take you to that point of following those commands, and the punishment is never-ending harassment and "inability to enjoy your privileges" (as someone told me).

Of course this isn't the kind of thing you'd like to tell a non TI as it's easily linked to simple "reference delusions" and "voices commands" that are common in schizophrenics. It's not that a TI would follow an expected behavior from a perceived hostile situation anyway, at least not most of the time, other times just wondering why perps won't communicate "what to do" or why don't seem to respond directly to TI requirements/inquiries (they don't), other times the TI might do and the harassment really didn't stop. I base these conclusions based on my own experiences and after reading other experiences, although I really never thought to follow "a plan" or guiding regardless of my own assumptions of the possible source.

I'll try to describe what I call street theater from last night:

-Was coming home after walking my dog, a man in front of the street looking directly at me
-A car that seemed to pick him arrived
-He still looking at me
-Someone from a different building starts whistling at the same street and no one else is around, this man looks at him (the man at the building), then look back at me
-Other guy keep whistling, I of fucking course, won't turn my head as I ignore everything harassment related
-I get into the building, the security guard from the block gives me the correspondence from a different apartment, yet knowing where I live (maybe a coincidence, yet first time this happens)

Recent days:

-Walking the dog with my grandmother
-Hear someone laughing when we are at the corned of the block, it's a taxi driver in a cab
-Starts rolling up the window while staring at me, maybe implying I could retaliate
-Some cabs get around here with no passengers, one time when I was walking the dog one dumbfuck partially got off the road making a strong noise.

From years ago:

-Found what it looked like a little electronic component in my bed
-Felt the urge to take it for some reason (I didn't)
-After I got into a bus, felt the urge to give it to someone in the bus that start staring at me (i didn't have it but i wouldn't do it anyway)

So, in the end same as always, remember to never ever follow anything that perps seems to coerce you to do. "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"

Edit 1:

BTW to clarify, the electronic part (just some kind of industrial shaped led) I found over my bed wasn't even mine and never saw it before. It disappeared from my room the same day when I came back. This happened  a long time some months after the harassment started.

Edit 2:

To update on this, that security guard I talked about is actually the nicest person there and it was just a coincidence.
Another security guard is actually strangely saying thing under his breath but loud enough for me to hear like "you don't understand" and yesterday, an actual insult after I came back from a store. This doesn't have any explanation beyond the harassment as I don't even know him.
BTW, interesting enough he's loud enough for me to understand, as I have certain degree of hearing loss or difficult listening on the outside/places with background noise, so if a perp say something with a soft voice or in another conversation there's 99% possibility I wouldn't notice.

Next time I'll just keep the phone recording whenever i pass over there (Although those encounters should be recorded by the security cam...), because I'm not going to fall for the perp suggested "alternatives" like a supposed event "I'm not understanding".
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