Hierarchies are always out of alignment with natural law. Natural law is the only fixed and immutable law on earth. It demands that we all take one hundred percent responsibility for our own lives and it also demands that we have one hundred percent freedom to make all of our own decisions freely according to our own conscience.
Hierarchies are out of alignment with natural law. They require us to unquestioningly and subserviently follow the dictates of a leader and never to use our own conscience. Hierarchies are always evil. There is no good hierarchy. Therefore all organised religions are evil because they do not allow us to follow the dictates of our own conscience. You must abide by moral law which is natural law but you must never join any organised religion whatsoever. If you do unquestioningly follow the dictates of an organised religion or a government unquestioningly and obediently then you are breaking moral law which is also known as natural law and you will be severely punished in the fullness of time.
Under natural law everyone is equal and they are treated equally and with equal respect. Society is organised around a system of rules without rulers, which is a linear based self-regulating system. No one needs rulers but we need rules which are based on moral law which is also known as natural. Under such a system where there are no rulers we would not need to own possessions and instead we could easily share them because we would be at ease in the knowledge that on one could ban us from having access to those material possessions ever because of the fact that on one ruled over us and no one would ever be allowed to rule over us. We only have a desire to own material possessions rather than simply share them because we are fully aware that within a hierarchy if we dont own our material possessions then some megalomaniac ruler or rulers would ban us from accessing material possessions if we were not obedient to him or to them.
Hierarchies are kept in place by means of fear and covert violence. Hierarchies require than everyone inside a hierarchy must be very afraid of those higher up than them in their heirarchy at all times. If they are not afraid of those further up the hierarchy then they will challenge them. Hierarchies require that those at the top of the heirarchy have more possessions and privaledges than those at the bottom. In order to keep a heirarchy in place, those at the bottom of the heirarchy must be empoverished, uninformed, disempowered and frightened and those at the top of a heirarchy must be powerful, priviledged, wealthy and informed. Social controllers always use uniforms, titles, credentials, possessions and opulent surroundings to create hierarchies. They use the main stream media to push the false notion that some human beings are superior to others. They sometimes demand that those at the bottom of hierarchies grovel, bow and curtesy and kiss the rings of those at the top.
When I was growing up in Rural Ireland in the 1960's I often wondered why I and my fellow school children were kept in a state of intense fear at all times while at school. I often wondered why our teachers were supplied with canes and instructed to hit us with those canes frequently. I often wondered why those teachers were encouraged to shout and scream at us and to criticize us in front of our class mates whenever they wished. I am not blaming them. I am blaming those social controllers who organised the social heirarchy within the cathloic church in Ireland and who knew that in order to maintain any hierarchy, those at the bottom must be rigid with fear at all times so that they would never question the actions of those higher up the heirarchy than them and that they would also never question what they were taught. I now understand heirarchies and exactly how evil they are and how they are maintained from generation to generation.
Psychopaths always rise to the top of hierarchies because they are prepared to murder anyone who stands in their way of getting to a place of money, power and privaledge.
The reason that school children are no longer being beaten with canes by their teachers is because school children are now under a covert form of control which is known as remote neural manipulation. Their bodies and brains have become saturated with graphene oxide nano technology and with hydrogel. These ingredients turn each child into a transmitter and receiver of information. Their brains and bodies are being harvested for data while they are close to smart street lighting and microwave transmitters and other antenna during the school day. Subliminal messages are also being transmitted to them which convinces them that they are inferior to those at the top of hierarchies and should never challenge them ever. However, there are various substances they can take in order to eliminate the nano technology out of their brains and bodies, such as zeolite, activated charcoal, borax and many other substances. We should take down all smart street lighting and other infrastructure which is enabling others to technologically enslave us and we should shoot down all airplaces which illegally spray our skies with poisonous chemtrails.
We all hate living in a world which is organised by hierarchies. A hierarchical based mind set is a poisoned mind set where those inside such a hierarchy are required to follow orders without first assessing if the order given is morally right or wrong. All hierarchies require abdigation of personal responsibility. We will regain our harmony in this world such as soon as we abandon all hierarchies such as organised religions, governments, monarchies and secret societies. Abandon whatever hierarchy you are under now.
For further information on natural law please listen to podcasts number 73 to 81 at a website called which is owned and controlled by Mark Passio from Philadelphia, U.S.A.
For accurate information about the contents of vaccines please listen to Dr Poornima Wagh at the following online video link

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