The good perps and the bad TI strategy

The remote hypnosis might be able to persuade the TI into engage in the actions that might bring a conflict between the one and the others. This remote hypnosis might have the effect that the feeling of something like "it would be fun for destroying the effort" or "this could be bad for myself." I know this is wicked, but I think such feeling like the wishing of the third person would give the strange impact on the TI's mind. That is as if the TI feels like enjoying the destruction of one's life - such as quit going to the workplace with the strange reasoning that that would put the others at the work in trouble. This kind of desire only lasts for the moments, and the temptation is something totally different from the normal behavior of the individual.Such temptation is like the alcoholic husband trying to use all the savings of the family to buy drinks and blaming of one's parents and his wife for the past mistreatment on him. Or, a gambler trying to steal money from his friends and family members to use it on gambling and feeling the satisfaction from what the one has done to be look much like loser enough.The characteristic of these remote hypnosis is that the wicked behaviors seems to have some comfortable feeling in one's brain as if they are in the most relaxed state. Then they might be deceived to believe that such thoughts are positive due to the classical conditioning effect from the mind control.Perps might pretend themselves to be the good people by trying to solve the problem like the above ones. They might act like the moderators of the problem between the mind controlled people and the others. What they can do is to speak from the above or pretend to be the expert of such situations. What they do is to suggest the others to lock up the mind controlled victims into institutions where they are used for the human experiments. The perps attitudes are fake if the others know what their true intention is, but they would look like charming and helpful in the situation as if they are a bunch of sociopath.
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