The Military communicated to me through meditation

I talked to the voice in my head and this what I wrote down below:


While meditating, the voice inside my head communicated with me and was explaining to me that the other voices are computer generated. Sometimes I'll get a certain voice that will say a certain phrase to see if I'm lying or not, an inbetted code of some sort shot directly to my brain to see if I'm telling the truth because the mind then picks up on the code and then reacts to it. And then by reacting to it, the computer can see if I'm lying or not. (Like what they do to terrorists). The reason why I get pressure in my skull is because the computer is scanning my brain to read my thoughts. Sometimes when I get a sharp pain in my neck and a jerk in my neck, it's because there's a higher amount of radiation being shot to my brain. The voice inside my mind would not discuss the reasons why prophet Yahweh was chosen. Those things in the sky that he was summoning will not be disclosed, it is classified material. If I keep fighting with these things, I will keep losing and suffering. I decided to follow and see what the voice would have me do. The voice wanted me to destroy some of my typed word documents about mind control, but lucky I didn't recycle them.


Prophet Yahweh is a man that can summon alien space crafts by the voice in his head commanding him to. Here is the link to the news video of him summoning one:


A while back I hear a faint voice say in my head say to me while I was trying to go to sleep, write this down. At first I hesitated, then I got up to write it down and this is what the voice told me to write down:


James Colbert and Steven Adams - Military Police


Why, you may ask? I dunno? But yesterday when I was meditating, I asked the voice inside my head about these people and it said that they cannot be googled searched. If anyone has anything that they can add to this, please let me know.

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