Virtual reality headsets are no longer necessary.  If you have imbedded nano particulates inside your brain and body which many believe are being sprayed from the sky you can experience an unexpected virtual reality experience where signals which generate  sound, vision, smells and sensations are injected into your brain.  You can be made to hear voices, see videos, and feel sensations which can be pleasant or unpleasant.    Your own muscles can be made to move against your will.   For added effect, focused ultrasound can be used to move the furniture in your room and break your ornaments.   This is the only explanation for near death experience, poltergeist experiences, demonic possession experiences,  extra-terrestrial experiences and a wide variety of other experiences that have been used to cover up the existence and abuse of wireless neuro weapons and a wide variety of other advances in technology.  The mental health act is also being used to cover up these wirelessly enabled abuses.

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