I am non-consensually wirelessly linked to neuro operatives who speak to me whenever they wish totally against my will and without my permission.    A female voice which I heard coming from inside my head asked me in the last ten minutes if children were working in my area.   I responded with the following question  "What do you mean?   What would they work at?   I then further heard another voice coming from inside my head telling me that some of his colleagues were attempting to set me up in some way.    I constantly post online much of what the voices which I hear coming from inside my head say to me on my social media site.   Voice to skull bio-communication was used in the first Iraq war in 1991 in order to convince Iraqi soldiers that Allah was speaking to them.   It is being widely abused throughout most of the world now but because it is remains classified not many people are prepared to believe the recepients of it.  Psychiatrists remain in denial of its existence.

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