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1 Even though most if not all of us believe that the covid-19 pandemic is a huge hoax we continue to wear face masks when we go out shopping because we would be fined heavily if we refused to do so.
2. Many individuals throughout the world have been arrested for questioning the ongoing covid-19 narrative throughout the world or for attempting to organise protest groups in order to high light the fact that all populations throughout the world are being lied to by their main stream medias.
3. The main stream media is at least ninety five percent owned and controlled by those who are perpetrating the covid-19 hoax on the world to the extent that those presenters who are employed by the main stream media promote the covid-19 hoaxed pandemic throughout each day without ever contradicting false news item which they receive from the worldwide central source of all main stream media news about it.
4. In some if not all countries throughout the world hospitals and medical personnel receive financial incentives for continuing to falsely diagnose individuals with covid-19. These financial incentives come either indirectly or directly from those who wish to continue to push the covid-19 hoax.
5. The covid-19 testing methods are severely flawed. Covid-19 has never been identified by using gold standard testing methods. All are dying from pre-existing conditions and their deaths are being certified as from covid-19 because of orders from the World Health Organisation.
6. Many of us who already have been non-consensually embedded with nano technology and microwave technology can now be murdered by wireless means from unknown remote locations by unknown murderers with absolutely no repercussions for those who carry out the murders. By this means and others the number of deaths in any country can be increased and then wrongly attributed to being from the covid-19 hoaxed pandemic.

7. The few who continue to believe in the covid-19 hoax are in a state of denial to such an extreme degree that they are clinging with all of their might to the false reality construct that has been created for them by the social controllers of the world for many decades via the main stream media and the schooling system, and if that false reality construct is taken away from them they would descend into severe depression before being able to adjust to real and truthful reality.

8. For the past number of decades, microwave mind control is being used on both the police and military in an attempt to subvert the course of justice throughout the world so that those who have created and promoted the covid-19 hoaxed pandemic can eventually take over and control the whole world through a wirelessly enabled remote enslavement of human beings plan which is directly related to pushing the covid-19 hoax so that those who are planned to be enslaved would accept the proposed covid-19 vaccine which is primarily about wirelessly enslaving those who accept it. (For further information on this please read the following document which is enclosed herebelow and which was recorded accurately from a video presentation by vaccine expert Dr Carrie Madej.)
HUMAN 2.0 A WAKE UP CALL TO THE WORLD. a Video presentation By Dr Carrie Madej
Transhumanism means melding humans with Artificial Intelligence.
The proposed covid-19 vaccine contains three parts as follows:-
1. The Vaccine itself
2. The Luciferese enzyme
3. The Hydrogel.

1. The Vaccine itself could be used to genetically modify human beings in the following way:-
Derek Rossi of the vaccine company called Moderna proved that he could genetically modify a stem cell by using modified RNA. The vaccine itself is either modified DNA or else modified RNA. The manufacturs of the vaccine plan to use a micro needle platform which was developed by MIT to help administer the vaccine. You would be able to administer the vaccine yourself as follows:- You would receive a type of bandaid in the mail. That bandaid would contain tiny needles called spiculas. When you applied the bandaid the spiculas would puncture your cell membrane and then the synthetic piece of either DNA or RNA which is a code for part of the virus would go into your cell nucleus. Your body would then start reading it and transcribing it. Your body would then know how to make antibodies for that virus and your body would know how to fight it effectively.
The vaccine manufacturers are using a process to achieve this called TRANSFECTION. TRANSFECTION is the process that is used to make genetically modified organisms. The vaccine manufacturers have stated that the TRANSFECTION process used in the vaccine will not alter our DNA which is our genome but the speaker on this online video who is well known vaccine expert Dr Carrie Madej does not believe them. If you accept the covid-19 vaccine as it is you are taking a chance that the synthetic piece of either DNA or RNA code could become a permanent part of your genome and would then replicate when your genome replicates. Further to that this synthetic piece of either DNA code or else RNA code can be scientifically patented and under current laws patents have owners. If this either DNA or else RNA code became a permanent part of our genomes would the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation or Moderna or the United States Department of Defence then own part of our genome?

2. The Luciferase Enzyme.
The Luciferase Enzyme which is the second part of the proposed covid-19 vaccine has a bio-lumenescence quality which means that it can produce light and if the area of your body where the vaccine has been administered is scanned by a smart device said smart device would be able to read a unique digital pattern or code which would give you the recepient of the vaccine a unique identy code or barcode and because of this you would become similar to a product.

3. The Hydrogel.
Hydrogel is an invention from DARPA. It is nanotechnology. It is mocroscopic robots which has the ability to connect up to artificial intelligence and can be made to assemble, disassemble as well as to reassemble. Another human being who is unknown to you can now gather information from your body and brain by using a nano reading device. They can use their nano reading device either once or else on a continual basis for the duration of your entire life . You would then have no privacy, freedom or autonomy ever again because once you receive your vaccination, as well as reading and storing private data taken from your brain and body they could also transmit unwanted data to your brain and body against your will and without your knowledge or permission.

The author of the above Dr. Carrie Madej, DO is a Internal Medicine Specialist in McDonough, GA, U.S.A. and has over 19 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Kansas City Univ Of Medicine Bioscience College Of Osteopathic Medicine medical school in 2001. She is affiliated with Southern Regional Medical Center.

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Trojan horse technology has been introduced into most countries of the world and it has damaged the brains of its users to the extent that they are no longer able to retain information about the fact that they are in extreme danger of being enslaved very shortly by wireless means if they dont act. Military technology known as the active denial system sends a beam of energy towards an individual which causes them unbearable pain without actually killing them. They must instantly run away but many who are paralysed or wheelchair bound or elderly or have learning difficulties do not know how to get out of the beam. Still others can be locked into the beam because it can be wirelessly locked on to their own unique energy signature so that they can not escape it and they are then forced to commit suicide instantly. The active denial system uses 5g millimeter wave technology to transmit signals to a targeted individual. If 5G millimeter wave transmitters are erected and activated throughout the world somebody who lives four thousand miles away from you can then torture you to death by wireless means and there will not be any legal repercussions for their actions whatsoever.

Please contact your political representative and ask them to have all wireless enabling capabilities disassembled and banned now so that we can enjoy living under our own free will in the near future.

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I am non-consensually wirelessly linked to neuro operatives who speak to me whenever they wish totally against my will and without my permission.    A female voice which I heard coming from inside my head asked me in the last ten minutes if children were working in my area.   I responded with the following question  "What do you mean?   What would they work at?   I then further heard another voice coming from inside my head telling me that some of his colleagues were attempting to set me up in some way.    I constantly post online much of what the voices which I hear coming from inside my head say to me on my social media site.   Voice to skull bio-communication was used in the first Iraq war in 1991 in order to convince Iraqi soldiers that Allah was speaking to them.   It is being widely abused throughout most of the world now but because it is remains classified not many people are prepared to believe the recepients of it.  Psychiatrists remain in denial of its existence.

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