Mass surveillance is not in our interests. Mass neuro surveillance is much worse than simply basic surveillance. Many Irish individuals down through the years have become secretlty implanted with extremely invasive neuro technology. Nanobots in our brains give us connectivity to the wirelessly enabled cerebral internet on a permanent basis. We are known as smart citizens or targeted individuals and I have been connected to the wireless cerebral internet for many years. We are permanently monitored. We have absolutely no privacy. We can be controlled by others. We can have our memories deleted. We can be subjected to a process known as human robotization.
I became connected to what is now known by some writers as the cerebral internet more than sixteen years ago. I am permanently connected by a two way wireless connection to a human control and enslavement network where the neuro staff who operate the system often issue me with voice commands as well as death threats and torture threats. The neuro operatives often send information to my brain and body in order to make my body malfunction for a short time now and again. They can make me develop a severe limp and have it completely eliminated within thirty minutes. They can give me stomach cramps and intestine cramps by sending digital signals through the two way wireless control system to my brain and body whenever they wish, and they have done so on occasion.
When we have become wirelessly connected to the computerized control system the activities of our brains can then be automatically translated into what we see, hear and perceive in nearly every way. If an individual who is wirelessly connected to the computerized control system sees a human face, the activities of their brain are then translated into the image of the human face that they then happen to be looking at by the neuro operatives who control and operate the human control system behind the scenes. The same applies to what ever we are hearing. This makes the computerized control system a system of spying on the human race. This system of having the human race spied on by unwilling targeted individuals from technology inside their brains has been in operation for many decades and because I am wirelessly and non-consensually connected to it on a long term basis, I am aware of its frightening capabilities.
“Technological implants like brain nanobots might cause losing mind control and thus, the carriers can be controlled by others and lose their autonomy; they can be spied on permanently with the cerebral Internet and can lose their privacy; their memory can be deleted and they can lose their identity. Thus, the humans who carry technological implants can be permanently spied on, mentally controlled, and lose their identity, becoming human slaves at the service of Transnational companies and the economic powers. An objective analysis reveals that Transhumanism is only an intellectual swindle that leads to digital fascism, a society where a millionaire elite will govern citizens with technological implants, who will be digital slaves at the service of an oligarchy.“
The above is a quote by Professor David Salinas Flores, Professor of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional, Mayor de San Marcos, Peru, which can be found at the following website of online journalist and political activist Ramola Dharmaraj
Another speaker on the subject of brain science and technology of note is Professor James Giordano of Georgestown University Medical Centre who can be found at the following link among many other links
According to Agenda 2030, all of the human race except our would-be enslavers are due to be connected to the wireless internet by the year 2030. There is a trap being set up for the human race behind the scenes of our lives and most of humanity may not realize this is the case until it is too late for them to escape from it. Hundreds of thousands of already wirelessly tethered individuals can not seem to get a warning out to the rest of the human race because every time we inform the police of our predicament their policy is to immediately send us for psychiatric evaluation. Psychiatrists are now legally obliged to place us under a psychiatric hold if we state that we are wirelessly linked to a computerized control network and that we are being manipulated by it in various ways. That is the main reason I can not inform the police or psychiatry about this matter. I have informed both the police and psychiatry before and I have not been taken seriously.
When ever a targeted individual who is sometimes known as a smart citizen informs the Gardaí or senior psychiatrists about their technological enslavement, because said targeted individual is under constant surveillance via technological implants, their handlers, some of who disguise themselves as Gardaí or psychiatrists, attend the scene and/or uses a code to inform central command that a targeted individual has become out of bounds. These handlers have unknown ways of controlling the situation so that the Gardaí and psychiatrists are dissuaded from believing the words of the targeted individual. Ways are immediately found to discredit the targeted individual so that the targeted individual immediately ends up under psychiatric hold where they will be caught in the net of psychiatry for as long as is deemed necessary.
I offer some solutions to the problem of long term technological enslavement. Please make changes to the way the Gardaí and psychiatry process anyone who comes to them complaining of electronic harassment and torture. Please provide the Gardaí with spectrum analysers and other technology so that they can detect anomalies in the energy fields of individuals who complain of electronic harassment. Please enact a law which would ban enforcement of the taking of poisonous substances posing as psychiatric medication because in many cases their strong side effects are akin to being tortured from the inside out.
I write a daily blog about my experiences of being an implanted and wirelessly tethered smart citizen. I do not, never have and never would accept payment for any post I place on my website or later on any social media site. My only aim is to raise awareness of this ongoing attempt to technologically enslave the people of the world by individuals within the new world order enslavement cabal.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My website is called My landline home phone number which I include in order to verify that I am genuine is 0949360901.

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