Now that some individuals have accepted the covid-19 hoaxed pandemic as being a real pandemic the pilgrim society slave masters can and will kill many more individuals by wireless remote means and then they will claim that that the dead have died from covid-19.
Please wake up to what is really occurring which is a war of attrition by the pilgrim society super rich against the rest of the world. The pilgrim society are eugenicists who wish to depopulate the world because they believe that we are taking their share of the resources of this world. They also believe that we are no longer needed because they have nearly fully automated all of their own private factories with robots and other methods of automation.
Expect more lock downs and deaths in the future or else help to expose what is really occurring. You will find it difficult to expose this because many individuals are under electronic mind control and they only believe information that they are programmed to believe. If all microwave transmitters and HAARP phased arrays and some other infrastructure which enabled electronic mind control were disassembled and banned the men and women of the world would be able to think more clearly again and we would regain our freedom within a short space of time. We aught to consider disassembling and banning them.
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