I am a non-consensual subject of an around the clock illegal wireless monitoring and manipulation system commonly known as remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation. I am wirelessly connected from imbedded implants in my brain and body to a super computer which is operated by criminal neuro operatives. They force me to listen to their voices throughout each day and into the night. I post what they say to me online on a regular basis so that others who are similarly connected will know some of what to expect. Here is a small sample of what these criminal neuro operatives have been saying to me over the past few days at different times of the day ...

"You are behaving yourself, I hope".

"Please excuse yourself whenever you leave the room in future".

"How many times a day do you eat food"?

"That is no way to talk to one of your systems advisors?.

"Place human bones in Gretta's garden. Then we could arrest her".

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