Wireless systems can power and communicate with tiny sensors inside the body.  For information about this and how it is being used and abused throughout the Republic of Ireland against human beings  please check out the following youtube video which is linked here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK2j6VV7sZ0 

This system is being used inside the Republic of Ireland to steal data from both the brains and bodies of human beings.  It is also being used inside the Republic of Ireland to non-consensually communicate with the brains and to manipulate and forceably move the muscles of a selection of good living and non-consenting human beings while these human beings are fully aware of what is being made to happen to them and who are very frightened by it.  Why is this allowed to occur?   Why do Irish psychiatrists who are fully aware of this capability refuse to believe Irish individuals when they inform the psychiatrists of Ireland that it is being made to happen to them while they are attempting to live their lives peacefully inside their own homes?

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