I organize a survey on poll.gangstalkingwiki.com

The goal is to find out what you believe, not what you can prove.

It takes about 40 minutes to complete.

Recently Dr. Lorraine Sheridan published a study which is very negative for targeted individuals. Her study is based on things that targets wrote in 2004-2005 in a free text box in a survey on www.stalkingsurvey.com. She says that gang stalking is delusional in basis, that our claims should not be investigated and that we should be sent to psychiatry. But she doesn't say what targets believe. She just didn't investigate. My survey tries to find out.

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    deca said:

    oh here we go again another member spamming links to Anthony forwoods loner blog posts ...that is well known for being a troll and has been banned from peacepink for spreading slander ....

    I just can`t take anybody serious when they believe and promote his crappy blogs...and I never heard of Anthony forwood before coming on peacepink ...strange

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