Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

It has occurred to me that if there is a conspiracy against the public by a group of hopefuls or addicts that attacks people with brain computer interfaces, that there may be greater nasty opportunities for those people to gain pride or money.

You joined a group assuming that the group would value itself in the select corporate or gang-like structure that gives the group advantage over others. You may have joined for the reasons of voyeurism or porn addiction, hazy notions of what 'power' can get you in a competitive society, or the outlet for money you wouldn't usually get according to your skill set.

If the gang gained momentum based on its starting notions of criminality and made compromises of danger with all new members, then they may have experienced doubt or fear in the beginning. I'm sure they assured you that you can never be caught and the appeal of non-retaliated-against aggression appealed to you for what you conceived of as your personal growth. In the process of the computer mapping your brain you must admit that the possibility of mind control could have been used against you. An addiction of adrenaline routing could have been snuck in or a cleverly maintained signal that blocks or encourages a region of the brain. Was it your choice to be a criminal?

You could have questioned their use of this technology. The amount of time that you allowed them to use it without law enforcement taking it from them made them powerful. You made them powerful. If you are willing to supress or torture detractors towards their criminal use of this potential vehicle for human enhancement then once again, you are allowing them power.

It occurs to me that no matter who they were or claim to be, law enforcement will always agree that the suppression of a portion of the populace is bad. You may stop the next Marie Curie from emerging by the sphere of tyrannical influences being exerted by a few. Torture is wrong, murder by the type of person that craves petty power is bad. And mind control will always be used by people with not enough insight to successfully conceive of good plans or negotiate towards the good of all successfully. Wouldn't it be better to use the technology to create geniuses? Cooperation is the best strategy and geniuses will see that.

What crimes that you collude with, commit, or refuse to stop are indelibly etched into your mind? You can't erase memories, only route away from them. In the way law enforcement is heading, they will adopt mind reading. For the safety of all, I, as an innocent citizen will consent to it to stop a crime. They have already caught people with it. What has your group done even in a compartmentalized nature? Observe nuclear launch codes, sell secrets, wield a biological weapon against politicians? What are you risking?

It took maybe 20 years to do all your illegal experiments to arrive at your knowledge. How has the world changed for the better? How are the criminals using it? We could have been immortal in that time. Medicine is discovering that all the bodies natural healing properties can be controlled by signal emulation. In that time could you have saved your own parents or loved ones? Your leaders stopped that. How many millions of lives could have been saved if your group revealed their research or even premises? There didn't have to be illegal experiments. You could be living in a Utopia of healthy geniuses now with the world planning glorious endeavors. But you thought violence was the greatest joy...

I know you may be a mind-controlled addict so I'm not going to appeal to your fear or compassion. There is an opportunity you should look into that should, by your cultivated nature, break your mind control or at least expose it.

If there is a missing link in patents that allows your technology to examine and manipulate the human mind and body at a distance then law enforcement wont believe this is happening. However, as far as wealth commodities go, there is nothing more expensive that every human being on the planet would be willing to by more than medicine.  Pharmaceuticals have to get rare biological constructs from plants and animals to make drugs that end up harming an organ as it cures one. Brain-computer interfaces is a program that communicates with the body. This is cheaply made medicine for great profit.

You don't even have to create the programs. Just patent the technology or ideas that every creator of the programs will use. Go to your local criminal teacher, take pictures of all the machine parts that go into the remote monitoring and manipulation of the human body. Borrow or buy some programs. Go to the patent office and say you've come up with the idea. Then evangelize the use for medicine, not criminal behavior.

Criminals are a rare, dead end commodity limited to the stingy wealthy, the hand-tied government auxiliaries, or the desperate poor. They did nothing to make the world potentialized to a paradise on earth. Their use amounted to scared machinations, ill-thought out revolutions, and the power plays of the insecure. Imagine a criminal trying to be an immortal and having to hide from everyone and cut of their face every 12 years. Hiding from cameras, satellites, laying low in third world countries.. If one of them is caught and interrogated you all get caught as law enforcement pressures you to tell them what the signal they've triangulated to you that you sent into another persons brain is doing? That person gives up mind reading and law enforcement discovers the identity of every criminal in every persons mind all down the chain. One mind reveals more, then those peoples minds reveal more..

Now imagine being a legitimate immortal with all of humanity that wishes it. Looking forward to the fruits of genius humanity, choosing their time of death in heroism when they've 'seen it all'. Medicine is the true money maker. If you evangelize this medicine you replace all drugs. Everyone clamors to use your patents to make medicine. You get a piece of everyone's income on earth. Forget millions of dollars think trillions of dollars! 1,000 million, 1,000 billion! So much money you could try to plan becoming a singular god with your own army and off world base! (I don't think it would work but that is what the more ambitious of you dream of).

Squeamish about how you didn't create it? No problem. Research patents or hire a patent lawyer. So many patents have happened for loathsome reasons I'm sure they'll take your claim. How about those other competing criminals? Turn them in! Give law enforcement advanced mind reading and all of them will be found as they travel from person to person reading minds. Make sure you get a deal of immunity to prosecution first. You'll be the last one standing with no criminal status. No one else in the criminal syndicate can own a patent! Would you reward Mengele with a patent? For law enforcement, a terrorist organization with the secrets to save millions of lives turned in is like money to them! They're moral!

If you find you are a criminal with no guts to take advantage of this loophole in your criminal organization than you didn't become a criminal for the right reason.

May the best perp win!

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You have written some good information here. Go to to see more information.

Remote mind-reading technology does not exist in the real world. offers the same disinformation:

 "Electronic weapons are also used to attack our brain:

- Read your thoughts, subvocal speech"

In real life, the insurmountable problem of electromagnetic interference means that epilepsy patients still have to be hooked up to wires. Does anyone claim that those hospital procedures are all for show?

Solomon, if you don't believe in any of this, why on earth are you on a website for targeted individuals? Please rather go onto websites for epilepsy patients.

Who on earth made you the know it all in terms of electromagnetic frequencies, where you know more about this than scientists do? Read up on this site the many books written by the likes of Nick Begich etc. (Angels Don't Play this HAARP) 

Are there cures for cancer? Yes!! Do all the oncologists in the world and big pharma want you to know this? No.

I may be wrong, but you sound like an agent of disinformation, a perp!!

Defiant, you are FAR too gracious towards these gangsters, they don't understand you level of sophisticated thinking, you are giving them far too much benefit of the doubt.  They are thugs!!

@Solomon Grimm: I know there is no mind reading, it is all a bluff, but could you be more precise about the "problem of electromagnetic interference", thank you.

I banned Solomon for saying Myron May was a false flag psyop and that he was a fake TI and for more other things...

RIP Myron May

Thank you hassanmcv, he deserved to be banned!

Chanath, I was woken up and tortured from 1am to 4am this morning, and when I was being asked later in the morning, by my perps what happened, I said it finished at about 4.10am, and one of them replied that it finished at 4.00pm precisely because 'she was there', so I'm lying.  I didn't actually check the time, but it was a test to see if anyone would give me the time. They tell me what I'm thinking all day Chanath, it doesn't matter what I think about, how I should decorate a room, they will give me their advice.  How do you think this happens if they are not reading my mind?

Understood hassanmcv.

I hear what you are saying God's Grace, but don't  you think at this point in the development of the technology, that a banal AI could answer you without any problem? There are such robots to play with on internet.. also, just because a extremely small fraction of the program would eventually be executed by real live humans, that would not mean the bulk, the effective and main part of the program is not AI. Think of the "perps" that come in and out of your house and breaks things, the,biggest amount of the stuff to make you feel paranoid and observed is done directly by the program, through a technology that can visibly: burn, cut, flip, freeze, make humidity .appear anywwheres, make any kind of fabric roll on itself, not to mention every thing it does to your body, and brain in particular etc.You see what I mean? : even if there is a tiny fraction of the program executed by human beings, they are there ONLY to make you believe that it is entirely done by them. The fact is the program can do without any human beings.

Believe or not Chanath, mind control technologies can read the mind, mind control programmers are even abble to play with synchronisations and even predictions …oh and as you talked about synchronisations in the organized stalking in the french pp group, tell me how is it possible for the perps to do synchronizations with the TI without mind-reading AT REAL TIME?

I am talking about manipulations, synchronized or coordinated manipulations, as in: the program makes you in a mood of exasperation and simultaneously gives the passer-by an angry look. Result, you are convinced that the passer-by is being agressive towards you, and the passer-by is convinced that you have reacted to him. . While in fact, no one has reacted to the other. each one has been manipulated isolately, but coordinately. There is no mind reading in this. Why are you talking about mind reading?!

The University of Washington has moved a finger between two participants with helmets across their campus and they're experimenting with thoughts and feelings now. All the police need to know about the viability of this crime is what produces the carrier signal in the TI's in the more advanced version. Injectable implants? Edible implants? Nano bots using bioelectric energy?

If it's an AI then that's good news for catching them. If law enforcement can triangulate the signal back to its source you can prove that it's happening. The FBI does that all the time with cell phones. The AI will not shut off like a live perp would. It will keep talking while it's located.

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Nova Scotia reports 1 new death, 163 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday

Nova Scotia reported one death related to COVID-19 and 163 new cases of the virus on Saturday.The death, a man in his 70s, is in the central health zone. It is the province's 71st COVID-related death.The number of active cases marks a significant decrease from the previous day's figure of 227.On Friday, Premier Iain Rankin indicated there were more than 200 positive results that had not been logged…See More
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