When the type of mind reading and memory searching the torturers use on us is brought to law enforcement they will be exposed. Their minds will give their crimes away and all their fellow conspirators.

Remember that they have held this technology capable of recording neurological signals away from people that could have used it to cure diseases like cancer and AIDs, mental illness, and organ problems. Many law enforcement people have lost loved ones who could have been saved. They have no reason to harbor these people when they realize the truth.

With neurological organization the body's natural ways to right itself can be potentialized and cells can be repaired.

This man has had success reading the brain to find out the truth of information that exists in the brain. He can understand if its there or not right now if not the full details. He's caught a serial killer and has been accepted by the courts.


If we could get him to understand that we have truly been tortured his influence could nudge law enforcement. He offers 100.000 dollars to those who can fool his machine! If our brains enmasse answer in the affirmative that we have learned new information from voices in our skulls then we will be known to be telling the truth by court standards. Perhaps it will lend credence to any police investigation. We should all write and call him to be questioned. Here are some articles about what his machine can do.


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