I hate to tell you this but Greg has been doing his lawsuit for over four years now, and has been on the scene fighting very publicly to end EH. He has over 10 websites dedicated to helping people end EH. He has had numerous groups to end EH and has led lobbying campaigns and many other efforts to end EH. Anyone who is not crazy and who is not a perp knows that he is not a fraud or a scam.

Also, there was just a conference acll where this subject matter was brought up and they said that there is no proof that Greg has ever done anything wrong or scammed anyone and that not once has anyone lost money

There is nothing to the scam accusations other than the accusations

And why is everyone doing this to the one person who fights hard to end EH

Multiple law firms?

No, he has gone through seven lawyers for his lawsuit now all because each time he finds one he gives out the lawyers information to the victims in his suit and some of them turn out to be perps.

People have called into the lawyers offices and have threatened to kill the lawyers for taking the case, there have been bomb threats to the lawyers, people calling into the american bar association saying this lawsuit was bogus and a scam all in a effort to get to not take the lawsuit people have told the lawyers that EH isnt real, that the victims are just mentally ill, and that this is part of some scam to raise money

Also, anywhere Greg goes the perps just pop up

Ever notice how wherever he posts something people come in swarms to discredit what he says and to discredit him

Everytime he sends outa  group email group emails go out to discredit him

The only reason for this is that the United States government does not want to lose their EH system nationwide and they know how to discourage others, these people are known to us as perps

If anything, this serves to validate Greg and his efforts.

He has multiple websites "such as endingehh.weebly.com"  where he lists many ways of ending EH, of getting new laws, of heling victims.

He figured out how to buiild a device that shows EH signals actually going to victims and let all victims know about it.

He found a device that shows where EH signals are coming from

He led an effort to have a class action lawsuit with these as evidence and with medical specialists to testify and with government officials to testify about EH being real

He has done this several times

He got the law firm of Stein and Stein to represent victims of EH.

Stein and Stein is the law firm that beat the CIA in court two times for MKULTRA experiments

The second time they won 250 million dollars

And he got them to represent victims but perps ruined that, that was Dee Hardin that ruined it along with Pam Anderson "not the model"

He led efforts to do nationwide petition drives in each state to get new laws against EH and he and his group lobbyed for new laws against EH and contacted every single federal politician in the USA

He has had six groups now to fight to end EH, his yahoo group when he first started, then three different wall.fm groups, then several ning groups

Derrick from freedomfchs was going to make him head of an activism commitee before the two of them disagreed.

He even found a politician who would take a donation in exchange for making a new law against eh., but perps went around saying this was bribery in an attempt to stop the effort

He also has filed 180 something court cases all to end eh, all were dismissed, anyone can research this just put greg gamache lawsuit or greg gamache plaintiff into any internet search engine

On his websites he tells you where to buy electronic weapons so you have proof of EH

These are not the actions of a perp or fraudster or scam artist

These are the actions of someone working very hard to end eh for over 4 years now

Not just that but he did his federation resistance newsletters for years and those went out to over 40000 victims, on these newsletters he tells people how to end eh and he encouraged them to work together to end eh

These are not the actions of a perp or scammer or fraudster

If he was scamming he would have been arrested by the police

What is a shame is that the only one who was fighting to end eh has caught all of this trouble and noone defended him or even stopped what was going on

And then Derrick from freedomfchs newsletters his members several times that greg was scamming people and that his lawsuit wouldnt work and he only did this because Greg jacked Derricks email list.

Derrick did this to get back at him

Greg only jacked the email list because Derrick wouldnt tell his members about the lawsuit and refused to give the list to Greg and Greg felt that it was victims rights to know about options to end EH and to be able to get in touch with each other

There has never been any proof that Greg has done anything wrong, no proof at all

Then ICCACT did the same thing derrick did

Put Gregs name into the internet and see what pops up

Tons and tons and tons of stuff all about his efforts to end eh

Take a look at some of his websites




there are many more but these are the most popular

on each of these sites he is telling victims how to end EH and trying to get them to work together to do so

These are not the actions of a perp or scammer

There is nooen out there who has done more to end eh than him, noone at all

Derrick does nothing but lies to victims about planned efforts that freedomfchs has and strings them along for years on things that never happen

No other group does anything

Icaact scans victims then refuses to give them the scan results

Scanning doenst do anything to end eh and wont help anyone

Greg is the only one out there working to end eh

You guys need to contact this fella "at aleriancapital@gmail.com" and offer him some something to get him back to fighting again and do something so that when people perp him or accuse him of something you tell them enough to make them stop

And further more whats even wiered is that Greg hired a private eye who found out that the lawyer that derrick from freedomfchs raised fourty thousand dollars for then was jacked out of the money by that attorney, this lawyer was actuallya  corporation registered to derrick robinson himself, Thats right, Derrick stole the entire 40 grand and Greg exposed the whole thing and noone said anything

You guys need to do something to get Greg back on the scene and to stop all of this perping of him when you see it and contact Greg and tell him something is being done

He is where the mass filing idea comes from, we need him back, email him aleriancapital@gmail.com

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  • WHO wants to bet this is greg trying to pretend to be his own voice of reason?  lol

    who else is going to know all these fake facts????? 

    N already closed this brand new peacepink acct?

  • "Greg is the only one out there working to end eh"

    really ? what has actually greg done "apart from jacking derricks of FFCHS email list"

    hmm why did he not build his own with all his hard work and evidence ?...thats what I would of done if FFCHS did not want anything to do with me...I would of created my own...then posted all my hard work , good information then people would naturally be attracted to my site etc

    he and others on his behalf have claimed a lot but I have not seen any evidence of anything they have actually done !!!

    please feel free to prove me wrong ....but if you make a statement or claim then you will need to provide/back it up with the evidence for it as I will check it out !!!!

  • "Then ICCACT did the same thing derrick did" ?

    WTF? are you own about ....so derrick from FFCHS did not agree with what Greg was doing and conducting himself and therefore refused to put his stuff in the FFCHS newsletter ...so Greg jacked Derricks email list?

    ICAACT  does not have a newsletter ....


    "Icaact scans victims then refuses to give them the scan results"

    again rubbish it does take time for ICAACT to do reports ...there is plenty of victims that have there report and some have even posted them on youtube

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