Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Hi! I am new to this group as I am a targeted individual. My neighbor across the street is a cop and I am pretty sure he is involved in the gang stalking. Is it possible for him to send electronic radiation at me? What is the best way to protect myself? I am also leaving the county to leave on the base of Landstuhl in Germany as an intern and I am worried it will worsen since I will be on a military base. Do these people ever physically harm targeted individuals/what will be my chance of being phsycially hurt? 

Any help would be much appreciated for the younger adults :)

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first of all what do you mean by electronic radiation ?

next why do you suspect you are TI ?

As far as sending electronic waves such as how they do through hellicopters/airplaines etc. I know I am a targeted individual when games were happening in the hospital where they declared me as schizophrenic and paranoid. I am having hellicopters fly over my head all the time, cars stopping by my house and then continuing on, coughing, directed conversation, vandalism, poisoning, and stalkers pretending to work in restaurants, the library, etc. This happens to my dad as well, but I feel as if I am targeted more severely.

sorry this websites about Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I hope you find a solution for what you are your dad going throw

How do you know I am not experiencing mind control?

I don`t know who you are full stop.

So if we don't personally know a potential TI, then we shouldn't advice them? Deca are you a shill trying to scare off potential TI's of this site? If you've got nothing good to say then shut up. You're not the spokesperson of this site, are you?

Marlynn, I don't think they will physically harm you. Gang stalking serves for psychological purposes. Plus, they don't want to leave any kind of evidence behind.

I don't know if your neighbour has anything to do with this. There are various ways in which they could beam EMF waves at you. They play a lot of mind games.

What do you have to do with the millitary? Maybe that's why you're targeted.

"I know I am a targeted individual when games were happening in the hospital where they declared me as schizophrenic and paranoid."

Marlynn, could you be more specific? What did they tell you? What kind of games?

And don't let anyone drag you out of this web site, post freely...

A#%a my soul bpp
This is not me.most likely somehow them ..I would just say as much as you can somehow pretend its not real kind of pretend you don't know as they love to get you to see them in a way you can't do anything about it.dont react because I feel they get paid to make you upset.
They can do it for fun for sport, to watch you, to use you for practice.

Or even to get you to do things for them..Try to not isolate too much, get good friends and keep them.
My mistake is I react too much, its difficult to take all their shit and just take it..

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Gang stalking Surveys

Please read the following survey which has been put on facebook and jotform and distributed amongst the public sites.Gang stalking Report No 2 and Gang stalking Report.  Follow  See the publishers one as well.  Also please follow survey to ban DEWS and save Fleet in Hampshire also includes Britain and the world.See More
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AlterEgo - wearable neural interface can read thought , so can capture v2k sent to victim's mind

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"Hello im responding to being a targeted victim of mind control & surveillance since 2009 if you would like to hear a little of my story please let me know"
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