As of today, I´m a member of peacelink. I haven´t been able to find any answer to my specific question that I want to ask, so I thought I´d start a thread myself.

My question is: How do I know if I´m mind controlled?

It might seem like an odd question, but let me give you some very short background information.

Some eight years ago I was often visited by the grey aliens. They where disguised as green benevolent aliens, therefor I never saw them as a threat. I was never afraid, or felt any fear when they visited, only curious.

During a period of two-three years, they put in some inplants in my head, and as I believe, in my lower back.

These "operations" always happened in between sleep and awakeness (is that the word?)

I will keep my story short. When the put in the implants, I was weightless, and kind of hovered (somewhere in space I think).

They put a flexible thin tube up my nose. I could her it buzzing like a dentist drill, but much slower. They inserted it all the way up my nose, until they reached the pineal gland. I don´t know exactly what they did.

At one point during this operation, I could actually hear one of them saying "He´s waking up", and they were all gone. When he/she/it spoke, it was with a metallic, monotone voice, but strangely enough, in my native language, Swedish.

What I want to say with this, is that I always have felt I´m under outside influence. I will not go in to any details here, because it´s not important.

So, again; Is it possible that I´ve been/am subjected to mind control? Has anybody else experienced the same thing?

Best regards/


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  • Thanks a lot, Sue!

    Yes, I follow David Icke, and a few others! The more I look into the websites I´ve been recommend here (nano-technique a.s.o), the more desperate I feel...It seems we are all full of implants! This was new to me, although I´m aware of the chemtrails.

    Best regards/


  • LaBrat said:

    how thoroughly has mufon been infiltrated?  'mr conehead' (aka dan ackroyd ) - prez of their hollywood chtpr -  reports an encounter with 2 MIB while he was stepping out for a break during the intermission of his 'Out There' tv show      the 2nd half was to be a long-anticipated meeting between stephan basset and steven greer, but the show was canceled mid-episode

    when it was still an issue, mufon published some hard-hitting truths, and took some lethal shots in return:

    ann b livingston appears to have died rather mysteriously and suddenly after criticizing psychotronic weaponry's 'longest-surviving whistle-blower' julianne mckinney for gas-lighting and discrediting ann's abduction by 5 MIB's in her parking lot (she and karla turner both included in any update of otto binder's 'Liquidation Of The UFO Investigators'. where in 1971 he published the names and circumstances of 137 suspicious deaths in the field)  

    1. Has anybody ever heard of Ann B. Livingston? Her highly critical account of trying to deal with Julianne are written up in the November, 1993 issue of Mufon Ufo Journal 'electronic harassment and alien abduction'. You don't have to be a Ufo buff to recognize the disrespectful gas-lighting and discrediting of information the recovering army intelligence officer actually never even examined in the first place - nor to appreciate the frightening implications of the fact that Ann died from a sudden aggressive ovarian cancer in 1994.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
    • (Repost)

      That article reflects exactly the same characterization of McKinney that I and many others have commented on. I find it very interesting that the MUFON article came out one year after McKinney's own article, which appears to have been intended to give the then barely-developed TI community some substance. At that time, the UFO community was well-developed while the TI community was not, and the latter actually developed out of the former and became recognized in its own right. These are both audiences for various psyops, and I would think that as such, it was important at the time that the MUFON article was published that a distinction needed to be created between them, dividing out the TI community from the UFO crowd, which is in fact what has since happened.



      (here's ann's arcticle, leading the 1993 November issue - i highly recommend reading the introduction to that issue, which immediately precedes ann's)


      a nuclear physicist has examined an implant retrieved from an undisclosed colleague which includes elements inconsistent with local (galactic) isotopic rates of decay:

                     Full Report On the Alleged Alien Implant Removed 
                     From An American Scientist Code-Named
                     "John Smith" 

      Some time ago I wrote an open letter regarding the scientific findings of a possible implant that was removed from a scientist who has been code-named "John Smith."

      Regarding the above, the report, in PDF format, which documents the... .

      However, one key finding can be understood by examining the chart below which shows that the putative implant that was removed from "scientist John Smith" has isotope ratios which are very much different than those which are normally found in terrestrial materials.

      I thus believe it is proper to say that the removed object has (or had) non-terrestrial isotope ratios.  That would be consistent with the object having been constructed in a stellar system other than ours .


    • LB
    •  otto binder identified 137 suspiciously dead ufologists in 1971 (before joining them)      ann b livinston died very suddenly after her critical article disclosing julianne mckinney's gas-lighting and 'remote diagnostic' discrediting of ann:  refusing to meet ann - or even to examine her evidence    (sound familiar? it might!  the same shenanigans occur right here:)

      . - and peacepink prose!'


             Julianne said that Ann was the victim of clever disinfo - Ann replies, "But, by whom?" 


      the 'mind-control in ufo lit' discussion compares julianne's gas-lighting with one of our featured debunkers 'deca' who - seemingly paradoxically - leads the 'roswell debunking' on david icke's forum       that doesn't seem to make any kind of sense until you consider the infiltration factor (implants aside) in the context of AF's remarks about the two target groups    on p 15 of sue's 'How long did you know...' discussion 'deca' posts nasa photo-ops of chimps in astronaut costumes posing as 'space monkeys' launched between 1948 and 1965 to 'debunk' roswell:


      presumably the simians had crashed weather balloons that were flying SO fast that the broke the speed of light time barrier and ended up in roswell in 1947 - before they were even launched!



      i can't say enough about the out-of-this-world 'coincidence' of both targets and ufo/milab abductees reporting increased telepathic awareness and retrieving mind control brain implants


      note my non-consensual brain surgeries, head not shaved, not medical records, both the delgado ''flipped lid' and ewen cameron mk-ultra procedures clearly visible   i have also shared milab experiences with another target, just by the way...

  • Dr. Roger Leir has collaborated with Targeted individuals. Unfortunately Dr Roger Leir died in March 2014 and every Dr Rauni Kilde died in February 2015. These two international doctors have studied alien matrix, electronic harassment, mind control, microchips etc. but they are died :-(

    The Targeted Individuals are very rational.
    The 90% of Targeted individuals do not believe in alien matrix.
    The 90% of Targeted individuals think it is entirely the work of governments, the Bilderberger, Freemasons, Illuninati, CIA, NSA, KGB (secret services) etc etc

    Rationality invites us not to believe the alien matrix. Only by human.
    It is not easy to convince public opinion of expressing mind control. If we begin to mention aliens, credibility is even more scarce. It is a matter of rationality dear Alex.

    My suggestion to you: "Search Derrel Sims, Donna Higbee and others doctors/ufologist" if you live in USA.
    Dr. Roger Leir has collaborated with Targeted individuals. Unfortunately Dr Roger Leir died in March 2014 and every Dr Rauni Kilde died in February 2015.
    These two international doctors have studied alien matrix, electronic harassment, mind control, microchips etc.

    I understand what you wrote, but, I repeat: 90% of Targeted individuals in the world does not believe in alien matrix. The risk to you is discrimination. ATTENTION! Write your questions to Derrel Sims or ufologists.

    Image is indicative.
    Derrel Sims CMHt, RHA - Texas
    Chief of Investigations
    Saber Enterprises - FIRST - HUFON
    19934 Rising Star, Humble, TX 77338
    001/281/4463005 &

    Donna Higbee CHT
    Santa Barbara, California 93160, USA
    DERREL SIMS and others, are every on facebook!
    Attention. Many ufologists are false, ambiguous or incorrect. You have to find a ufologist ethical. You can search the MUFON, or ICAAR or other acronyms, however many ufologists are false and ambiguous.

    You must ask them: "What is the protocol for an alleged medical science? What medical tests should I do? I suspect to have microchips? What is the scientific protocol? I have to do MRI, CT and/or ultrasound? I have to use frequencymeter? Hypnosis regressive? What is the protocol and medical and scientific practice? "

    Careful, attention and war.ning (peace.ning).
    Many ufologists are human beings. They live in a world of false and hypocritical. They are not benevolent association and ethics!

    Good luck Alex!
    Good luck Alex!
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