stop use the word "mind control"

victims problem is  they defined themself as "mind control victim"

then you have to prof it is real . now you are in a trap . 


say you are attacked by RF weapon .   

no more shit description , no more "they control my dream" 

just RF wave attack. you don't need to prove it is possible .

you don't have to looking for evidence that  micowave oven exist kind of thing

police won't say : sounds impossible.


if more and more people report simple RF weapon attack,  maybe they will do something 

such as monitoring the signal. 


stay away from the complex trap .




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  • I've noticed this as well, albeit, from a victims stand point it's best to write as much detail down as possible, we must be very modest/diligent what we willingly share with the public, the reality is we need better recognition of the problem and we must always do so in a very professional manner. Thanks for the post/thoughts.

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