American above 60 year-old scientists who had been studying EM Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control for tens of years are the evil source that caused the murdering of tens of thousands of innocent human beings mentally or physically everyday. These elderly scientists had been murdering using electromagnetic weapon through their whole lives. Murdering with EM weapon had become their lives. They murdered for their good feelings, as they were educated to live for power and sensational satisfaction when they grew up. Besides ethnic British American scientists, there are also ethnic Chinese from Taiwan, ethnic Indian, ethnic African who are a bit younger. They helped the <GOD FATHER> tycoon family to build up a Kingdom and a slavery system using prisoners, criminals and American scientists of different ethnic groups. They forced the ethnic minority scientists to study electromagnetic remote surgery techniques. They murdered by creating terrorist attacks, wars, man-made cancer, AIDs patients, aircraft accidents, man-made earthquakes, nuclear plant accidents in name of testing the resilience of humankind, for the extension of their good feelings. Therefore, the murdering masterminds are the scientists who studying remote surgery and remote mind control most of whom are <God Father> family relatives.




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