When judges being turned into sleepwalkers by electromagnetic(EM) remote brain surgery, innocent human beings could be put into prison; When government officials being turned into sleepwalkers, low efficiency and corruption could damage the administrative system;  When hospital doctors being turned into sleepwalkers, lives of patients could be jeopardized; When EM remote surgery turned media workers into sleepwalkers, the whole humankind society would be like an individual who lost sensors and neuron system, lose the capability of surviving. No media could tell the public, when tens of thousands of innocent humanbeings being murdered everyday by American <God Father> family using Electromagnetic Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control with man-made cancer/heart-attack and other diseases, man-made aircraft accident, man-made earthquake, man-made nuclear plant accidents, man-made sleepwalker massacre and sleepwalker massive suicide, making more and more children being turned into sleepwalkers by Remote brain Surgery. Humankind has to wait for another 30-50 years until the nature deaths of the American <God Father> family technicals who did surgery remotely using focused electromagnetic energy to stop the murdering of large number of innocent individuals mentally or physically everyday.

The <God Father> family scientists are like viruses, while technicals with no social responsibility are bacteria that duplicate and strengthen the power of <God Father> family viruses. They helped the <God Father> family to turn murdering of tens of thousands innocent humanbeings mentally or physically into everyday entertainment. They duplicated <God Father> family’s power by standardization and turning ordinary Remote Brain Surgery process into hardware programs that can be operated by <God Father> family technicals conveniently. For a humanbeing not being infected with viruses, a few bacteria would not be harmful. However, when being infected with viruses, like flu virus, killing bacteria in his body becomes the only way to stop the spreading of viruses. Same to the <God Father> family virus who had been murdering innocent humanbeings for over 36 years since the Jonestown Event in 1978, without deleting the bacteria that duplicate <God Father> family’s power, it is only more difficult to expose secrets year by year.  

In 1974, NYtimes still could report Mind Control experiments on American citizens. In 1984, only CBC TV can report mind control experiments in Canada in 50s and 60s and 127 victims got compensation from Canadian Government 100,000 CA$ each person. In 1995, the Hearing organized by President’s Advisory Committee on secrets experiments on American children in 50s, 60s, 70s, was even not reported by mainstream media effectively, most Americans never heart about it. In 2004, Hearing in Congress on CIA kidnaping American children to be experimental subjects and body parts in ceremonies, where Ted Gunderson testified, was less known due to no mainstream media everyday report as what media did to NY911 incident.

In the long run, those who did surgery remotely may not escape from being punished. However, how could anyone compare the lives of those who are hard-working and being socially responsible with those of bad people who are harmful to humankind? Over 30 years, there was no major finding in science and technology, which already proved the severe damage to the whole humankind caused by  <God Father> family control of EM Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control weapon.

In the 70s, a million Cambodian civilians were killed by government soldiers controlled by Remote Mind Control. Today’s murdering tens of thousands by man-made cancer, man-made heart attack and other diseases, man-made aircraft accidents, man-made earthquakes were even not known, as media workers were turned into sleepwalking morons who can’t memorize and think properly. When President Reagan became president, it already reflected the real position of American President, who is only an actor controlled by <God Father> family members remotely. Since Reagan time, privatization that only benefits Mafia family control had been the only direction globally. How many were murdered during and after the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident and Indian Chemical Plant accident in the 80s? Could the technical <Bacteria> that multiply <God father> family’s power risk their lives to stop being the <Bacteria> that doom humankind? Not likely, as humanbeings do not change their purposes of living after becoming adults. It is more difficult to educate humanbeings when they were brain damaged, if it is not impossible. Eileen Rockefeller, who specialized in emotion mind control had been murdering with mind control for over 40 years. She would not likely stop the murdering, which already became her life. Technical <Bacteria> chose to justify that their deaths would benefit whole humankind could attribute to their being selected according to their intelligence levels. Showing off intelligence in front of the brain damaged didn’t make Eileen Rockefeller feel shameful or being sympathetic, even after 40 years. What else could the technical <Bacteria> possibly get by being <Bacteria> continuously?

Those American technicals who are helping the <God Father> family to block Hong Kong mainstream media from reporting my 5-year protest contents, you may not extend your lives for long by sacrificing majority humanbeings. Setting up prisoners may not fool others for long as well. One thing is sure, after the secrets being exposed, no one would want bad people like you being encouraged so that someone else dare to do the same bad thing once again.

To the public who read this information: please remember the victims inside and outside the mind Control FIRM for at least 30 years. Please help to do 3 things for us who might have been murdered or turned into sleep walker like robots when the CIA electromagnetic remote surgery and remote mind control secrets being exposed,: [1] Same surgeries on those who enabled electromagnetic remote surgeries on innocent people, especially those who made decisions. [2] Build memorial buildings in every country to memorize the heroes murdered or disabled due to exposing the secrets. [3] Use numbers to replace names of bad people to discourage doing bad things to leave names in history.(e.g. Evil 123 in the 2nd World War to replace Hitler; Evil 001 in EM weapon crisis to replace Rockefeller if Rockefeller family was really the controller of the mind control FIRM.)


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