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An interesting recorded conversation of some cops training as handlers


i have a man who began sending me recordings about 6 months go and yesterday i got an interesting transcript off of one he sent to me of the cops in training talking in the background. the scalar beam is a 2way energy beam and one of the first articles i  posted here was how to record and get the names of the handlers as they must sign on to the energy grid in the same way we sign on to a network when we use our computer.


as i listened to this recording it was easy to see why this technology should have never been placed in the hands of the police as they are notorious for their misconduct and abuse of the citizens they swore to protect with their own lives even without the ability to get inside their head.


i removed my friends name but the actions they are discussing regarding his wife and child are things like waking him in the middle of the night and playing a recording of his baby crying and he would run down the hall to see what was wrong only to find her sleeping soundly.


the pattern of his recording have been the coast guard providing training to the local sheriffs and state police.


the transcript:

Remember there is no way anyone can hear what were doing behind this noise

Im moving down to Carolina soon and I don’t want anything to get in the way of the position I secured there doing this

If theres no way anyone can hear us why is he recording

I put an application in with a scalar group in Arkansas and they are only hiring 2 people, I cant believe I actually heard back from them

Im not telling you but theyre offering more than im making here in san fransisco

Im so excited about it well be able to get a house and everything

There is no way a cop in this area can make enough money to support a family here with the cost of living

tell you what we got a lot of information of his computer this time at least we wont get our ass chewed like last time

alan said

Oh shit hes going to start recording

God damit I hate when he does that shit

Yeah and hell be sending it to sofia and shell tell him everything we say

Id like to take that recording device and shove it up his gd ass

That fuckin whore will transcribe what he records so you mf better not say anyones name

I don’t know who I hate most

Him or that gd bitch sofia

Last time I had to spend half the gd night


They list the value

Now that was incriminating



How the hell can anybody hear anything with all this fucking ghost noise in the background

You would be smart not to underestimate what sofia can pull out of this recording

There is no way anyone can pull anykind of a coherent sentence out of all this noise

She is not going to let that deter her from listening to the rest of this tape

If you guys don’t want to take me seriously go right ahead

What the hell are we going to do if sofia can get thru this level of white noise and how the hell we gonna get inside this sob’s head and make him think about stuff  if we have to be careful about what we say

Im just tellin you what the last team found out the hard way

There is no way you are going to be able to do anything that’s not on the up and up or you will be busted like they  were

We are here simply to gather information not to torture this man or his wife and child

Im tellin you what that sucks

How the hell does this one woman have so much clout?

The nsa has monitored her since 1957 and anyone that comes into her life for any reason goes under the gun

So when she listens to that tape its like playing it for the entire electronic harassment task force t the nsa level

And the nsa will bust you for doing anything to make this man think you will injure him or his wife and child

This is why the military doesn’t like working with gung ho cops who think they have the right to do anything to anybody just because they are classified and can read someones mind

These people are still united states citizens

And they don’t deserve to be treated like a criminal when they haven’t committed a gd crime

But his wife is Chinese doesn’t that give you some kind of exception to the rule

Absolutely not and its not illegal for him to be involved with this new energy movement either

So you better watch your p’s and q’s or your going to be in more trouble than you know how to deal with

You have no idea how much trouble the last group of military instructors got into for just watching it happen and not reporting the misconduct

How the hell are we supposed to do our job

This is one of the reasons we took this job so we would have some kind of anonymity and not have to worry about being called under the gun for every single little thing we do

Ii don’t know what to tell you except you better keep your nose clean if you don’t want the nsa harassment task force climbing up your ass and they’ll make any other kind of disciplinary action look like a paid vacation

I would never have signed up for this if I had known all this and there is no anonymity if someone can listen to you sign on and get your name

Well it’s a little late for you to be thinking about that now isn’t it

Gd I need to re evaluate if I want to stay in this program or not ill be scrutinized more here than before


These are individual audio loops of guys talking in the background using the NASA looping system:

conversation 1:

Gd wait till I get back and talk to that recruiter I have some choice words for him

There is no way im going to be diggin around inside someones head and their computer if those mf can record me and find out who I really am, they said there was total anonymity and no accountability

That’s probably why theres so much problems with this program and the depat is getting so many complaints

They just have to treat the people like theyre crazy and send them for a psychiatric eval

That usually stops them from making any follow up reports


Tconversation 2:

here is no way im giving my name if someone is going to be able to id me from a recording

I don’t care if I get court marshaled

You’re right it’s a suicide mission and they can get away with killing us using the same insanity plea we use to discredit them

Man this sucks

Im going to see if I can transfer out of this unit

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