Asking the right questions

I wonder how these scumbags get away with their evil crimes. Law enforcement letting innocent people get violated and abused to the point of no return. Why? Would they like it if someone turned the tables and give them a taste of their own medicine. What's wrong with this world? Asking more questions that baffles my mind. The subject of human stupidity and ignorance is incromprehensible. Just like Einstein said there is only two things that is infinite the universe and human stupidity. There's no common sense, rationality, or logic behind the actions of these cowards that dare not show their ugly faces.

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  • i totally agree with you Grim....some people say two wrongs dont make a right but i have always believed in eye for an eye...and if our world implemented such a legal can bet that there wouldn't be much crime committed...same goes for gun ownership....if criminals knew that everyone was armed with a gun...they wouldn't be so quick to jack someone either but our world is so mentally and spiritually infantile, acting like spoiled, greedy and selfish children that our legal systems, the way governments are ran as well as our societies construct is just so blatantly 'Backwards" that, to me, its almost like some big joke......i mean ...really?? seriously? its like looking from the far future back in time and watching before your eyes just how outdated it all really is...

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