Being prescribed anti-psychotics for mind control

I wanted to start a discussion about taking (or being forced to take) anti-psychotics to deal with mind control effects as I believe that that is what many psychiatrists do nowadays; they just try to provide a quick solution to the problem. Their solution, however, doesn't work unless it attacks the root cause, i.e. being mind controlled with a tiny, gran-of-sand sized device that can electronically read your mind and transmit voices into your brain. However, this post is not so much about the latter, but about a specific drug, or some specific drugs on the market, that did, in fact, help me over the past six years of being mind-controlled.The two medications that I have taken are Aripiprazole and Respiridone, but I do not recommend taking the latter. Do these medications actually help reduce the voices one hears in one's head via mind control? My experience tells me that they can, when taken in small dosages (5-10 mg). However, I would lke to state that I do not generally recommend taking medication in general for this problem. What are you thoughts and opinions about this? Have you ever been forced (against your will) to take anti-psychotics for your mind control? Which ones? What was the result? Did it help or hinder your situation? Thanks in advance for any comments about this discussion thread. God bless.   

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