Movie <God Father> produced in 70’s told the story of how an American family thrived to power after immigrating to the States. At that time, the younger son who studied law became the new God Father later. In the 70’s CIA already can mind control people remotely to produce movies they want. Could the movie be a review of the family when they got super power in the 70’s due to controlling the mind control weapon of CIA? President Johnson, who became president after the death of President Kennedy died in 1971. Could it because of the remote mind control that leaked the information of what was in President Johnson’s mind?


Movie <Lion King> produced in 90’s told a story of a father passing his power to his son in animal kingdom. Could it because the family changed the God Father at that time?


TV series <History Weapon> in 2010’s talked about how a father and son run a History Weapon business. CIA changed many TV programs talking about history using remote mind control. Could it because they are trying to rewrite history by using the new weapon?


If they want to rewrite CIA’s history, what would they do? Is there any CIAs who are still dreaming we could be allowed to be alive when the boss is trying to delete evidence of what had happened?


Could the super power in CIA really care about public panic when they use killing to educate?

The only excuse the super power gave for not allowing massive media report of the two secret technologies: remote surgery and remote mind control, was “PUBLIC will be PANIC.” “People will be crazy.” 

How many CRAZY PEOPLE have been created when they are talking about PUBLIC PANIC?

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