CIA indicated to me that many youngsters including native American and ethnic minority international students were used in their projects, which are actually killing people around the world in the name of education. Those youngsters did not know they were brain damaged (by electromagnetic remote surgery) and they are being used by a family controlled FIRM, in which decisions were made by the boss himself. In very few occasions of voting, there were no thorough discussions ahead, no reasonable reasons were given on the votes, making mind controlled robots helpers of the King of the CIA mind control FIRM.


Protests of students can never change anything, as Hitler was not changed by any protests in history. Recently, the FIRM stopped allowing students to contact Journalism related subjects, indicating massive killing is closer, as the boss did not change his original Plan: killing all those who participated in the projects as what they did in other CIA notorious projects. The only possible purpose of hiding secrets is to kill people with no cost to the real boss themselves. Students and other people who know the two secret technologies: remote surgery and remote mind control, can be killed much more easily if less people outside the FIRM know about the two secret technologies. Slaves inside that FIRM should be united to fight against the keeping secret policy for saving lives. One common goal can unite everyone.

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