When I suggested that the CIA employees should expose the two secret technologies: Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control to save lives, they indicated to me that they will do that until …. I believe they are waiting for “enough people being turned into morons”.


There are many people around me had been turned into morons already. Many people inside CIA mind control FIRM are also brain damaged. Most baby boys and baby girls in all countries were turned into morons: human-robots who can not function as normal people as they lost the capability of thinking.


CIA mind control FIRM indicated that they are waiting for the accomplishment of certain projects. Those are all lies. They are only waiting for 80% population become man-made morons. The remote brain surgeries are being carried out by machines automatically. The speed of remote brain surgery is astonishing.


Is there any human or human robot who is not 100% morons inside that CIA mind control FIRM and who has a little bit sense of social responsibility? What do you want the next generation to think of you as? Should human kind encourage such vicious behaviors?


The problem is those CIA employees are following their feelings rather than their logics to make decisions. They feel not good when they think about exposing secret. They could not remember those negative feelings are inputted by the boss to stop them from doing things that could save their lives and other innocent people’s lives.

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