Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

CIA spy technology being used for Nanotechnology mind control and nervous system implants.

The CIA is America's Counter Intelligence Agency so we can all agree they would fund the invention of technology that would be used in field operatives (spies) that would offer undetectable two-way communication as well as visual, and would absolutely be the agency to fund scientific research in the development of nanotechnology implants and would also have delved into a nervous system implant that would offer substantial pain control to field operatives in cases of interrogation. The flip side to that is they can also use that same technology in a MKULTRA-Milgram style mind control experiments which were already once funded by the CIA allowing them 24-hr surveillance and contact with all TI's and the ability to induce extreme pain including headaches and Abu Ghraib style 24h auditory assault . If America already has a missile with a targeting system that can be aimed at the front door of a building from across the world (patriot missile) ones natural conclusion would absolutely be that this same range would be needed for field operatives nanotechnology spyware. 

My question is why use anything they would have to be situated on your block to beam at you?

I point out I have already given my opinion on gang stalking that they are hired to up the fear factor and create the surreal feeling of this entire situation.  

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