CIA had isolated me for years. They had arranged fake classmates (two) to meet me previously. I believe they also used a fake me to meet my real classmates. They planned to kill most colleagues who know me well after killing me. They also planned to kill my family in order to use a fake one to replace me after killing me.


The tycoon family member CIA real boss did not suffer. He is not desperate to expose secrets about the two technologies that are being used to threat and take countless number of ordinary people’s lives. Only part of the tycoon family members know the two secret technologies (Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control). If they all know the feelings of remote brain surgery and the feelings of being remotely mind controlled, they might not support hiding the secrets of the two technologies what the CIA real boss is doing. The legacy is only for the tycoon family member CIA real boss, not for anyone else. Most CIA mind control FIRM employees will be killed as the killing process being carried out is for collecting evidence to justify deleting them later.


CIA employees can either choose following the rules and orders to kill the victims continuously followed by being killed themselves, or doing something to make the good things (everyone knows the secrets) happen that could save their lives and other ordinary humankind lives.


My brain is severely damaged, when CIA mind control FIRM is pretending they did brain surgery on me is for demonstrating the surgery to me rather than for serving the tycoon family members who are going to kill me and all CIA mind control employees later. Recording the process of killing me is to justify killing the CIA mind control FIRM employees later. What else would you do if you want to delete those who know your family had killed two presidents of United States?

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