*CONCRETE EVIDENCE* Vedic sound research

One of the best places to draw up study is vedic sounds.  These people have used sounds letters and syllables to change and rework the mind to the base level which is primal and agressive.  This sound manipulation has been used on a large scale through rap music.  These syllables and sounds have basic rules that cannot be broken.  Much of the rap music on television today that was made to manipulate peoples minds has used a technology we see in targeting ti's and changing and or brainwashing the people through changing the root sounds.  These root sounds that should follow rules according to 6000 year old Vedas gurus are broken through rap music that is made by this manipulative technology that CIA and LSD researchers with extremely advanced technology that target the pineal gland for reasons of having the people under a state of natural perfection.  These people who target tis and the massive population are using this technology to initiate a new state of natural selection.  This artifical way to attain natural selection by an organism called the population is what these swiss and german nazis would seek to achieve.  These peoples "advanced" theorys on what natural selection does is tied together with their research on LSD and the manipulation of sound to make the population reproduce in a way that would attain perfection that nature seeks to achieve.  This is the central idea of these people targeting individuals and the population.  The best way to prove that massive amounts of people were targeted is to start looking where LANGUAGE needs to follow these RULES through VEDIC STUDIES and cannot be broken without extensive language training and written languages that only come to fruit through time, not an overnight creation of "RAP MUSIC."  This rap music on the radio breaks the rules of breath and vowel and character sound written in vedas.  Thats your best bet on breaking any case and bringing government agencies to their knees.  

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