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Just wondering if all of you face the same problem with constant threats to your income.  I work in a country where there is no dole, so we HAVE to make money to survive . On practically a daily and nightly basis, I am CONSTANTLY faced with threats by my perps to my income, despite the fact that I earn on a commission basis only.  At the end of May, one of my candidates was offered a role, which he accepted on the Friday, and I was overjoyed, because this would have meant R120 000.00 into my bank account, which meant everything to me, however my perps reminded me that they had promised that this deal (as with all other deals since 2012, would NOT go through, and that they would do whatever it takes to ensure I earned NOTHING, IF THEY HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT.  On the Monday morning, my perps came to me in a very SMUG manner to inform me 5 minutes before I received communication from my candidate, that the deal was off, they connected their brain to mine, in the most sadistic manner imaginable, to tell me how happy they suddenly were!! It turned out that they must have used every mind control technique imaginable to change my candidates mind, and that they must have been watching him in the 5 minutes before he sent us communication via his cell phone, where he communicated that he had decided over the weekend to decline the job offer made to him, for one that would pay him much less per anum.

I was shocked, and extremely disappointed, I sobbed for at least an hour, as it meant that I have not earned a cent of income into my bank account from all the work I have put into these placements, apart from the fact that for 2015, I earned less than the minimum wage from my placements, due to their interference.

They have interfered with my income to the point where they have blocked in the region of 3 quarters of a million rand into my account over the last 6 years.  This week again, when one of my candidates went for a job interview, they deliberately connected into my brain again, and severely tortured me for the entire hour of the interview, letting me know in NO uncertain terms, that they  were out ‘to get me again’

Today, while I took a break from working, to go to the toilet, I was reminded in the toilet, that my colleague, that I work with, is ‘fed up’ with me, as I’m not bringing in money.

This means that they are violating the right to privacy of corporate clients, my candidates and my colleagues, which means that no companies or individuals out there have ANY right to privacy, as their business dealings are being interfered with as well as mine.  What does this mean for the economies of our countries, why should my candidates fail to get jobs that would make a massive difference to their incomes, and why should I be denied the right to earn a decent income?  I am a law abiding citizen of my country, South Africa, so why are they so determined to destroy me, to make me lose everything I’ve built up over my entire lifetime.

This they do to me, while reminding me, that they are using the money THEY EARN from destroying MY LIFE, to take out investments for THEMSELVES INSTEAD.

It is the heart and soul of evil that is working against every single genuine TI, this is what we have to come to terms with, and we have to fight them with the heart and soul of GOD ALMIGHTY, it is the only way to WIN, and WIN WE WILL!!

God Bless to all my friends and fellow warriors on this site, and to all genuine TI’s around the world. 

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Im sorry to hear of this major difficulty GG. I know that for some reason the perps attack our employment status. They did it with me to the point that they had me harassed and violated out of employment until l could no longer keep trying new jobs. Im not sure if it was an income or lifestyle attack but lm aware that most Tls can not work because of the attacks. The manipulation you describe with your clients lm not surprised by. The upper perps can manipulate and destroy any advance in life you try to make and for some reason a major zone is our income. My pension benefit claims were initially rejected and l know it was them behind it. I had to play major schizophrenic illness to get a review and somehow succeeded and received a pension but it is minimal and without my mum ld be homeless as many Tls. In your country not having that option puts you in a very vulnerable position. What do ppl with disabilities do in your country? Is there literally zero benefits for them? Can you think of something more independent like housesitting? Dogwalking? Babysitting might be a good one? I know it would be a big downstep in income but maybe an alternative. I hope this situation gets better for you.

Thanks Sue, unlike the US, we cannot survive on house-sitting, babysitting etc, our expenses here are very high (we don't have public transport, but have to have cars, plus petrol etc)  That alone costs a fortune, our electricity is very high, our food is very expensive, we wouldn't be able to support ourselves for a week on that.  We literally HAVE to work, or live in shack, with no water or electricity.  It is a very sadistic move on the part of my perps, but they earn money from every extra trial they put me through. I've just taken a tablet to calm me down, but thanks for the support.

If they continue to attack your income all l can think of is that you consider moving to another country with disability pension. I know your family is in sth africa and you wouldnt want to move from them but it may be in your best interst financially and for your future. They can force us into corners we dont want to be in but we just have to for our welfare.

Thanks Sue, God is on my side, and I believe he has a plan for my life, that includes a glorious future, these agents of destruction have no power over God, it is the other way around.  I agree with Warren, that when we get very negative with our perps, we create a negative energy field in ourselves, and that is not good for us, we have to think of what is best for our own energy at the time.

Gods Grace,
Wayne here so very sad to hear that your perps have just made another very big attack against you and every other born again KJV Bible believing Christian. Boy Gods Grace its seems they have you truly in the line of sight. I wish we could have spoke to each other before this big account deal with your new candidates, I could have prayed knowing the time and  of the meetings importance of your livelihood and through Jesus Christ and his angels and saints with his blood made the impact with many different outcomes. As I have said in the past Gods Grace I am your brother in Jesus Christ. This will not change.
As for your country South Africa and the many different types of cults and witch doctors voodoo and the hate for the Christian who loves Jesus and the Bible I am fighting a similar battle here in Calistoga California. In 2013 I meet with President Randy Thomasson of on my TV Show with an interview on the California Prop8 Marriage ballot in California. I and Randy spoke of the California voters being cheated out of their votes twice, and the Judge Walker was a homosexual himself who should have not been the judge since he was gay / homosexual and was in a relationship at the time of the most important Law Court Case in the United State Of America since its birth. Orlando Pulse Killing in made my perps who are provocateurs deceivers in our midst make the many different Christian churches make known there Biblical understandings of this mass killing. A number of Christian churches came out in the News saying that what had happened in Orlando was a positive and in line with biblical scripture, for the lifestyles that the homosexual lives.
So I have been under attack myself being a defender of family and marriage ( one man one woman only ) and my perps use technologies Gwen Towers Satellites from San Francisco to bombard my home and continue to persecute me in front of all my surrounding neighbors.
As you may know and understand those churches mentioned above, believe in there church What the Believe homosexuality is not forgiven, as in my Book Razor of Madness I explain my life of the street as a 14yrs old survival in San Francisco Tenderloin Market Street district and my prostitution. I never felt or like the feelings but it was survival. I expose many stories of the Jails state mental hospitals and there paving the way for homosexuality in our communities sates and cities.
So Gods Grace my gangstalkers and perps have been at full strength, in there consistent attacks on how they are being bragagouises about what many churches are having to deal with because with this last Orlando Pulse Gay Bar mass murder. My perps and there cabal SF Tenderloin and City Hall and glowing in the light of there setting up the dividing of the churches who feel homosexuality can or cannot be forgiven, and I Wayne Morin Jr am once again SMACK dab in the middle do to the provocateurs. 
In Jesus Christ Services
Wayne Morin Jr
Razor of Madness: 'Balances Won' (Volume 1) Paperback – Large Print...


Wayne Morin Jr
To Gods Grace
                             The Book of Psalm's and Proverbs should be comfort you sister. I will be praying for you.
                              If there is anything or a request please message me. The devil is having a ( hatday )
                              In Jesus Christ Service

God's Grace said:

Thanks Sue, unlike the US, we cannot survive on house-sitting, babysitting etc, our expenses here are very high (we don't have public transport, but have to have cars, plus petrol etc)  That alone costs a fortune, our electricity is very high, our food is very expensive, we wouldn't be able to support ourselves for a week on that.  We literally HAVE to work, or live in shack, with no water or electricity.  It is a very sadistic move on the part of my perps, but they earn money from every extra trial they put me through. I've just taken a tablet to calm me down, but thanks for the support.

I believe that the homosexual the murder the whore the thief the blasphemer the necromancer the astrologer the can all be forgiven.
In Jesus Christ Service
Wayne Morin Jr

and the child molester even.
If you only new what I go through every single day cat cat.
As a woman that has knowledge of the net facebook twitter and spelling and an education, you know the word excommunicated sounds like and means, my life said and done Why I ask from a child why I ask,
There are these type programs also.
No wife family children no girlfriends only to be turned against me.
Anyway cat cat hope that helps.  

cat cat
You'll always be a cat cat

In Jesus Christ Service

Spot on Gods grace! All hate/anger and neg thoughts in general create a negative energy within and around you so strive to stay positive despite their efforts to bring you down.

I can't honestly say what God will and will not forgive, I know what the bible says, however I don't think homosexuals due to their sexuality are doing anyone any harm.  I can't speak on God's behalf, however this is what I found online (when they say death in this respect, they mean spiritual death): 

What is the fate of one who does not repent of this sin? The unrepentant will die in a lake of fire at the end of the age (Matthew 10:28; Revelation 20:14-15). It’s not that one sin is more terrible than another is, but rather that any sin we don’t repent of will result in death. Hebrews 6:4-6 and Hebrews 10:26-27 both mention this sin as well, warning us not to “fall away” or to “sin willfully.” How does one know if he has crossed the point of no return?

So long as one desires to repent, to get his or her life back in order spiritually, God will always forgive. Sadly, it is possible to come to a state of not caring about and not looking for forgiveness. If there’s no repentance, there can be no forgiveness. That’s when a person is in danger of the unforgivable sin. A person can come to that place either by simply drifting away or by sharply turning away from God in angry hostility.

At any time, God can and will forgive the sin of departing from Him, if the sinner wants forgiveness and genuinely repents. God inspired John to write, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9). Clearly, God will extend mercy to all who sincerely repent and change—regardless of their sin.

However, I really wonder if one can willfully sin for the better part of your life, and at the end of one's life, ask for forgiveness, and it will be given. Just my personal opinion, otherwise why did Jesus come to earth? He might as well have just watched us destroy each other, for want of knowing better.  We were given the 10 commandments, not just so that some of us would follow them, and the rest could ignore them, but so that we would know better. HE knows when your repentance is genuine or not, for the psychopaths out there, who have no ability or desire to truly repent, and who do so, thinking they can 'trick' God into forgiving them, remember that the bible says that fewer rather than more, will be chosen to be saved from everlasting death.  The earth is leased to us in a way, but is owned by God Almighty - that's how I understand the scriptures, and we are to do as he says, on this place he owns. It also says in the bible that certain people will have their eyes and ears closed to the truth of the scriptures, so I've always wondered if that means that God has decided at that point, that they have willfully sinned to the degree, that they have crossed a line of no return? Just a thought.

GG God says to Moses in Romans 9:15 "I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.". Hes not a black and white God. He bases His forgiveness on more than obedience. He knows our hearts. He forgave and blessed Saul when Saul was persecuting His people.

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