• videos from the conference can be viewed here

  • it's "upper half", which you have been corrected about before   '51' is in the upper percentages   the surgery scars are there in my photos and nobody else seems to have any difficulty comprehending this reality   but under-'lying' all this ridiculous stretching to find a counter-charge is the fact that even deca calls you a troll, and your intrusion with laughably irrelevant 'charges' do not deflect from all the lies for which deca owes this community some explanation

    to keep repeating "upper percentages" like it has significance after you have been corrected is typically  flagrant stupidity   all you are doing by adding on this pitiful b-s is tarnish deca and duncan by association, and in fact i owe quite a lot to your sociopathic incompetence in learning all that - thanks!   (although, the links lebowski posted did help a lot :-)

    also quite humerous are the circumstances under which, after having been accused yourself by more than the dozen members i've listed previously, you now accuse me of being a perp:  in other words, you only now reverse your ludicrously improbable self-serving contention that "there are no trolls here!"  comedy hour!

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