Current CIA internal system is the reason for all the bad things CIA told me there is no democracy in that CIA mind control institute. There is no open discussion, no open reasonings, and no voting with reasons inside that CIA institute even after so many bad things already happened to CIA employees and people outside CIA as the super-power does not want to talk about the important issue and keep distracting people from what is really happening using CIA made lies. That is the reason CIA can only make bad things happen and could never make anything really good happen except a few phony shows by using the current CIA system. The super-power inside CIA who can do whatever they want is the reason that the super-power does not want to allow ordinary people to use the two secret technologies to help human kind instead of killing and damaging human as what is happening everyday.


A typical lying procedure in CIA is using the following logic: Because A+B+C ==> D, therefore A+B==>D and A+B+E ==>D


The only “knowledge” CIA employees learned in that institute is How to Fool Other People. That of course is for doing bad things because doing good things do not need to be fooled. People can be educated to understand doing good things to others would benefit themselves. Many people don’t know doing bad things to others would damage themselves.


Majority people are good people. But CIA was educated to believe majority people are bad and extremely selfish who do not care about what is happening to others. People can be fooled to think someone else may take care of those things as most people did not know there are people who are using the most advanced technologies to do bad things on purpose. Advanced technologies should have been controlled by educated people who are excellent in moral and knowledge.


The reason they use middle school students instead of well- educated and experienced adult is because youngsters can be fooled more easily than adult. Turning normal healthy people intro human-robot is also for the same purpose.

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