Those who created remote mind control and remote surgery experimental targets secretly are ONLY murders. They can demonstrate to countless number of human-beings focused electromagnetic remote surgery and remote mind control technologies at same time. They didn't risk their lives to do that. They are ONLY murders. They helped the American Mafia family to pretend to be American Government by using the focused electromagnetic remote surgery and remote mind control technologies that would also be used to kill themselves to keep the secrets and keep family control as what that tycoon family did in the last 50 years. Not everybody who used the technologies are on the toppest. EVIL IS VICIOUS TO EVERYBODY. However those selected genetic morons still do not believe they would also be murdered to keep family control. They are dreaming they could be treated better than President of the United States-President Johnson who had been murdered after helping that tycoon family to hide secrets about murdering President Kennedy.

The vicious cycle started from mind control technicals who didn't believe "EVIL IS VICIOUS TO EVERYBODY" the simplest rule of nature. That is why they helped the mafia family to pretend to be Government and National Institute, so that the trillionair/billionair Americans whose family murdered President Kennedy could use government as their shelter when killing mind control slaves inside and outside Prison, disabled and not disabled, to hide secrets to keep family control.

Not living for betterness of whole humankind WOULD BE anti-humankinds, who sacrifice whole humankind to extend a few hours of their own lives. Anti-humankinds choose to be murdered after hiding rather than after fighting for the whole humankind against very few (less than 100 number) billionair Americans whose family involved in killing President Kennedy in 1964. 

Please remember to do the following 3 things after the secrets about Focused Electromagnetic Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control being exposed to each and everybody on earth, by the time most of us might have been murdered mentally or physically: (1) Ask for doing the same surgeries on those who enabled focused electromagnetic Remote Surgery on others secretly, especially on the boss who really made decisions; (2) Build memorial buildings in every country for those who were murdered or disabled due to exposing the electromagnetic mind control secrets, engraving stories of those heroes on walls to encourage youngsters to do the right things; (3) Delete names of bad ones who did bad things to humankind from school names, buildings and other places. Use numbers to place bad ones' names in human history. For instance, use Evil 001 in the 2nd World War to replace Adolf Hitler; Use Evil 001 in mind control Crisis to replace Rockefeller if Rockefeller family had been controlling Mind Control FIRM is true.  

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