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I have seen how people in the psychiatric community view TIs. It is sad and it makes me angry. Not only that, some patients with mental disorders who have symptoms that could be either from electronic harassment and mind control, or a mental illness, or one causes the other - even a lot of these people deny that there is a real set of programs run covertly that target people with mind control.

I will post a few comments from a popular mental health forum posted to someone who had started topics about TIs.

"You are not being targeted. This is a delusion you are suffering from. Please stop posting this stuff here."

"I wish I felt so special that I thought gigantic world organizations spend a lot of their time and resources on me and my daily life."

(I guess that person never heard of MK Ultra that DID spend a lot of time and resources on a lot of people.)

"You should seek professional help for these bizarre thoughts."

"This is delusional thinking. Locking this to prevent more of this unhealthy garbage being spewed here."

What will happen if some of these people are really targeted and it isn't a delusion? They will be convinced they are sick by a doctor and be pumped full of powerful psychiatric drugs that make you tired, overweight and sexually dysfunctional. Some of them might get so severe they have to go on disability, get paid around $700 a month and never be able to have assets over $2000. It makes you wonder if the programs aren't designed that if you don't make it and pass the tests they will drive you crazy enough that you will get diagnosed mentally ill, become disabled and lose a lot of opportunities for employment, advancement, home ownership and things like that.

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Robin Goode said:

A Marie did not claim that every TI is RH negative, or anything like it - only that R negatives are more likely to be targeted. The abundant documentation on Freemason links to secretive vigilante operations (and online manipulation of data flow) means that this area does involve "facts and evidence and real research", and for anyone to call bloodline investigations 'disinformation' looks suspiciously trollish. Permalink Reply by deca 2 hours ago

eh not every TI is RH negative ...can we now stick to the facts and evidence and real research and not get suckered into all the misinformation/disinformation that is spread on the internet
again I think you believe you are being personally persecuted for something that YOU have done or by some  other reason your blood type etc ....
again this is were you have to understand the psychology of these program

Psychological methods used during interrogations
Psychological methods used during interrogation are those that cause disruptions
of the senses or personality, without causing physical pain or leaving any visible
physical sequelae. These non-physical methods are many and their use is
widespread. They include:
sleep deprivation;
solitary confinement;
fear and humiliation;
severe sexual and cultural humiliations;
the use of threats and phobias to induce fear of death or injury;
use of other ‘‘techniques’’ such as forced nudity, exposure to cold
temperatures, light deprivation, etc.
The US Department of State, in its
Country Reports on Human Rights
Practices 2004
quotes a report by the US Committee for Human Rights listing
various psychological methods which it describes as torture:
[M]ethods of torture included ... prolonged periods of exposure; humilia-
tions such as public nakedness; confinement to small ‘‘punishment cells,’’ in
which prisoners were unable to stand upright or lie down, where they could be
held for several weeks; being forced to kneel or sit immobilized for long
Although many examples mentioned here will be from the context of US
detention in the so-called ‘‘global war on terror’’, there are many other contexts in
which ‘‘aggressive psychological techniques’’ amounting to torture are likewise
used or have been used. Harsh techniques employed by the East German secret
police or ‘‘Stasi’’, for example, have been documented since the fall of the German
Democratic Republic. The use of various forms of humiliation, degrading
treatment, threats, hunger and cold, isolation and other psychological methods
during interrogations was found to cause ‘‘persisting and paranoid anxieties, re-
arousable by specific situations; persecution dreams, mood disturbances, suicidal
tendencies, and shattering of confidence’’.
As pointed out above, consideration must be given not only to what is
done to a person, but to the overall situation and circumstances and the individual
susceptibilities and vulnerabilities. The ethnic and religious contexts certainly have
to be taken into account. Any of these factors will of necessity be subjective and
case-related. The discussion of torture cannot merely be narrowed down to ‘‘acts
causing pain and suffering’’ in an abstract sense.
Apart from the psychological methods which cause disruption of the
senses and personality, there are other methods used during interrogations which
in themselves are not deemed to be a form of psychological torture. They could be
termed ‘‘minor’’ or ‘‘innocuous’’ methods; they can, however, become coercive if
used over prolonged lengths of time. These ancillary methods can also produce a
situation of duress that can in fact amount to a form of cruel, inhuman and
degrading treatment, and in some cases even torture. They are considered later on
in this paper.

Psychological effects of torture
Torture in general, meaning the use of psychological and/or physical methods of
torture, has been shown to have ‘‘destructive health consequences on detainees’’.
The use of these methods in many ways makes detainees feel responsible for what
is happening to them, inducing feelings of fear, shame, guilt and grief, as well as
intense humiliation.
On a more clinical scale, victims of psychological torture
present symptoms associated with anxiety disorders. These symptoms are
described further on and undoubtedly cause disruption of the senses and
personality as stated by Physicians for Human Rights. The many negative effects
on health of psychological torture have been documented widely by others as
It has thus been proven that psychological methods can be extremely
coercive, constitute torture and be unlawful. The first UN Special Rapporteur

Thanks for the link deca ,yes I read that months ago and learnt from it. I have been paralized from waist down on holiday and my face was burnt up purposely to see how my skin repaired itself.

I have just posted a few words about what I experienced over the last years in my own blog. In my opinion it is purely experimental PSI by one single(!) PSI-group.

In my opinion this purely telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol by a turkish experimental PSI-Group from Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg. I am observing it since many years. It is not the action of a single telepathic mind at a time.

They condition themselves also by forms of heavy sleep deprivation. One has to understand what it means and in what it results if a small telepathic group keeps themselves awake for weeks. I can tell the whole story about it.

By the way, the heavy PSI-Terror one could perceive in the night from Saturday to Sunday was exactly this turkish group from Heidelberg. One characteristic of this disturbing Psycho-terror is name "Kemal Kilic" or "Memet Kilic" being repeated over hours again and again.

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So...I get up one morning and all of a sudden they change my program completely I mean everything .....I get running nose, especially when I eat they send it all the time ...they are reading my thought's through my throat....I heard it before but I didn't believe it but NOW is happening to me ....when I walk they changed my vision, They give my crooked eyes my vision is so weird and feels like I see 10 people at the same time till I go really close...I have 20/20 vision very sharp vision but…See More
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