Dispelling Disinformation with Frankness


There are some fascinating observations in this account, which most targeted individuals would never have the opportunity to appreciate. I am only able to do so due to having to relocate from time to time, and am thus able to observe how my targeting is abruptly modified, and adapted to the respective environments - but not always with total success as outlined below.


This latest rather interesting episode applies to the period from 26th to 28th October. I was recently in America for a few months, but set off for Europe on the first of two long haul flights on 26th October, shortly after my harassment dosage had been stepped up. I´d previously maintained my body assaults could be more accurately described as irritating as opposed to painful. The reason is that like many, I´d already experienced much pain in dealing with other situations at other times in my life, so tended to deliberate before describing any of this no-touch torture as real physical pain. Now I have changed my viewpoint in that regard. I experienced true physical pain on and off during those two days and nights. Indeed, it was sheer hell on occasions during the trip in question. Whatever energy beams they usually fire at my body were upped by at least a couple of notches. I may well have upset the ¨¨Thought Police¨¨.  Who knows?

But there IS staff on the ground in operation. Gang Stalking has NOT been disbanded with, and cannot be. The reasons for that are highlighted by aspects of this personal experience, which took place over a period of two to three days. I travelled from two quite different and distant places in America, across to the United Kingdom and then on to my final destination abroad, which was the house already described in some of my references previously. The whole journey lasted from early Tuesday morning to early Thursday morning, plus six hours´ time difference. There were body assaults throughout, although with varying intensities. These had generally been stepped up as previously outlined. There was sound harassment almost throughout, but intermittently, with no pattern which might help one establish why the signal should diminish, or come and go. This related to what is frequently described by TIs as  ¨¨ringing in the ears¨¨. Then on arrival at my final destination, I was treated to the usual assortment of supplementary sounds, a variety of which I´d been exposed to in America. But now comes the interesting bit.  The sounds are now so faint here that I can hardly perceive them at all. They are at times almost inaudible.  Indeed, they appear to be so distant that I really have to strain for my ear to perceive some of those same previous sounds, which in any case always come across like recordings. The reason can only be due to having increased, and repositioned previous surveillance points at and around the house. That is all that has changed at this particular location. So this means that sounds ARE transmitted locally by perps or stalkers close by, probably using a microwave or other similar weapon. In that case, they must have been forced to move to another hideout nearby by changes in my surveillance, which would account for the reason as to why I hardly perceive them now. Yup, even my tinnitus has magically disappeared, though I do realize it will return when I move again. But is that not inevitable? The conspiracy may be designed to retain prisoners in electronic captivity worldwide, but there will at times be inevitable differences in social and living standards, as well as environmental conditions from place to place, depending on the location, and depending on where some targets choose to relocate. My situation is that I have always travelled, always integrated, and always learned the language of the host culture. Indeed, English is my second language. Hence, I am all the more difficult to control as a target, and that becomes perfectly clear the more I progress through the remainder of my miserable existence.  Long may it continue is all I say!  Good God! One can but imagine the problems they must have with me. I have just breezed in from a normal cosmopolitan environment and have literally joined the rank and file in the third world, all in a couple of days. The great irony is that my targeting reached an all-time peak around 2005 in Europe, at this very same primitive setting. In retrospect, I can now appreciate that it had obviously been set up by local perps nearby, after I´d purchased the dilapidated house, but prior to my arrival and moving in here. Interestingly, Julianne McKinney’s revelations included details of this phase of concentrated stalking of a target prior to being subjected to more extreme doses of electronic harassment subsequently. That rings a bell. Now several years later with camera and alarm surveillance installed, the remote house turns out to be the most favorable option all-round, and even worldwide. The irony of ironies! The reasoning behind this is now clear though. There is absolutely never going to be any kind of defense in the city, which is embedded in, and surrounded by, a strategically positioned electronic network of ominous and immense proportions. However, this old house is situated in a remote village, where some of the neighboring houses do not even have electricity connected, and there are as many donkeys on the old track roads as broken-down old cars. Sounds like utopia for a TI, doesn´t it? Moreover, there are sometimes several power cuts on a weekly basis. That then means that by driving the perpetrators further afield with my surveillance, they have relatively few alternative options to compensate. I really do treasure every minute of it at present, but not only that, I can educate myself as to what is actually taking place generally, purely by observing and drawing simple comparisons. The harassment is still present. Of course it is. It will always be present, but it is extremely superficial, and much less of a threat. I feel in total control here at this precise moment, whilst I was losing it not so long ago. The dreaded sound harassment is now almost zero as previously outlined, and the body assaults are much tamer than during my recent journey here, which was an absolute nightmare.

But now I do know that those idiotic representatives of the corrupt elite actually exist.

I also know that it is only our fear that they are able to feed off. Without that, they would wither away and no longer exist. But they are on a loser with me. I feel no fear. After all, how can one fear death when there is no life?  

So there are, and will always be, scum devoid of scruples required at street level. That does not mean to say that activities such as street theatre are actually taking place. Each individual targeted has his or her own experience to relate. For my part, I have never experienced street theatre in the city for example. Hence, I do not know whether the alleged ploys supposedly executed by a gang of stalkers using one-handed sign language, etc, relate to reality or just to the widespread disinformation program in operation. That is not the kind of gang stalking I refer to, but rather the covert side of the crime, as outlined above. That has presumably always existed, but what is 100% certain is that it DOES exist as an essential cog in the wheel of the targeting mechanism deployed on me. So how did they transmit the assortment of personalized sounds to me in an apartment setting in America? Well, it´s obvious that other apartments nearby are set up to carry out particular parts of the harassment, as confirmed by many Organized Stalking websites. The example at the house in a remote village means it can be related to an apartment setting in the city in the same way, but with greater ease as the options are relatively unlimited. So there we have it. Gang stalking not only exists, but is still as widespread as one has always suspected. The only problem here is defining gang stalking. It has never been defined during recent exchanges of communication on this site. I won´t attempt to define it here either, but will just verify that a form of it does exist in my case, and probably in the case of every genuine TI, in one way or another.

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