Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

She is the creator of and has been unheard from on that site since mid last year. I am worried about her. If anyone knows she is ok please advise.


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I have tried contacting Soleilmavis who hasn´t been heard of here at PP since in January. The member and moderator Goscott here at PP. I cannot even find as a member anymore...I do not know what has happened? We need to stay in touch, so that we know things are ok.//Annie
i have been trying since OCT-2010 to contact her.  i have not heard anything.

I talked to Monica in September or October 2010 for my membership approval in on the phone. She told me that she was studying some bio engineering course in a university outside a city (Antwerp, perhaps?).

And she also said its better to stay in countryside, away from all the cell towers. She was friendly though she talked to me for the first time. She also said I could call her again as TIs should be in contact all the time.


Later in December, I had some problem with my membership due accidentally deleted it.

I called her again, she sounded agitated on the phone by asking me how i could have deleted it.

The problem was not fixed, and again I called her to find out, she was angry and uttered some words

which I couldn't remember now and just hung up.   Between October  & December, she sounded like

2 different persons.  I guessed perps must have caused hell of torture to her.

I checked the online Antwerp newspaper obituaries and found nothing. 

I also checked and also found nothing.

My searches were not comprehensive and should not be relied upon, but had I found anything, we would have had something to work with.  I think Monika also was on a site called FEDAME, which had problems last year too.

It is importantly interesting that this site's administrator is also suddenly and strangely quiet. 

It would be too easy to work up a conspiracy theory about it.  So - what we seem to know so far is that for a Targeted Individual, achieving real success in countering Monika's "Singularity" leads to Mysterious SUDDEN DISAPPEARANCE !!!

Let's hope its only temporary.



TI CHI, I agree, it is strange that also Soleilmavis, who always, as long as I have been a member here has been active every day with her posts, all of a sudden is quiet. Lets hope she´s ok and that we hear from her soon again.//Annie 

Yes Soleil being away is very strange also.

Monika Stoces was also really active on the front of this issue, she did have a website called Fedame org which highlights her involvment on this issue.

Now as far as we know she has not been heard from since last year.

Thanks for checking obituaries.

The people who I believe she was friends with are not responding to me.

Hopefully we hear from them soon.


I also remembered Monica told me in October 2010 on the phone that she needed to clear the spams (a lot pharma advertisements and car insurance ads) and also she paid up the whole year of charges.


Looking at this development, if both of them don't manage the sites Peacepink and MCVictimsWorldwide soon enough,

other victims who want to join as members will not have any access to join.

And membership numbers will not grow.


But still maintain the sites due charges already paid for full year.


Hmmm...where does that lead us to ?

This is really not good. I advice any here at the forum who has Soleilmavis emailadress or phonenr to contact her and check out if she´s ok. And, as LIM SC said, where does this lead us?! It really would be bad if this community all of a sudden had to close down. Most people have not their added friends mailadresses and then we will all be back to zero again and have lost all our contacts. And I havent seen any new member joining lately. Thats why it is so important that we work together, that all of us help out and stay in touch with eachother etc.//Annie

It would be possible for one or more us us to start a new paying NING (or other free site) and migrate legitimate members and possibly some past content from the older sites.   It is not hard to do.

Another channel of communication might be advisable also.  Perhaps a telephone tree based on Skype, for example?

We need to become a social network with no single point of failure, like the Internet was designed to be by DARPA.


If you remember Greenpeace crisis well enough, the govertnment spy infiltrated the organisation at the very top level and forced through its campaign of corruption and later blowed the whistle.

In another campaign agianst French nuclear testing in South Pacific, a female French spy worked inside the Greenpeace team and planted bombs underneath Greenpeace very own ship "Rainbow" used in the campaign to stop French warship and sank it at the nuclear testing site during the operation in South Pacific.

International community started to question integrity of the organisation because of the corruption and money frauds and the violent acts. That did the job to discrediting the organisation. 



its super odd that both soleil and monika go missing.

if you are really curious, you can pay 1 dollar on people finding websites for a one person or 24 hour pass

this will give you their phone number and address and more, including email address

just put people finding websites on any search browser

there is one more administrator who is missing also

it makes no sense

they wouldnt be targets because absolutely nothing gets accomplished by any of the members on these sights

members post the stupidest shit about conspiracy theories and aliens and cia and fbi and nano technology and stuff

and dick cheney and the new world order, these are just the posts i've seen in the last month


lets make a bet


post something on peacepink about super secret ultra high tech conspiracy involving select members of congress in an attempt to take over the majority of the u.s. business market


or a virtual reality thought controlled sex toy


or aliens from the nebulai galaxy repeatedly bombing earth-secret air force files


or the new world order being behind the arizona politician shooting


i bet you'll get at least five comments


check out tree laws posts, you have to get on drugs, go without sleep for eight days then do five hits of acid to even come close to this dudes level of fucked up

and this dude can raise enough money for a billboard


we should raise money for ending our stuff by letting biotech companies and government orgainzations experiment on these dudes, then they can start another website for that and have no interest in ending it


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