Elderly American Mind Control technical garbage, who did surgery remotely previously, also did mind control forever ONLY MURDER, ONLY anti-humankind. Dr. Green and Dr. Green's Colleagues. U R ONLY MUDER forever, even after ur deaths. Do you agree with me?

Those anti-humankind elderly who damaged humankind for their power when they were young are anti-humankind forever, as they would repeat what they did previously. Do you agree with me?

Dr. Green and his colleagues who bullied teenagers and children for tens of years, would forever anti-humankind, as they would only repeat what they did when they were young. Do You agree with me?

Dr. Wilson Green, in charge of CIA Mind Control secret Projects in 60s-70s, married Eileen Rockefeller or Maggie Rockefeller? Any way they were married each other tycoon mafia family members. They are the key figures in that Tycoon Mafia family who murdered president Kennedy, President Johnson, over 900 Americans in Jonestown in 1978. They were evil previously, they are evil FOREVER. EVIL NEVER CHANGE THEMSELVES. RULES OF NATURE NO ONE COULD CHANGE.

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