Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I'd like to start a discussion that transcends emotional impact of this technology. It begins with the most basic abuses of privacy.

There are different types of privacy, there is the pysical privacy which is coveted by cultures and societies across the globe. It is the basic need to be alone in a urinal, or while engaged in sexual activity. The protection from intimate serches. Imagine the feeling of violation that is associated with unwelcomed hands pawing through your personal belongings, body parts or intimate possessions, yet our thoughts which are so much more dear than an article of clothing are now up for grabs to the highest bidder. There is the medical aspect, there is a short term report of 5% increase in cancers for exposure to this technology and the long term may very well be the cause of experiment. The unwarrented unauthorized testing on unwilling subjects.

 (I am reminded of the government funded irradaiated calcium and oatmeal experiments on orphans and mentally handicapped children to test the effects of radiation on physically healthy children which occured in many of our lifetimes, this isn't ancient history- there are many examples of united states government experimenting on citizens without knowlege or consent)

There is also the question of ethics and medical responsibility, medical privacy is being compromised and  fundamental decisions are being handled by third parties for the health and well being of citizens of this country. if the long term effects of said research have ill effects, how can we as citizens feel safe in our persons if our safety is at risk? If we experience illnesses or cancers we wouldn't have had otherwise as a result of this experiment there is the ultimate price that we pay with our live. Think momentarily on the medical and psychcological damage done, the state doesn't pay for the doctor bills,...there's a small drop in the bucket that's already overfull. The needless loss of life as people crumble under the pressure and ostricization from their community.

Think for one moment the number of people that aver that unseen people are haranging them and harrassing them, and they don't know why. They hear voices and are tageted individuals. They are permenantly labeled with a negative social stigma for physcologocial disorders and given misdianosis by unknowing health care professionals because the cause is a well protected secred. These people suffer the mental anguish not only from their attackers but also for the disbelief of their peers and their loved ones. Then they are administered drugs for said disorders that have long term effects and may impair the lives and health of the patients that wouldn't be there otherwise.

I believe that information has been illegally obtained in order to conduct the experiments. If a person's medical records were accessed without their consent, thats a violation of medical privacy. I believe PET scans were initally needed to target individuals in the early stages of experimentation. Then there's the violation of trust in medical authorities. Would anyone who has been violated in such a way, allow anyone access to their personal or medical infomation knowing it may be used to do them harm?

There is the absolute undermining of authority. The legal system is being sidestepped completely and all subjects are being denied equal protection under the law. There are laws being broken and they go unnpunished, the victims have no relief. No mediation or rememdy is provided.


There is also the potential abuse of intellectual property. In an era of information technology one would think the race to quell such a technology and regulate it would be paramount. The proclivity towards coersive bias in sensative decision making processes is evident. These people have demonstrated their lack of concern for life and liberty, no doubt exists that they would and have abuse(d) their powers. Are industrial secrets protected from unwanted intrusion and who stands to gain the most. What about political privacy, how are strategies protected and how do we know that the process is free from coersion? are (would-be) whistle blowers now subject to a lifetime of surveillance and extortion and persecurion?  


Are there safeguards inplace to assure that these individuals obey the laws themselves? Obviously not. and there is NO recourse for their arbitrary venom AND WANTON disregard for life or liberty.
The right to be left alone,...the most coveted right of all .Even tormented and abused animals have rights in this country. A dog that is continually beaten and degraded will ultimately mindlessly turn on their aggressors. At what point does a civilized intelligent individual break and we turn violently on those that would seek to crush their very spirt? The turning point happens unexpectedly and with great passion. These trangressions should not be tolerated and all peaceful resolutions should be sought before there is an explosion of public sentiment and outrage.

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Heather, Very good post. I totally (even if I have a bit of difficulties in understanding all yr "high level" english..)agree.

I have also given it a thought that they might be testing radiation during long term exposing. That is still an unknown area among the institutes, and for instance here in Sweden, there is a high pressure on getting evidence on whatever the radiation from mobilephones is as harmless as said or not. It´s quite unexplored still, due to the lack of history in this area.

I think they combine it all, the do all the test wanted and needed on us-the perfect object.  

There is a proffessor in Philosophy and Etics here is Sweden, Torbjörn Tännsjö,that claims that if in the future, we will be able to read eachothers thoughts, then we would get used to not have any privacy anymore, it´s just a matter of getting used to it, he claims. Now, one can wonder why he is bringing this subject up at all, since all the researchers in Brain science, totally deny that this is something the are investigating...




it's difficult for me to find the time to write and there are lots of distractions but I am passionate.

excuse the typos and spelling errors pls. didn't have time to edit. Between work and family I'm lucky to find five minutes.

I read from a book about Gastro Instestinal system, a lof of patients who suffer from leady gut - Crohn's disease in particular are made up of Caucasians due to allergy to wheat.  Could it be another experiment by scientists ?


I don't know how accurate that information is. I know Crohn's is very dangerous and causes internal bleeding.



GM food, and a lot more scientific inventions, people are confused now which is true culprit.  Back to nature and basic is the answer I think.

i already have. I'm on there. 

franko said:

I would advise anyone who is seriously seeking reprieve from these heinous practices and equal protection under the law to address your letters to the following people. This is the U.S. senate select committee on intelligence,: Diane Fienstein committee chairman out of California, John D Rockerfeller IV out of west Va, Ron Wyden Oregon, Barbara A Miluski Md., Russel D. Feingold Wi, Bill Nelson Florida, Sheldon Whitehouse RI., Christopher S Bond (vice chairman) Mo., Orrin Hatch UT, Olympia J Snow Ma., Saxby Chambiss Ga., Richard Burr NC., Tom Coburn Ok,Evan Beyha Indiana and finally James Risch Ok..

 I would willing to bet that enough attention directed at these people may help change some of the policies and oversight in this matter. No one is above the law, every one has a boss or a supervisor and no firm, organization or group wants negative publicity. The day to day operation and exchanges between the stewards of this technology and their unwilling wards need to be supervised to prevent abuse and acts of sadism that is soley for the  entertainment of sick and twisted custodians. Under federal policy, firms recieving funding for research are subject to state and federal regulations. Violations of these policies will nullify their Darpa funding. They are subject to review and oversight.

Be professional and courteous but direct. Address the manner of your treatment by these indivuals and the misconduct you've been witness to. State the incidents you feel to be criminal, cross referencing the occurances with state, local and federal statutes.  I.e. threats against home, property, family, life or health, denial of constitutional rights, official fraud, misconduct, fraudulent use of an electronic device (which does extend to unauthorized or anti policy behavior or use of an electromagnetic device), abuse of a vulnerable adult, (which includes  any or persistant attempts to influence someone under psychiatric care, medication, or undue stress to commit a harmful act or crime to themself or others that they wouldn't normally do) this law often differs by state, also the persistant pressure to encourage another person to commit suicide, differs by state but often falls under the assited suicide law. Many of these offenses are felonies. I have been advised that the people doing some of these activities are claiming they do so as a joke. These people are being funded  to do their job which does not give them the liberty to break the law or cause undue harm.   State the facts, what is being done.
Don't speculate who or why give the facts as you understand them without embellisment and hold them accountable to higher authorities.  


Most of the people who conduct electronic surveillance are not monsters and conduct themselves with a moderate level of professionalism but the few who abuse their authority and positions of power endanger the trust that Americans have for their guardians, politicians and peacekeepers.  They also pose a significant risk to the lives and well being of citizens and the security of the United states. They create volitile situations and undue risk. These people who would play so dangerously  with the lives of others are a liability and encourage violence, instability and mistrust. They are a liability to their mission that would help keep America safe. There is no room for sadistic abusive behavior and people who would violate that sacred trust should be prosecuted and removed from their position of power as well as removed from the general population as a danger to anyone weaker than them selves. There are good people in every level as well as bad but protecting their actions is aiding their destructing activiites and abetting the atrocious crimes after the fact.


Many of the activities perpetrated by the "custodians"  are reminiscent of the occurances at Abu Ghraib. These actions reflect negatively on the people committing the injustices, their superiors, their firm, the country and are an ugly black mark on the face of civil liberty, and an affront the American ideal of freedom and fairness, humanity and a world devoid of inhumane abuse by the guardians of freedom itself. Shame on you who ever you are, you offend the very spirit of this country.

Lim, stess in itself can cause serious life threatening illnesses. To be put under constant duress can raise your bloodpressure, weaken your heart increase your chances of stroke, it can cause intense headaches, loss of sleep poor diet. Many stressed folks drink more, smoke more further affecting their health negatively.  Ulcers, are very common, the headaches alone will cause some one to ingest large amounts of asperin or over the counter pain relieves which can tear up your tummy. don't worry about the symptoms so much as the cause, allevate the stress by fixing the source.  my hair falls out when I'm stressed, I'm surprised I'm not completely bald.

LIM SC said:

I read from a book about Gastro Instestinal system, a lof of patients who suffer from leady gut - Crohn's disease in particular are made up of Caucasians due to allergy to wheat.  Could it be another experiment by scientists ?


I don't know how accurate that information is. I know Crohn's is very dangerous and causes internal bleeding.



GM food, and a lot more scientific inventions, people are confused now which is true culprit.  Back to nature and basic is the answer I think.

franko, no one is ever happy to see  blue and red lights in their rear view mirror but no one gives them credit for speedy response to someone in dire need. Police work has to be one of the most un-gratifying jobs out there. you'll never see a lawbreaker happy to go to jail but don't knock em for showing up to work every day to keep the streets a safer place. even if one cop saves just one innocent person in their entire career lifetime,...they've done a really good thing.  they're people too. they just like coffee and donuts a lot more than the average person.  corrupt cops different story,... they're out there too. Just be better than they are and help the good ones sort out the bad ones.

franko said:
watch for the corrupt trash cops i can prove they the dumbest people you will ever see. They got outsmarted at their own game and an auto tech figured it out for those retards.

Bullying STOP STOP STOP Voice to Skull Mental Torture Stop Electronic Harassment Mind Control Stop.

Stop Stop Block Voices in the Brain, Electronic Harassment Stop Stop, Stop Stop Block Nanotechnology, Stop Stop Block cauterization, Stop Block Torture Stop, Stop Stop Block Voices in the Brain, Mental Torture, Stop Stopping Mind Control Block.
All system can transfer data, the data to be transferred on different computers in the case of human populations and the probabilities for processing canidad puededa data processing having data that is transmitted increasingly ....
Collapse the systems computer.

Demonstration of theories that can make organizations of the human race studies which use the probability MAIFRAMES colapcen nerviozas dedestruir the cells in your brain.
For a computer to function it must be composed of a mother trageta, records, reports.
These components through which data flows through the hard ward as packages and are processed in the processor, should not exceed the maximum capacity EL pocesarador.
In cases of harassment mail and voice to skull Iun, satellite transmissions are made desede satellites, and that concetan with all systems that exist in their geographical area with additional links on the subject nanoparticles in geographic areas in which you live.
The systems intelligence agencies and organizations in studies of the human race transmit information from their countries to the subjects that are objects of study. These trasmisions using data that is sent and then to transmit bueltos are llevads to databases that store.
The MEINFRAMES must process this information so that their processors ecxedan not limit which would cause the information or not puediese transmitirese recivirce.
In those cases where international and procuratorates tribunasle peueden not give any help EACH STUDY SUBJECT MAY RELEASE INFORMATION FROM A COMPUTER CACERA.

Thank you Heather for clearly stating our case.

nazis and their perverted ideology are at the root of these problems. 

the insane ideologies of the Axis powers of the second world war, their warmongering and deception and determination to rule the planet, they are at the root of this controversy of mind control -- MK: Ultram synthetic telepathy, and the related psychological illnesses are at the foundation of this problem.
i wanted to say that they are at the heart of the problem, but they are heartless.  we know this from history.
there's no separating it from politics. it's political and that is how it is.  
as a person of my particular generation, the generation called X, it happened for me this way: i saw that my friends were becoming hypnotized and cold, more and more inhumane and insane, arrogant.  it started in the mid-1990s when i knew less about this global crisis...and also, before H. A. A. R. P. notably was completed and powered on.  
but research has shown me and a few others, without a doubt, that the Nazi ideology of the Axis powers is what brings this diaboloical porblem into our world and into our minds so invasively, and it lies, it lies with great determination because it wants to control everyone's mind!
i am the one who insists that he whole idea of calling people "T. I." is a waste of time.  EVERYONE is targetted!  Nazis want torule and control THEWORLD, 
they want the entire world "just following orders."
also, i am of the view that if a tactic for getting something fails to work,. after repeated tries, that to continue doing things that way is insanity.  people do it and of course i can't stop them, and maybe it will work out that way.  but it dangerously seems to me that a lot of peoople -- especially the camp whoiuses the "T. I." designation are especially hypnotized, hypnotized in a way tat leaves them THINKING that they are fighting thegood fight and ding what will lead to liberation, because doing things that will produce no effective result -- well, isn't that just what THEY would want?
the people/beings/organizations on the other end.  they would WANT people putting all their energy into doing things that will just not if still following subconscious orders to FAIL to solve the problem.
i have become acquainted with all sorts of different people in the years i have been researchingthis, mostly because people who i loved and cared for very much seemed to have had their personalities erased and replaced!  
disgusting.   i am sadly sure that a few of the people who i have chatted with and corresponded with over the years since 9.11.01 have died. 
some of suicide!  some in other more sinister ways.  and of course, detach is a big part of the Nazi agenda.
look at the history of MK: Ultra honestly, look at the objective history of the programme and you will find Nazis!  it's as simple as that.
that Naziism is a problem in the years almost seven decades after the second world war is a bad thing.  something worse to think about? in 2002, it was six decades after that.
i wonder how many people who will read this have been against mind control as researchers, activists and individuals who feel singeld out since 2002?

Reply by productions tanstaafl le 22 Février 2013 à 19h51

Il est difficile de comprendre l'origine exact de sa persécution par ces méthodes, des années sans concrétiser leurs volonté, Résistance, ''NE PAS PRENDRE LEURS MAINS '' au mieux d'en avoir saisi certains aspects,
Alors je me bat j'essai j'échoue ils rient, je me bat j'essai j'échoue ils rient,me bat essai échoue rient...3*4*.... "TI" désignation sont particulièrement hypnotisé, hypnotisé d'une manière tat ne leur laisse croire qu'ils se battent lutte thegood et ding ce qui va conduire à la libération, car cela choses qui produiront aucun résultat effectif - et bien, n'est-ce pas tout simplement ce qu'ils veulent?

les personnes / organisations / les êtres à l'autre extrémité. ils veulent que les gens mettre toute leur énergie à faire des choses qui vont tout simplement pas travailler ... comme s'il était toujours suivre les ordres inconscients de ne pas résoudre le problème...
          <cela me parle, ça>......
                                                Mais ce n'est pas gagné
Magnets cause them problems, I have about 1000 pounds worth but the manufacturer I bought them from began making excuses to delay my orders. I'm not well off they took me about 1.5 to 2 years to buy them.Because I needed so much more I cannot claim they helped me as shielding, they have undoubtedly helped due to their beneficial effects and books by buyrl payne and other magnetic pracitioners. These books helped me so much at the end of the day they freaks wait till they can put it down to age then they will attempt to incapacitate or to kill us. This is what thier doing in my case.

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