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I believe Anthony Forwood is a fake victim website .....done by the British makes sense the British would make fake victims using Canada as the US Ti`s are more organized and would be easily check the person out and spot he was not real
C) simple his website is just a textbook JTRIG fake website website ....that Snowdon leaked

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums. Here is one illustrative list of tactics from the latest GCHQ document we’re publishing today:

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so it looks like Anthony went off the rails around this time ....and started on "every ones a disinformation agent"

probably due to the implant vs non implant false dichotomy nonsense  that was circulating and dividing the TI community .....

his stuff before that time seems pretty good and balanced .....(i not checked it all thou just flicked throw it)

Wednesday,June 6, 2012

A Disinformation Report

by Anthony Forwood

I will GLADLY pay $1000 CASH to anyone who can explain how a person’s thoughts can be read remotely at any time without the use of multiple implants placed throughout the brain.
Anthony Forwood <>
"The Mother Of All Black Ops" website is putting out disinformation.
They claim that ‘brain fingerprinting’ can be used to remotely track people, anytime, anywhere. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE! RFID implants are FAR more likely being used, and are probably far more economical as well.
This site also claims:
Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing.”
This is equally UNTRUE! It is pure HYPE! It is physically impossible for brainwaves to be read remotely.
See the link at the bottom of this file for more information.
* * *

Apparently, Dr. Robert Duncan is making a similar claim, and promotes the idea that it’s possible to remotely read a person’s thoughts – but as a scientist and Harvard graduate, he falls short of using his intellectual capacities to explain HOW this is done. I have asked him to provide me with that information, and await his reply.

* * *

his site works for the .com and .ca so I think I jumped to conclusions on that in this case (blogger sites adds the country code you view it form or something)....but I do believe that his blog since about 2012 is all about discrediting other prominent TI/individuals/groups rather odd hence why I still believe its a fake victim website or hes lost the plot as before that time his stuff looks ok and quite informative ....there just seems to be a sudden change around June 2012

you leapt to conclusions (even though i'd corrected you about the country code issue last night) - but anthony "went off the rails":  because nobody has collected the $1000 in 2 1/2 years, with all of these technical luminaries on hand?!    does this mean you will now retract and apologize for that disgraceful "fake TI in the UK" forwood/lebowski "the british connection" hysteria last night?    sheesh!   :-)

or is it still "all's fair in stretching to ridiculous levels to tarnish any who laugh at emperor duncan's naked photos" he counter-proposed instead of his diploma?   what do you suppose caused anthony's 'transition'?   do you suppose soleilmavis promoting him went to his head?   what's your 'hypothesis'?

  it takes a big man to admit to being a small person, and you're halfway home here, deca - make us proud!

i admit when I jump to conclusions and make mistakes .....

and just look at your comments about me in your post yet alone in every post you mention my name

but I still hold the fact that since june 2012 he turned his blog into attacking other Ti`s and went on some witch hunt and calls people disinformation agents ....

again but you are like that caught in black & white thinking ......if you like them or agree with them ...then they are ok....if you don`t they are a perp ......unfortunately life is just not as clear cut as that .... i suppose there are people that can`t handle uncertain and difference very well 

funny thing is his website view stats doubled when i posted he was running a fake website

well, this does beg the question whether the individuals featured are really ti's    that comes around to the diploma issue     you are defining them as unfairly criticized, whereas (and this has been the point of the entire debate about speculation and evidence), unlike duncan, forwood does substantiate his claims:    he has a real bibliography     it is replete with solid, reliable scientific evidence which anyone can check    

     that part of it is clear as the mud that gets thrown at anyone who questions the fake doctorate     

  i mean, has anyone asked big orange for proof he's in antarctica?   (naked photos of niburu, perhaps?)

the fact that anthony dares you to follow through on your threat to go legal on the "defamation" issue shows his confidence that none of these confidence tricksters want to step out into the light of day    - and the fact that nobody has collected the thousand bucks indicates he's equally correct about the 'doctoral thesis and bibliography' that would normally go along with any 'diploma'  

so Anthonys theory is its basic mind control techniques ....then the cult of FFCHS some how brainwashes you bit of a flaw as A) you have to be targeted/attacked before going to FFCHS many victims are targted for years before knowing there are other victims out there let alone FFCHS.....B) many TI`s have had implants removed ....and also complain of things like mind reading , seeing throw there eyes ...etc ....
so basically he is saying your targeting is done by other Fake victims and groups in the community using low tech......sorry the evidence just does not support this
I also believe, based on my personal experiences and the many reports I’ve received from others, that the people I’ve named here are subjecting many TIs to a form of mind-control based on more ‘primitive’ methods that include basic cult tactics and probably even hypnosis and subliminals. These people become literally indoctrinated into their closed group (FFCHS) and then go out into the TI community to promote the disinformation further, as well as acting delusional, attacking real TIs, and disrupting any efforts to expose the falsehoods and those who promote them. It should be noted that these characteristics are all signs of deep cult involvement.

Please note: I do NOT deny that mind-control technologies are real. However, I DO deny that certain claims made by these people about that technology are true (such as described at the beginning of this article), based on my own research into the science they claim that technology is based on.

also many victims complain of things well before reading viewing any of Dr Robert work ....then they are amazed that he can acutely  describe what they been going throw ...but use the correct terminology

so really Anthony is really trying to suggest more or less what psychiatrist  are saying that TI`s are being so how made delusional by TI websites

do you believe this Labart ....hence why you lurk here and attack anybody that you disagree with believing they are fake and somehow trying to "brainwash" you or other victims and are perps ?

again do you understand about divide and conquer ? ...that the real perpetrators are playing us off against each other....

now lets make this simple ....YOU live in Canada ...I live in the UK ......... I not "gangstalking" you .....unless you look at cyberbullying our only connection is via the internet on this website ....and lets face it you have done probably more cyberbullying towards me than me towards you ..ok ..

now you belief that people like me are some how "perping" you .....and you get that for websites like "anthonys" who promote that belief and other TI`s that spread that around the community

I believe that is bullshit and website like Anthony creates infighting and TI`s ending up cyberbully each other ...while the real perpetrators  laugh at us  

know I have tried to explain this on here.....BUT you are taking that as me spreading disinformation/misinformation .....and Attacking the other members that believe the same as YOU ok

Now I not going to change what I believe nor trying to spread it I want to unity the TI community based and expose the real perpetrators.......And YOU by the looks of it are not going to change your belief and trying to prevent me doing this ... ....but I don`t care as this is not my only outlet ....I post on many other tube Skype ...i am in the process of making my own blog etc ....hopefully will be going on alternative media etc ....

Now instead of attacking me via the internet ...why don`t you get physical evidence from the people YOU claim "gangstalking" you in Canada   .....if you do great .....if you don`t ...then you can read the things I say as you will realise that your belief does not add up .....simple you need to do a process of elimination

VancouverTI I think his name was started  this crap .....he spread the idea that veteran TI s  some how became perps and use to targeted new TI`s ....also he blamed FFCHS just about every conference call he would dial in and try to disrupt the call because he believed they were perps other TI`s that came across his blog did similar and started disrupting the call....then new members to FFCHS call would go ....sod this this call full of perps  .....YOU SEE HOW Stupid  THIS IS AND HOW IT DIVIDES THE COMMUNITY  .....

by way of explanation, the first line is a labrat quote:   i was celebrating how i discovered anthony's excellent and authoritative volume 'They Would Be Gods':  because you introduced it by way of explaining the origin source of my thinking - anthony doesn't promote his own books, and without your backhanded compliment i might never have heard about this extremely informative book that is quite helpful to TI's

Anthony Forwood on January 17, 2015 at 7:54am

you guys are a joke   more and more members are giggling!     and thanks again for promoting the book lo!

Yes, thanks to all these people who are against me, more than ANYBODY else, my material gets a lot of promotion without me doing anything at all!!! Hell, I'm at the top of google for searches on RD or FFCHS, thanks to their own ability to whine about it rather than properly answer to it. Not My fault! LOL!

THEN deca said on January 17, 2015 at 8:01am

ok waiting for jerry manski to log off and surprise surprise Labrat to log on again ? are these two every log on at the same time ?

AND NOW deca says:

funny thing is his website view stats doubled when i posted he was running a fake website

LB (or is it?)

"again" - those 'tech-only conspiracy websites' based on fraudulent science and credentials induce a state of hyper-vigilance and "paranoid-delusional schizophrenic" logical inferences:  now deca is imagining that anthony and i are the same party (AFTER calling us "bum chums" might add) - exactly as duncan assumed dee dorsty must be anthony, when she tried to 'Ask A Simple Question"

labrat you need to to socialise more instead of sitting in front of the internet all day were doing so well    don't start lying Now - all that progress for nothing!   you know very well that it was when lebowski busted your ass gas-lighting and discrediting the g-s reports of himself, endless pain and me - back in may - that i first learned what these terms and tactics meant  

                            i needed no 'second site' to confirm your low-ball sleaziness 

deca (hawking this whopper twice too often to pass it for a foolish error:)

"now you belief that people like me are some how "perping" you .....and you get that for websites like "anthonys" who promote that belief and other TI`s that spread that around the community"


"anthony's" in quotation marks (as you punctuate "gang-stalking") like you support the cointelpro disinfo ploy that falsely banned him for not being himself   (a published author - the outrageousness of the lie tells the whole truth)    no doubt this lie was told by you:  this repetition knowing it's untrue is a 'tell'


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