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I believe Anthony Forwood is a fake victim website .....done by the British makes sense the British would make fake victims using Canada as the US Ti`s are more organized and would be easily check the person out and spot he was not real
C) simple his website is just a textbook JTRIG fake website website ....that Snowdon leaked

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums. Here is one illustrative list of tactics from the latest GCHQ document we’re publishing today:

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ok labrat ...I will know actually spend more than a few minutes and actually rip Anthony website to pieces ...point out all his errors and mistakes....well done ....

then spend even more effort exposing what a troll you are ....clearly you have no interest in doing anything practical ...

right do you know what cointelpro is ?

Intended effects

The intended effect of the FBI's COINTELPRO was to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize" groups that the FBI officials believed were "subversive"[41] by instructing FBI field operatives to:[42]

  1. create a negative public image for target groups (e.g. by surveilling activists, and releasing negative personal information to the public)
  2. break down internal organization
  3. create dissension between groups
  4. restrict access to public resources
  5. restrict the ability to organize protests
  6. restrict the ability of individuals to participate in group activities

hmm look at these effects .....then look at Anthony's site that does nothing else but "by surveilling activists, and releasing negative personal information to the public about FFCHS & Dr Robert Duncan plus my other prominent TI`s

YOU lurk on here and do 2,3 .......also YOU provoke/attack/troll me personally  so I end up getting sucked in probably adding to this problem

again 4,5,6 is how YOU and Anthony try to discredit TI groups etc and only promote these lone obscure blogs and UFO websites etc

er nope the traffic went up then dropped down as people checked out my info ....if anything it will have a negative effect on me

You really do have a low childish mentality don`t you

"again", those lessons in english a second language for naitve-speaking perps are still available, in case you want to learn how not to say the exact opposite of what you mean    or was this more of your 'freudian lip'? ha ha!   this idiocy is absolutely typical behaviour    

and the negative effect on you will be when members witness your childish behaviour of trying to conduct that list of dirty tricks you conveniently list above - and which this calumny perfectly exemplifies   we can see what happens when someone offers information that ISN'T based on a bunch of lies and a missing pile of documents showing where they can be double-checked                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Reply by deca 13 minutes ago

er nope the traffic went up then dropped down as people checked out my info ....if anything it will have a negative effect on me

You really do have a low childish mentality don`t you

oh you only think I posted about Anthony fake website on here for members to read ?

think again I posted it all over  the internet

deca there are a lot of comments re: points you have made and not gotten around to responding to as yet 

some of these are outstanding issues that will likely impede your ability to appear rational in your mission to spread disinformation and sow confusion among your allies and floundering fellowship of followers   

most are just your own several daily lies waiting patiently to be acknowledged, addressed and corrected

are you telling me there are other places on the internet where you can be found when you're too busy to answer that orphanage-full of unattended questions which your distorted ramblings usually inspire here?

anthony may not have time for your "shite" on a point-by-point basis - but i've got all day and night, baby!

since you are still sitting on your suggestion box, which of your public blogs should i stick this one on? ;-)

Comment by Anthony Forwood on February 13, 2015 at 6:18am

Comment by deca on December 29, 2014 at 12:45pm

again the paper is not at the same angle or under the same lighting

condition's....also these pics are not the originals and have already been

digitally altered because they had the address blocked out and Anthony himself

has already anded text to on ...were he left a big period dot next "the" so much for his digital editing skills

Yes, they are two different letters, so the angles and lighting conditions will be slightly different. But that’s beside the point. The photos on my blog are unaltered copies of the originals, and are also archived at various other websites, so if you want to compare them byte for byte and show me that my copies are different from the archived ones by even one byte, then you might have a legitimate claim to accuse me of photo-shopping them. But you don’t. Your accusation comes with absolutely NOTHING to support it beyond your preconceived notions of me.

Exactly! Etymology social network or community = socialize.
Blimey! Instead, always controversies, polemics and quarrels.

Maybe it's better to smoke a joint together, or a beer.

Labraaaaat, you still have again good marijuana? Labrat, please, order of the barman four beers.

I'll pay the beers. Okey? ;-)

P.S. The cannabis is useful as a method of treatment for people with SLA.
Have you problems whit Voices to skull et telepatie sintetic? Some people have found that cannabis, temporarily removes the voice to skull as SLA.

ATTENTION because In many countries of the world cannabis is illegal.
I wrote that the cannabis eliminates the problem of V2K but temporarily. (---> temporarily <---).

Source with video:

deca said:

labrat you need to to socialise more instead of sitting in front of the internet all day

labrat since 17th December 2014 I have had 1149 emails from  peacepink alone and about 1000 of them are from you in about 2 months....I get a email notification from posts ....and now i filter them so they go to a separate folder 

i do many other things ...i not here just  to reply to your demanding posts ok

Check the link.

This is the group of people you are going to be written in when they hit you with remote mind controll experimental weapons. Thats how they get young people to experiment with, pot smokers and drug users. Once you get psychotic everything is going to be blamed on the pot.
When you start experiencing "gangstalking" and you have no idea what is hapening, you will end up at the "doctors", first thing they ask you is if you have used any drugs, and than you will be written as drug using psychotic instead a human experiment.


now i started this thread because of all the bullshite started on here by YOU labrat from Big  L post here to discredit the Fundraiser for Human Rights Group, FFCHS Livecast

Big Lebowski said:A "must-read" for all FFCHS afficionados

now as you can see it had the in the link and when I went back and thought where did this shite start on peacepink it was from big L post to Anthony website ....and when looking back I notice it look like a uk website and thought it funny hence  why I created this the time I did not now about blogger websites changing the address to were you view the site from ok

as for me thinking "anthonys" website its a fake victim site /or a negative disruption site there to just attack real TI`s out there who do expose what happening to TI`s I still do believe that

that were all this "where Dr Robert duncans diploma" spam posts by labrat come from that just pissed every one of on peacepinks started from

so according to Anthony and his belief ...that the targeting is done by low tech and cult activity and then people get brainwashed by Dr Robert Duncan & FFCHS ....

 well according to YOU labrat you not watched Dr Robert Duncans stuff or member or visit FFCHS website how are you targeted then ? Anthony blames them for the Targeting ....

then he says packs of people from FFCHS and under control from Dr Robert Duncan seemly low tech way to mesmerise  anybody that reads his books or  watch his interviews swarm attack Anthony and you ??? ...

yet YOU lurk online on  peacepink all day long ????

do you not think this is from anthonys prospective (pov) that when he post around how FFCHS and DR robert duncan are perps ....that thousands of people who have watched his stuff or part of FFCHS are going to respond back saying that Anthony is full of shit

deca one night this week i answered all your questions in 20 posts while you addressed NONE in 40 posts over 4 hrs

deca the hypocrite:

"yet YOU lurk online on  peacepink all day long ????"

secondly:   will a single one of these thousands of ffchs fans be able to prove the alleged university education allegedly substantiating his alleged mastery of this torture weaponry program based on his admittedly "flawed" theory with no representation in academic journals, but which he is comfortably familiar with the delivery end of and which he has already confessed that he continues to perp disinfo for c.i.a. money for?  wouldn't that be nice! :-)  

deca/ffchs/c.i.a. (according to synthetic telepathy author and member deep thought:)

"do you not think this is from anthonys prospective (pov) that when he post around how FFCHS and DR robert duncan are perps ....that thousands of people who have watched his stuff or part of FFCHS are going to respond back saying that Anthony is full of shit"

Permalink Reply by deca 2 hours ago

"....and when looking back I notice it look like a uk website and thought it funny hence  why I created this the time I did not now about blogger websites changing the address to were you view the site from ok"


the timeline indicates that the truth is, 'again', at variance with deca's story    when i reminded him of this fact he 'disconnected' from that debate and started the 'fake website' slander - subsequent to being publically corrected    

                Comment by LaBrat yesterdayDelete Comment

anthony's article posted p. 20 (buried already) - Online Psyops and Perception Management in the Targeted Community - discusses articles being earmarked locally - perhaps this is the brit factory out-let?  i wouldn't know  i'm not lebowski's "bum chum" either   but your theory looks disturbingly paranoid...


deca - how do you manage to accomplish this so consistently?  are UK keyboards different?  the question marks and exclamation points are at opposite corners of the keyboard over here:

"is it because "anthony" set this website up way back in 2011 before they did the "Country-specific blogger addresses" and his site was given a one because his account is based in the UK !!!!"

Comment by LaBrat 20 hours ago

what - you mean that thing i told you about here, last night, post above, before you posted that anthony's was a fake-victim site?   what a coincidence!   deca boasts that his lie has increased traffic on anthony's site - but does nothing to rectify his 'error'   mind control must be very powerful indeed, because we can already anticipate, as history teaches, that many members will consider this slander acceptable behaviour

 Reply by deca 3 hours ago

his site works for the .com and .ca so I think I jumped to conclusions on that in this case (blogger sites adds the country code you view it form or something)....


as for people being "pissed off" at hearing about the diploma, i have promised to desist, apologize and leave as soon as i see it    anthony even will go so far as to delete his damaging duncan articles and never speak the man's name again    then he added something very funny    he said "but i'm not holding my breath"      this charade is over

you were wrong about it being a "fake TI website", but your ffchs bosses won't let you do the honourable thing and delete this travesty of knowingly false accusations    instead of being the big man who admits he was a small person, you wimped out and back-pedalled to "well i don't like it that what he says about duncan can all be proved so i will just lie about it and say he's fake anyway!" the same way they keep finding new excuses for iraq's quagmire  shame!


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