Feel for U

I read your docs and they really put you through it. Conspiracy is hard to prove because these baby's want power. Same as the Nazi's so clever there is no proof. The tec is pretty well guarded.

Your DNA has been altered with  GMO Food, Monsanto again.

I can't really come forward  and calling the cops well some or all are in on it. A wast of time.  These people are slime. The mind rape you have suffered. Sorry, Been there.

There is an Italian who wrote a book Cancer is a fungus, Candida is the cause for cancer.

Stay away from GMO and try to keep calm this whole thing is to discredit you.  Candida over growth is a problem in space with the astronauts, in microgravity candida is resistant to anti fungal and grows unchecked. Stress is key to candida the more you have the more candida gets control. 

I have looked at the people I have told about V2K and I know what they think.

We need a Snowden to leak V2K and get national attention then maybe we can shine the light on these roaches. Getting mad and stressed out is not going to work. My mom say's there is alwa

ys a way, but I can't see it now. Sooner or later one of the perp's will want revenge and leak the whole thing. Later J

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