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Listen, if you're not a big time interior designer then it can be a difficult task to purchase felt cloth for your poker tables. We're telling you this from experience, but after three years of dabbling around the Internet we finally found this Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem Poker Table Felt that will work best for our home. Can you imagine searching for something for three entire years? It gets a little frustrating.

Call us perfectionists, but to be honest it's not like we spend hours on the net or anything. Just from time to time we'd come across a particular https://medium.com/@dryfelting/ piece and more times then not we passed it over. Either it didn't match the surrounding furniture, didn't match the table itself, or just didn't have an appeal that would leave our guests complimenting the work we had accomplished with one little purchased.

However, it wasn't all about the look that made the difference. We definitely had to have something that was water resistant. Why? Quite frankly everyone has spilled a drink a time or two so finding one that could combat those issues was a major bonus for us. The Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem Poker Table Felt that we came across had a nice looking pattern and was made from polyester and https://olgafelting.altervista.org olefin.

We really weren't sure what olefin was when the name first surfaced, but it's really just another name for polyethylene. If you're not familiar with the terminology it's basically a long-chain polymer synthetic fiber. The point is, having the combination gives us a sturdy cloth, with the ability to offer a few bonuses along the way. Just another reason why the Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem Poker Table Felt was a great purchase.

The best part about making this purchase was the fact that all our researched saved us money. The place we found was not only the most inexpensive, http://cexixor38801.blog.fc2.com but the customer service was unbelievably great. Our biggest concern was making sure that we didn't over spend on material that we didn't need. Yes, we should of got some extra in case something happened, but since it was a budget buy we weren't really looking to take that route.

Regardless of the company, the price, and the research, the beauty of the Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem Poker Table Felt is very professional. In fact, it's the same type of felt that we saw when we went out to Vegas last year. We're not sure if it's the same exact kind, but http://cexixor38801.blog.fc2.com it looks the same and that's all that matters. When people come over now they almost immediately compliment the look.

It's amazing how different the poker tables look. Next year we'll probably purchase a couple more tables since our weekly events are getting larger. For now though we'll stick with what we've got. When the time comes though, we'll continue buying the Suited Medium Blue Texas Holdem http://cexixor38801.blog.fc2.com Poker Table Felt and will look forward to new memories created in our mini-casino. Who could ask for anything more?.

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