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I am indian TI.please look into notes.txt in following link

I detected implant using sony android google play apps like EMF meter , magnetic sensor,metel detector.  These mobile sensors showing some major signals in some areas some minor signals in some other body parts.
I will pay 500$-800$ if you can
provide the doctors/radiologist certificate with markings of foreign body(tiny implans) in CT scan or X-rays
My email :

plz go through casual conversation in google chat with one of my friend
for better understanding.

 me:  hi
 Sent at 8:26 AM on Friday
 srinu:  Hi
Hi Mama

yela vunnavu?
 me:  fine
what about u?
 srinu:  going on mama
 me:  when u r coming to india?
d u got perminant visa in malaysia?
 srinu:  no mama
I not interested in applying PR
 me:  ok
 srinu:  India plans ithe present yemi levu
 Sent at 8:31 AM on Friday
 me:  OK  i sent an email 10 days back to same email id subject is "[rangaprasad] must read critical email"
do u read the email?
I need your help\
to consult doctor in malayia for surgery
i mentioned everything in email
 srinu:  hmm I am trying to look for doctors.. couldn't find mama
there is no such real case to anyone
 me:  i will pay amout u spend for doctrs. they just need to look at CT scan and xray and have to confirm presence of foreign body(microhip implat).
I already confirmed with RF scanner i bought from singapore
but need doctors signature
 srinu:  please do some meditation every morning and evening half an hour.. it will cure your problem..initially it like disturbing you more
 me:  in KL u find lot of doctrs ENT is better
or radiologists
 srinu:  konni rojulu ayyaka definitly you will feel better
 me:  in india i tried but all are lying
bcz who put microchip in head are DOCTORs
so i send to malaysia through u
plz understand my critical situation
i will pay doctors fees. give u r account number
in weekendds try mama
 srinu:  do you mean chip inserted in Malaysia?
 me:  no this tiny implant (nano microchip) inserted during nosal surgery in india
so what expetrs saying . its hard to find good doctors. Bcz doctors themselves are cheets
so try in malaysia
 srinu:  Please ask that doctor who did surgery for you.
 me:  another country is bettter
 srinu:  ask him you will play how much he want
 me:  bcz indian doctors are tie up with government for their nind control research
plz listen carefully
1. download the folder in email link
2.go to radiologist OR ENT AND BRAIn related doctors
go to both ENT and neuro surgeon
OR go directly to radiologist
radiology department means who do CT scan xrays and MRi
OK . search in google
in KL where are radiologists
if they say say we can't say ask them which doctor to consult ? may be they will say consult ENT and neurologist
in NM folder u find notes.txt in that i mention possible areas i detected through RF scanner equipment i have
 Sent at 8:44 AM on Friday
 me:  tell the same to doctor . ask them they found any S shape or sigmaa shape thread like in left and right mililary sinus. top maxilarry sinus. And in top of skull
plz copy this conversation in textpad save it in u r laptop
go through it couple of times
in email i mentioned a link in google drive download that folder
start with notes.txt
i will pay
for doctor fees
 srinu:  ok mama.. I will try to help you.. What is heard from google is
 me:  do it in your free time
use google search in KL
 srinu:  if they inserted chip.. they track you... but they can't control your mind
 me:  to find radiologists then ENT then Neurosurgeon or brain related doctors who can understand CT scan xrays
 srinu:  but you are saying they are controlling your mind
 me:  take the downloaded files in ur pen drive and at same time keep the laptop with u while speaking with doctor
 srinu:  ok
 me:  no
after leaving office. have cup of tea, and cigarettte relax
go through my email and this chat text. down load google drive folder
within 5 minutes i can't expain
i provided proofs . earlier victims of microhip
past victtims who removed microchips from their body
i provided their details and their proofs as images and scan reports
this is the link
I am rangaprasad from india.please look into notes.txt

once you read email please reply to me

  me:  sorry . i didn't get what r u saying
 Sent at 8:52 AM on Friday
 me:  what u rsaying?
 Sent at 8:54 AM on Friday
 me:  do u think if go and ask those doctors who done surgey will tell me yes we did it?
they have given anesthesia and without my knowledge they put it
as i said plz understand once left office relax take ur time . read all u  r dobts will be clear
 srinu:  hmm sure
got work catch u again
 me:  ur mobile no?

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