furniture in my room makes a cracking sound

I have been experiencing Ti symptoms for a number of years. One main method of harassment is sleep deprivation. Just when trying to fall asleep ( the moment between awake and sleep) my house objects such as the TV set or furniture in my room makes a cracking sound. This is not coincidence as it happens at the very moment when I am just falling asleep. I have recorded this as well so I know I am not imagining it. Also the furniture is quite the other times when I am awake in bed. When this keeps happening continuously I am unable to sleep because the sleeping pattern is continuously being disrupted. So the next day I feel really miserable, sleepy and weak. I already left my job and this was a main reason for me to get fed up working. How can you work when you only get 3-4 hours of sleep everyday ? One possibility is that, they might be using microwave beams to create a pressure difference on the object area thus causing the cracking. I don’t take alcohol, cigarettes or drugs and a vegetarian. I am not a politician or activist and have no known enemies. I am of Indian origin.

I think the public should be aware of what is going on. There could be many motives for this –

1) Satanic groups wanting a sacrifice to please there alien gods.

2) Mind control research being tested on civilians.

3) Racial hate groups ( ie. white supremacy groups ) targeting-non whites just to prevent them from doing well and setting up a good example on others.

4) Religious fanatics - countries like United Arab Emirates and oil rich countries that follow Islam have millionaires but they still have their fundamental beliefs that people who do not believe in Islam are not worthy and can be disposed of. There maybe groups of them that have access to mind control satellites.

5) Extraterrestrials – higher intelligent species from other planets may be lurking around doing there own experiments on us. After we die, maybe our souls are extracted along with the lifetime of valuable information and traded/sold in their own worlds. The buyers might absorb the new souls and increase their knowledge/power of the universe.

When I read Ti related articles on the internet, people are only talking about the Illuminati and the US government. What about the rest of the world ? What about Russia, UAE, Germany, China. Russia is a very corrupt country with spies all over the world. They could easily do their experiments on foreign lands. All they need are spies to monitor the individuals and satellites. They got all that.

A good way to protect ourselves is for the public around the world to have an anonymous computer network monitoring service and check what they are doing. Their names and addresses should be exposed to the media and published on the internet. Then public will decide their fate.

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