I have been a  T.I for 7 years, in which a direct neighbor was seeking revenge on me .

Having fled my birth province of Ontario Canada for my life. There intentions were to medicate my, but first they organized neighborhood watch to stalk and harrass me on and off the job. They have entered my home and played with my electricity, plumbing and heating. Electric pulses, lazer beams, banging on my back door when. They use electric magentic hallucination on me successfully, in which I ran into police arms.

                                                                         They would bang on my back door and when

I would go and look, they would bang on my front door. They would climb my roof top.Imergy coming out of my light fixtures. they would throw carton imergy and shadows at my door in my home to halucinate me .Loud bangs coming from the basement, in which was empty. When  I went dowm to look. 6 thumbtacks were at the end of the stairs standing upwards, And in middel of the basement my dustpan was standing up on its side, in middle of the floor. As far as that extremely loud bang was, well I dont know ,there was no reason for a noise that load to happen.(sounded like half the ceiling in the basement was falling).

One neighbor told me :marcel they are try to make you paranoid.One of the main stalkers,a direct neighbor , ran out of here home say; Your never fucken figure out what is going on: Twenty min later the police are at my door doctument false harrasment charges. Many people have paticipated in my demis, they would hide in behid ethe fence,the hedges, on roof tops. They striped me of my bussiness, they got a court order and eviced me from my home without a trial. My own legal defence would work backward or in the courts faviour. The court appoint phyciotrist would laugh at me , saying  things like : all bet you do not trust anyone hey Marcel while laughing hastrically: she told me once Marcel they are piss off at you.( they tried to push my button to get me mad ,to get me to fight with my neighbors, but it did not work, I knew this was the game.

The court appoint phyciotrist doctumented me as unfit, unable to work, or take care of myself.She was pert of the game.Lies lies and lies.

They have made many mistakes with me ,thinking the would have me medicated before I could figure out the game ,or expose them. I can tell you its a governmnet runned programe, police agents and the courts for your demis .

I now live in Edmonton Alberta Canada in which the game continues, energy weapons are being used on my. Constant infiltration of peole around me whom try to take me apart.

These crimes must stop. I can tell you they are scared that I get any exposer to these crimes , you see I watch them doctumented .Ther own doctumentation is criminal at  best.  Any one can email if they desire. My goal is to fing T.I vitims here (edmonton) and educate and expose these crimes.. Thanks    saumier@hotmail.ca


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