Hello to all TI's, regardless of whether you believe in God or a Higher Power let me first say that I pray for each and every one of you every night. I pray for our strength, protection, and power to fight back. I am a true TI, I always preface TI with true or uncorrupted because I have found that on the internet you meet so many that are not TI's at all but parading as one. It has been my experience that I would be stopped at all cost from networking with people and getting the help that I need. I believe that I am targeted by my own government who I have paid taxes to, supported and even voted for. I also believe that my own military, a rogue military who has taken oaths to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States has become involved in my targeting. There are also contracted druggies and criminal elements who are involved. What saddens me most about this is not the fact that they have targeted me for no reason at all, that I have never been involved with any extremist organization, nor spoken ill against my country or country men/women, nor am doing anything illegal. What saddens me the most, is that most if not all of these people have taken Oaths to protect and preserve the Constitution against tyranny both foreign and domestic. A document, and set of beliefs that I take very seriously, as well as the Bill of Rights and my Pledge of Allegiance. I won't rabble on but I love my country, Constitution and more importantly I love all of my countrymen/women and each and every person living and breathing on God's green earth. 

I've had many epiphanies lately and realize that my targeting goes back even further than I first realized. Realize that I fairly new to the realization of me being a TI, about 11 months now and at first I could date it going back to at least 8 years prior of me not knowing that I was a TI. I now know that I was being targeted even before then by at least the last 18 years without ever knowing. I was targeted by government law enforcement agencies in the 90's, and local law enforcement have been involved since. I believe that during that period I was being watched, monitored, and possibly implanted, as well they have biologically and chemically attacked me since around the 2002. I was experimented against my will for purposes of behavior modification and when 2012 came and I moved to begin my life anew to the opposite end of the country my targeting became full swing and I knew that something had happened in my life that was not coincidence nor a string of bad luck. My education was being attacked, my career (or any jobs that I may get), and every thing that I was trying to accomplish has been attacked since the late 90's. I have been gang stalked since approximately 2002 by my summation (without knowing) but I think that goes back to late 90's as well. Electronic attacks began in 2012 while on the west coast and everything went to extreme levels since then.

Currently I am subjected to:

Aircraft harassment

Noise campaigns

Microwave Energy Attacks

Directed Energy Attacks

Helicopters following me (military, government agencies, and local law enforcement)

I been followed by Drones as well

Satellites stay over my home or wherever I travel to west coast (and probably have been there for many years without me realizing it)

I am gang stalked

I am smeared, blacklisted

I am chemically attacked outside and within my home

I am surveilled whereever I go by what I see are police, military, and government agency helicopters.

Although I haven't had any V2K problems, I have when going to sleep and or waking up from dreams heard voices a few times in my life, but never daily. I believe that they are prepping me for V2K as I am now experiencing:

Dream manipulation at a higher rate (I believe this has been going on for quite sometime off and on without me realizing it). When they manipulate my mind now its only when I am going to sleep. First they chemically attack me and bombard me with DEW all day to get me sleepy, fatigued and in pain. When I am drifting off to sleep it feels like I am being pulled sometimes, like if you ever been to the amusement park and been on that ride where it spins you and you are literally stuck to walls of the ride that is how it feels when I go to sleep, like I am being pulled. Then I go to sleep and have the sickest dreams imaginable, dreams I have never had in my life, nor have I had this many dreams in my life. When I wake up I am fully aware that I am being attacked by a DEW weapon possibly microwave because I can feel it on my head, and the vibration from it. So I know that they have been working on me throughout the night. They are trying to make me lesbian, or bi-sexual, manipulate me into feeling uncontrolled and foggy all day long and now it seems some sick bestiality. 

I have contacted and wrote to organization about what I am experiencing, to no avail, I receive no helpful feedback. I have contacted a few government agencies and organizations, as well as Attorney Generals, and Congressmen about what I am experiencing, I have received positive feedback but nothing has been done as of late.  I have spoken to Derrick of FFCHS personally and him being who he is  (the work he did, and a Target), as well the length of time that he has experienced this, I just knew that I would get some valuable information to assist me in steps that I need to take but I was surprised in not getting any helpful information. Not to mention that I have been scripted on conference calls. I have been controlled from getting any help on the internet, by phone, by my own law enforcement to the point that I can't get to the right people or organizations. I now try to stay incognito online in an effort to protect myself from perp's online but still discerning who the real TI's are and reaching out to you one by one, so please extend that reach back to me. 

I am not a woe is me type person, to know me is to love me. I am smart, educated, worked as an engineer, a people person, analytical, and logical and very easy to talk too. I am a fighter and will fight this to my death but I can not do it alone and need the real TI community to support me in this. So if you are out there feel free to contact me, add me as a friend, phone, or email me. I will respond to each and every one of you.

As a disclaimer, (I hate to even have to add this but so many see the plight of real TI's as something out of a Psy-Fi movie, a delusion of sorts, or plain ridiculous) I would like to say that I am not imagining any of this, nor have I ever had a mental problem. I am fully aware of what is going with me now, and fully aware of the tricks that have been played on me and my life. I will fight for any real TI's and support you in any way that I can, I would like the same. I am a TI on the west coast in the US and need your help.

Thank you for reading (especially if you have gotten to this point).

Much love, peace and God bless you all.

PS. I am surprised that I have gotten views of my post but not even a hello or welcome. C'mon TI's speak up and support.

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  • Yes Nick I agree the perps do this largely to feed off negative emotion, it is like food to them. Also agree our best defence is to keep as positive and happy as possible. Its also the best revenge, they hate it.

  • Sue, I agree with much of what you posted as well. Obviously your own experience defines your reality -- as your thoughts and views shape EVERYTHING. If you are a positive person who's sees the good in everything, you will be happy and see the world as a good place -- and vise versa. Neither the queen of england reference or planes are logical. The planes are there, I have no doubt, but I simply do not think it makes any sense they are following YOU. As Big Al stated, there are clearly other people all around you, unless you live in some remote area completely alone which is highly unlikely...so the planes are there and above them as well. That is what he was trying to say, I believe. Sue, I believe that it stopped happening to you, because you outgrew it...you got stronger and smarter to the point where it no longer rang true in your mind. That is my experience...things that I once fell for I no longer do, because I have grown over time and thought more critically about things. 

    I think you misread or misinterpreted what I wrote. Maybe I was unclear. I do not believe that my perp is alone in this. He clearly either works for a group (government, military, etc...) or simply has a "connection" that allowed for him to do this, but in either case, he's not alone. He, is, the sole person doing this to me -- absolutely no one else via v2k -- he cannot pass me off to another person to try and break me, he can't decide all of sudden he wants some random to person to hear my thoughts...That is impossible. Just because these people have technology that is unknown (so far) does not mean they have magical powers. Other people (those he answers to) allow for him to take part in this disgusting act, but it is just him torturing me via v2k, if that makes sense. 

    This is all just a game for them. There is absolutely nothing to come from torturing people...there is nothing to be gained from tapping into my mind, or yours, or anyones on here I doubt. I am not some genius with secrets to steal, I don't have anything like that to take and use.

    It is simply TORTURE for the sake of TORTURE.

    Think about how much more effective this technology would be if they did whatever they did to you, and rather than using v2k and speaking loudly to you...they didn't speak to you at all and simply spoke to your subconscious. It would be 10000x more effective. They could get you to wayyyyy more things. Think about how vulnerable you were when this first started for you, I did things I would never have done BEFORE my perp made me aware of what he was doing to me...and gradually I outgrew his games. If he wouldn't have been so proud of his actions and made me aware that he was tapping into my mind, It wouldn't be torture. It would be spying, invasion of privacy, etc..but if I didn't know he was doing it, It wouldn't be pleasurable to him. 

    The perps simply cannot stop themselves...They are just as much of the experiment as I am -- they are simply too simple minded to realize that. The whole reason that this is appealing to them is that they enjoy your pain...they feed off of your responses, everything you say back to your perp they process mentally, (even if they don't directly respond). 

    That is why it is addicting to them, if they couldn't hear your responses and process it -- this wouldn't be a game. I liken it to a person calling me a name out loud...I can choose whether or not to respond to what they say verbally, but internally, I have no choice. I respond and process what is said to me mentally whether or not I verbally respond to them...as does everyone. Example: If someone calls you a "terrible person", you can choose whether or not to respond back to them, but your brain processes that information regardless. 

    They want you to think that you cannot escape, and cannot stop thinking, etc...they are the ones who cannot escape, they cannot go MINUTES without this synthetic telepathy. If anyone is trapped, it is them. Not the people who employ them, or the people they torture. THEM. 

  • And if you told a non TI that you were hearing voices via technology they would say "thats not logical you must be schizophrenic" Logic can be built by your own experiences therefore something you have not experienced seems illogical to YOU. Then theres common logic....Queen of england? Now thats highly illogical and completely irrational from a common logic point of view. Suddenly seeing planes/drones everywhere you go when you dont live in a fly zone? Thats believable and the fact that so many Tls have reported so makes it even more sound. How can you know for a FACT this is untrue? As for the gangstalking by dozens of people at a time, repeating your thoughts etc, this is also true. I know this for a fact because I have lived it. Yes it stopped happening to me so intensely but I know it was true at the time it was happening. It is my fact and my logic because I KNOW it was REAL. You cant state that something is untrue because you havnt experienced it that way. Nick I would say to you that it seems illogical that you have just one perp who runs your whole show using unsophisticated measures. In my experience this is a highly sophisticated operation run by government/military. However I wouldnt say your experience is untrue, it may well be true for you. AL I give TIs the benefit of the doubt even if it seems illogical to me because just because we have been targeted it doesnt make any of us experts in anyone elses case.

  • Big Al, I could not agree more with you...You are absolutely correct that the responsibility is to the truth. If someone tells me something that is not logical, I should not say that I believe them even though I do not and simply will not entertain things that have no basis in reality...That is perpetuating the problem and making everything that they want to deceive you with even stronger. THINK LOGICALLY. 

    They can only take what you let them, just as they can only make you paranoid and believe in things that you CHOOSE to entertain. This is just a sick game for them and they love it...If they had the means to have helicopters and planes surveil you, why wouldn't they have the means to do much worse things? Think about how expensive that would be, not to mention how many people that they would have to have wasting their time on you, and choose to be their servants. These perps is simply servants to the people who employ them, or introduced them to this synthetic telepathy. They are low level peasants who don't even have enough respect for themselves to live their own lives -- NO ONE IS WORKING FOR THEM. Quite the opposite. 

    I have been deceived many times over, but the more and more logical you get and learn to think critically about things, the less they can do to you. It is all a game, you must believe that. I guarantee that once you have begun to think logically and rid your mind of their illusions, you will not be going to back to it. 

    If you think that you all the people around you are in on it, and everyone can hear your thoughts, and people are following you, etc...think about it. If you cannot hear your neighbors thoughts, how could they possibly hear yours?

    This is not magic, they are clearly using technology to invade your mind...You had to come into contact with your perp at one point or another, and they clearly did this to you when you were unconscious -- Or else you would know what they did and solve it. 

  • TO Sue, in response to your statement, "As TIs we have the responsibility to believe other TIs experiences as they tell them otherwise we are just like the public and judging others from our own experience then telling them that anything we have not experienced could not possibly be true." 

    What in the world makes you think that if we dont believe a TIs story, that we are like the unbelieving public?! What in the world makes you think that is my responsibility?!

    My responsibility is to tell a TI the TRUTH! If a TI wants to feel better, they can quit believing every deceptive practice the perps use! I know for a fact that aircraft did not follow ANY TIs! 

    Sue, For instance, If I told you I knew for a fact that I worked for the Queen of England, would you just believe me because I am a TI? I used to believe this just like you and others believe you are aircraft stalked. It just isnt realistic.

    EXPLAIN HOW IT WORKS!!! I mean explain how an aircraft is supposed to fly overhead to follow just you when it is flying over all those people. This is something I never considered when I thought aircraft followed me.

    And someone said their children are chipped implanted. This is not true? Moore's Law says the processing power of a micro chip doubles every 18 months. This means the perps would have to re-chip your kids every 18 months! I think you would notice surgery scars after w while. In fact, it goes to show how deceived TIs really are!! The government has you all thinking you are chipped!!! When you dont find any chips, they'll say,"Now go take your meds. WE have proven there are no chips." All the while they will continue torture with non-invasive BCIs.

  • "I haven't read the above and have discerned that the intentions are to deceive." - Charmed One 

    This will be my last post to you, as I wish you the best, but if you aren't willing to read what people wrote, I don't know how it is logical or even reasonable to conclude things...

    I was trying to help. If you think that you aren't yet experiencing v2k but have concluded that you are being followed, you probably are experiencing v2k, via thought implantation rather than directly hearing another voice. That is way more powerful and harder to fight. But once you realize it, you can stop it. Would you ever have come to the conclusion that cars, planes, helicopters etc..were following you if nothing was being done to you (before your experience began)? The answer is most likely NO. Just as Big Al stated, the planes are above EVERYONE, not just you. If the person next to you doesn't think they are following him/her, then why/ how is it logical to say that they are following you ALONE? The perps want to create the illusion that everyone and everything is out to get you...IT IS NOT. The world is not full of bad people and most people have their own lives to focus on, just because some pathetic excuses for human beings are obsessed with torturing people doesn't mean the majority of people are. 

    LOGIC is your best answer to this harassment. If you aren't willing to entertain the possibility that they are just trying to disrupt your life and thought process, you are that much more vulnerable. I hope you can see that they want you to think that this is happening, and that is all. Your experience will be much easier if you can figure this out. Thats all I wanted to stress to you. Wish you the best. 

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