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Help! Been illegally a human experiment, electronic harassment

I have been a victim of being a human experiment by a group of psychopaths since earlier this year. They use electronic harassment and have in the past used a variety of other evil methods to drive me crazy and make me question what is real and what is not real. They use everyone around me, at first they made my loved ones act very strangely, and now they make them all act like everything is normal even though they have obviously been very evil to everyone I care about, not just me. They follow me around everywhere using the voice-to-skull method, constantly talking wherever I go 24/7. I have been mostly isolated from my community and everyone I care about since this began. They literally turn everyone around me evil, obviously they force them to be evil, another reason I don’t leave my home. It is heartbreaking to know that everyone I care about knows what is going on and they have to act normal, that they can’t help me or themselves to get rid of these evil people. They constantly watch me and everyone I care about, at least, I assume they watch the people I care about as well as my family. They direct thoughts into my head and constantly play mind games with me. They cause ringing in my ears. Is there anything I can do or you could do to help me? They’ve made it so I can’t go try to get help. They make everyone act like I’m just crazy or just have schizophrenia, but believe me, it’s not that at all. I’m a completely normal innocent person. That’s what, I would imagine, they do to all their targets – choose normal, good, innocent people to make them as miserable as these evil people obviously are with themselves. Worst of all they get away with what they do because, of course, there’s no physical evidence. I believe they implanted a chip in my arm but I have no way to go anywhere, and no one I could go to, to get it out of my arm. I am pretty sure they manipulate everyone I go around to act like I’m just crazy which makes it seem even more hopeless. Please, please help me. It’s not me who I’m worried about. I’m worried about the people I care about since they’ve obviously already been very evil to those who I care about. It’s extremely heartbreaking to think about what they probably have forced my friends and family to do and act like. We are not criminals. We are normal, everyday people being illegally watched and messed with every day of our lives. I never knew anything like this even existed. If it matters I live at 38 Aroostook Scenic Highway, Hersey, Maine. Yeah. Northern Maine. How surprising it is for someone who lives in a small town to be going through this – probably another reason they chose to do this to me, because we live in a small community, not easy for them to be located that way. I’m desperate for help. You don’t want to know what they’ve already done to me. I could write a book about all the evil things they’ve done to us and the mind games they’ve played with me. Please, please help us.

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Welcome to the club TI . If it is happening to me in little Sligo Ireland then it is happening everywhere. Your situation seems to be a bit more extreme than mine , I don't get v2k 24/7 thank god , though they have done it to me at  times. Stay strong TI our day will come I am sure.

Thank you very much for your support. It's nice to talk to another TI. Yes it's quite extreme... they constantly threaten the people I care about and say they are doing evil things to other people around us because I won't allow them to do anything to the people I care about and they have made it so I can't know if they are lying or not. It's miserable. I sure do hope our day will come. It's so serious I've been wanting to get a hold of the FBI. But they have threatened us as well because I want to get ahold of the FBI. And they say I don't want my normal life back because everyone hates me for what they have done/have been doing.

I left a tip to the FBI closest to me. I suggest to other TIs that they do the same. These evil people will probably tell you that they'll just block the tip from going through. I as of yet don't know if they've blocked the tip or not but if they did block it, I'm just going to call the FBI and then I'm going to go into way more detail. Anyone else going through this, I recommend you do the same and contact the FBI. They really, really don't want us contacting the FBI so I suggest that. The FBI is well aware of electronic harassment and what it means to be a TI, if they try to tell you otherwise don't believe them. Just a heads up the FBI is obviously aware that this sort of thing is real. Don't let them call you crazy or tell you you just have schizophrenia. They know about these kinds of people.

Thank you for your suggestion. How might I find Dr. John Hall?

These people are not only threatening me and my loved ones but I believe they took my life insurance. Also they are saying they are killing children. This is serious and they need to be stopped.

Don't worry too much about the threats . Actually don't live in fear. The fear is on purpose to make TI[s] look mentally ill. It can also  be to drive people into deep depression. The garbage assaulting us induces more fear by vandalism and other things but don't worry about physical threats to much. I recommend telling the police but you need to go with some evidence or good information. Otherwise they will think you are mentally sick.

Get a head x-ray. Share your x-ray with others on-line. On your X-Ray look for Dark Spots. Look at my website for examples. Please note MRI and CT scans look directly into the brain but you need to look on your skull for implants.

Yes, well I believe they may have implanted something into my brain because when I was at the hospital they manipulated the entire hospital to be evil and that is where I'm pretty sure they implanted a chip into my arm but they might have done so with my head as well. In any case they manipulated my entire hospital, they manipulate anyone I go around, and they have manipulated the police around here to stay silent about it as well. There is literally no one I can go to about this in my area at all since they have been controlling everyone around here, making it so everyone is too scared not to stay silent, or something along that line. I wouldn't think much of it except literally everyone in my community is just letting it go on. They manipulated my entire hospital to be evil to me. The hospital. The police pretend like I'm mentally ill or something but you can tell that they know what is going on, it has to be serious if the police and the hospital just went along with it.

And that's the thing, there's no physical evidence - none that I have, anyway. Anyone who does have it in paperwork or anything like that is being controlled by them. My whole family and my friends are being controlled by them as well. It's everyone. Everyone is forced to act normal in my family but are obviously being controlled by them. I believe they took my life insurance long before I knew anything about what was really going on. You know how normally at a hospital they are required to share results with the patient, well, you wouldn't believe what happened at my hospital because of these people. And of course I'm not allowed to see the real "paperwork." Let's just say it didn't even seem like a hospital while I was there. And my paperwork from that day said something like my symptoms and cause for going in were psychosis, of course. Absolutely not. So that means lots of people around here know damn well what these psychopaths have done to me and that they were forced to do it. They even used people that I care about as part of their "experiment" or whatever, to try to drive me mental but it has only made me miserable and very stressed out. Sometimes in their voice-to-skull methods of misery they use my loved one's voices and make it sound like they're suffering and miserable. They have, multiple times, made me believe that some of my loved ones have done very evil things and of course I found out that wasn't true and they have also multiple times made me believe lots of people I care about were dead. The first time that happened was even before I went to the hospital. And at the hospital they convinced me that EVERYONE I cared about was dead. This is insane. It seems to be more extreme than a lot of the cases I've read about. They say they are killing children. Children. The FBI needs to be involved. I've contacted them about this and other organizations, I even sent a message to Congress because my God this is insane and serious. Maybe the FBI does ignore a lot of cases like this but THEY ARE THREATENING CHILDREN, not just me and my loved ones. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm obviously not mental, I don't have schizophrenia, they literally chose a target that has never been diagnosed with a mental illness before. I don't understand it. At first they tried making me believe that certain members of my family did this to me on purpose. Come to find out, obviously not. Obviously no one NORMAL would ever do anything like this to someone on purpose, certainly not my own family. They have made us all miserable and I don't even know what they've done to most of my friends and family. So, of course they know what is going on and why would they not contact the FBI or what not themselves? Obviously they're all being controlled. And I could write a book, I'm not joking, a book, about what they've done to us just since the end of May.

I tipped off the FBI the other day, and I would guess, as a result, like a form of punishment, they had my father send me to the grocery store (they have isolated me so bad because of how they make people treat me). I'm only 24 years old, this began three months before I turned 24. So, anyway, at the grocery store, some people looked at me strangely, a couple of people were actually making fun of me, and one of them said, "Don't worry about us, we're just talking to each other through our minds," and some people actually seemed to feel bad and treated me somewhat normally. But in any case, using everyone around me to make me not want to go anywhere is obviously another method of isolating their target. Since the beginning, people, and I mean everyone, has acted strangely around me. Talking to each other through their minds! How in the hell could they actually make fun of someone who they know has gone through so much hell? They're lucky it wasn't them. Obviously it's not that they chose to make fun of me - I would guess that would be another form of how these psychopaths control the people around me and try to make their targets miserable. Remember, also, I live in a very small community. It's crazy. Everything is crazy and I am certainly not mentally ill. My main reason for trying to do everything in my power to stop them? Obviously it's not just the fact that what they have done to me and mine is wrong, but let me state this again, THEY SAY THEY ARE KILLING CHILDREN. MAKING PEOPLE SHOOT THEIR OWN CHILDREN. That's what they keep saying. My own little brother is forced to stay silent and not talk about it with me, he's forced to treat me like I'm mentally ill. We used to be very close. He clearly has no choice and I'm sure he feels the same way as I do about all of this. is Dr John Halls email address (but I am not sure if he replies these days, he used to though)

So I've discovered that in Maine, my state, there is an actual law prohibiting the use of electronic weapons against people. Does it help me at all? Probably not but you never know I guess. I'm actually really surprised there's a law against it in my state, though.

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